Friday, April 20, 2018

It's April and I am Rughooking and Quilting

It's me again!


I am back here in my little house in Crest sitting at my old Grandma Larson table looking out my window.These are picture of the scenery around Crest when you get out of your neighborhood and walk on a dirt road to the back country.


It's a Sunny April garden day maybe a little too sunny because plants are already drying out. So here goes my first blog on my new laptop. My old computer just stopped running out of the blue and no I hadn't backed up anything.

 I have a million things to do normally so I decided to do something else for a while instead of blogging.

 One of the things I am doing is planting more drought tolerant plants.  Before it gets too hot I have been walking with my husband in the trails around here.The hawks are back with a new baby hawk.

It seems like everyone is having health issues. Remember Cheri Payne my favorite quilt designer. Cheri has been an inspiration to so many of us quilters. Unfortunately Cheri lost her battle with cancer.Cheri was so very brave and she will be truly missed.


                                            Native plant

                                            I love this house built up on a bunch of rocks.
                                             There was a man watching us on the trail.

                           Horses running thru Crest rounded up by firemen using their firetruck.
                            Those are the horses from next door.All together four escaped.

                                                                 I  like to give them carrots      

                       Doves checked out the bird house then went to my Jacaranda tree for a nest

                                                                       It's spring

                                                                 Beautiful view on a trail

I have been finishing projects binding quilts learning how to make a log cabin quilt so far I have nine blocks  finished. I am trying to do two blocks a day. I know everyone says that log cabins are suppose to be easy.
 I had a little help from my friend. I kept turning out a rectangle instead of a square. I ended up
 sticking the small drawing in front of me on the wall while I was sewing.That did the trick.

I love my little studio it keeps me busy with my unfinished projects.I am out there every day.

                                             Some of my rugs

     Years ago I bought this quilt top from a friend. Some of the blocks are from the 1800's.
        I finally had it quilted and I attached the binding.One project done!

This last camp trip was kinda funny

                                           We always sit around the campfire and tell stories so just sit in your nice comfy chair and listen to Cheri's camping story and my wonderful powers of observation.

 This last camp out was with Megan Little Jack and of course Maulie. My hubby set up the trailer and we were on our own. It was so relaxing everyone helped out plus we met some nice campers across from us .There were even kids for little Jack to play with .The little kids would walk across in the morning knock on the trailer and ask if Jack could play. It was so cute! Most days after work my hubby would stop by and have dinner with us then drive on home.
I really missed him not camping with us. I felt badly he was missing out and doing all the work for us.
  After work Jack and I would take a long walk to the dog park and talk about how our day went.

It was a nice California day in April dog and owner were walking on the cool grass because Maulie likes to walk on the grass so of couse we were going in and out of the path. Next thing I know my hubby is jumping up and says he almost stepped on a snake.
 So I ask my husband what kind is it he says it's just a garden snake. When we get back to our campsite I told him to go back to the snake and take a picture.

Well I thought it was interesting to see a harmless snake so I told the people in the campsite next to us we had seen a garden snake. All the kids and several adults ran over to surround the snake checking it out getting close to it.

Meanwhile back at camp I download the picture on my ipad and notice that it doesn't look quite like a  garden snake and I think I see a rattle.
My daughter was at the camp site across from us talking to another camper. I whipped out my iPad showed her the snake picture  realized it was rattler ran back over to tell the kids to get away from it .Thank God they were back in their campsite and had just returned with the adults.

The reason why we thought it was a garden snake was because it was curled up and we could just see it's markings no head or tail. There was the added problem we didn't have our reading glasses on.

The staff came out and gave us a show catching the snake and relocating it.The staff that caught it gave us a a nature talk about Western Diamondback rattlesnakes.

Next morning the kids saw the staff checking for snakes because there was a possibility there were more snakes.

  We were told to be careful because there were probably about four more baby snakes around. This was not brush we were walking in but totally green grass. The babies are extremely venomous since they don't control their venom. These snakes have a triangle shaped head and hunt at night.
 The End .

 Enjoy pictures from my groups of Rug hooking and Quilting groups!

                                                           Some creations of  Dee's

                                                                 Pam's quilt

                                                                Mary is working on this pattern

                                                                          Kathy's rug

                                                         Karen's grandson picture when he was 4

                                                      I loved these pillows Suzy made

                                                                             Susan's rug is darling!

                                                            So you are caught up with me !
                                                            My Lady Violet rug is almost done.

                                         It is going to be in the San Diego Quilt show this Fall.


Julia said...

Oh, Cheri, I'm so sorry about your quilting friend Cheri Payne. Being a cancer survivor myself, I have some idea what she went through. It's very sad for her family and friends. Hugs.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it very much.

Wow, so many beautiful creations. I just love children's art. They make the best rug patterns.

That's quite a story about the rattler. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I'm not very brave around snakes.

I hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Julia

Julia said...

Oops, I forgot to say that I love your chicken footwear.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, it is sad for everyone that loved Cheri she was such a talented person. I have been playing with her patterns for dozens of years.
Your lucky you survived cancer Julia.
I love camping it always makes me smile!
My shoes are my garden shoes which I got at a plant nursery.
Gotta go make dinner, hugs cheri

acorn hollow said...

so very sorry for your loss. I lost a friend last Aug who was my rug hooking buddy and a long time friend. wonderful projects.
I would have fainted if I saw a Rattler.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So sad about Cheri. Life can be tough.
Loved all the pics around Crest. So nice to see mountains. Northern Ohio is totally flat.
So many great projects. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs 😊

kelley said...

Cheri certainly touched a lot of hearts with her art and spirit...she is going to be missed for a long time... I could have done without seeing glad you did though to keep everyone safe...thanks for all the eye candy...

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Kelly, I just love taking pictures and even a snake was news lol.

Saundra said...

Good grief, lucky no one got bitten by the snake. Everyone is still grieving about the loss of Cheri and she sure left a huge wonderful legacy of designs to keep us buys. Enjoyed your rugs.

Oh, am sure those horses enjoyed their short term freedom of running loose.