Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas at Dee’s

 Hi Blogger friends I am sitting here in Crest on a cold December day listening to Lady Violet yodel to her hearts content. She really wants to be out of her chicken coop. I usually let them out early mid morning but I am going down the hill later on today. I don't want to leave my chickens free ranging as a treat for a coyote. Now she has the whole group yodeling in a group effort to annoy me and make me feel guilty.
 My plans today simply are dyeing some wool. I want an old black for my background of my chicken hooked rug and yes I am still working on my hooked rug!
 Maulie is getting a bath shortly. I know she knows the word bath because she lays on her back and pretends she is a dead dog.
I hope all of you are doing well and have a Blessed Christmas.Here is a glimpse of my friend Dee's Christmas!
                                               Celtic music was playing as I walked thru door.....

                                                                   Even her door is creative

                                                   Christmas at Dee's in Southern California

                                                                   Carved by Dee

Log cabin made by Dee

Stephanie made this hooked rug for Dee

sweet angel

                                                                      Made by Dee



                                                                     Dee carving

Hugs  Cheri