Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Still working on Lady Violets rug plus Road to California quilt show

Well as usual I have been having a busy time in my crazy life. I  took a bus trip to the Road to California which was so relaxing. Taking a tour bus is the way to go. Then the next event was Hubby and I going camping and that is precisely when I quit having fun. I got the worst cough ever.I could not speak without coughing a lung up.  I sat and coughed in our trailer for five whole days and four nights.

 But I tried to look at the positive of my being sick. I was able to at least get caught up on all of my audio books. My husband had a nice time taking pictures of birds and basically had a nice time without me since I could not talk lucky him. So if your going to be sick on a mini vacation sitting and feeding ducks is the best way to go.I stayed away from people so I wouldn't spread my germs and now I feel really good.
Today I got all my camping's laundry done and started getting caught up in my garden.
 Here are some quick pictures of my chicken Lady Violet and her rug.

                                                                          Violets rugs progress

                                                                           Road to California

                                                                  Hawaiian Quilts

                                                                This quilt won 10,000 dollars

                                                 Hubby took this picture while we were camping

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cheri Payne quilts from the fall San Diego Show better late then never........

I loved this little quilt

Such a pretty January day. This Sunday I put away my Christmas quilts with such ease and so quickly I was mildly astonished maybe after so many years I am finally getting organized wouldn't that be a nice thought.I think buying some big bright red plastic tubs worked the best for me this year.  I  just plopped my little  Christmas trees in the tubs and off to the garage they went. I had lots of little trees all over my home instead of one big tree.It looks just like Christmas but cozier.

 The nice thing about being a rug hooker and a quilter is you have a part of your art hanging all over your home every day of the year.
 Another quilt I made a Cheri Payne design 
 I had quite a busy Christmas season between my groups meeting for Christmas parties and friends coming over I was the busiest I have ever been. Also this Christmas season we went camping which was so relaxing.It was one of the most peaceful holiday times I have enjoyed ever.It was like we were in another quiet world.There was no running around frantically getting calls to bring this or that.No last minute shopping I could just rug hook and relax. Jack and I were still able to visit family on Christmas but we had all the other days biking and watching wildlife all to ourselves.

The little flag is my quilt in the quilt show

Yesterday hubby and I spent a couple hours looking for warm jackets.I found two red jackets one that would be perfect in the rain and the other would keep me toasty warm. We’re going to Alaska in the summer a trip in our life time we are both really looking forward to the trip.
I love railroads and we’re going to take a trip on the White Pass Railroad in Skagway Alaska.Were also going to visit Victoria B.C.
There is so much planning involved but that’s what I like about a trip being planned for the summer.It gives me alot of time to think about it and imagine what it is going to be like to be on a cruise.
                                                           Sew primitive is my quilt too!

Last Fall was the San Diego Quilt show and I never showed the pictures I took of the Cheri Payne Quilt exhibit. So for those that don't participate on Facebook here are the quilts that were displayed at the San Diego Quilt Show.

 I had two Cheri Payne quilts in the quilt exhibit .A little bit about Cheri Payne .
Cheri Payne is a quilt designer well loved by a ton of quilters. Cheri retired last year and has been bravely battling cancer.We all love her and admire her talent and her positive attitude. Cheri designs I have loved all my quilting life and like many of her fans we eagerly would scoop them up at the Country Loft over the years. There was never any rules to her quilts and her style is a style of quilting I love! I have a pile of her patterns that I still have to do in this life time of mine.

We also had a shed put in our back yard and surprise surprise  I
made it into my little rug hooking, quilting studio. Here are some quick 
pictures of what we have been doing.

 Jack put the floor in and next is electricity then
insulation and then rough boards which I am painting 
vintage white

My first quilt

Yes I have been working on my lady Violet rug!
Next week I am going on a bus trip to the Road to California 
quilt show and I also have a rug hooking group meeting on Tuesday. Stay tuned for pics from my quilt day trip in a couple weeks I promise!!
Thanks to all  my blogger friends who still follow this little blog of mine over the many years. If you follow me on Facebook this is a repeat of pics but they're still nice to see. hugs cheri