Sunday, October 22, 2017

Primitive Rug hooking at the San Diego Quilt

This is  the second year in a road we have displayed Primitive rug hooking at the San Diego Quilt Show.  Donna and Kathy were demonstrating rug hooking. Enjoy!

 It's amazing you start out with little pieces of wool and make these beautiful rugs.


                                           Donna use to teach rug hooking at the County Loft

Marjorie's rug

My rug hooking

Pam did an excellent job

                                                            Dee did a great folk art chicken

This horse was made by a Amish Lady in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Annie Lapp
Bev bought it an antique store she was working at about forty years ago. I bought a very large hooked Pig made by the same hooker.
 That is what originally got me interested in Rug Hooking.

Peace and Love Cheri

Thursday, October 12, 2017

California Pumpkins and Dee

Oh I admit it dear blogger friends I am a little behind with blogging. I promise I will catch up on everyone's blog because I really do enjoy seeing what everyone is up to. I have been having more fun days then boring days this summer and a mixture of babysitting.
Two weeks ago I took alot of pictures of the San Diego Quilt show, I will post them next week.The problem is hubby and I have been camping once a month like clockwork and there seems to be alot involved when we prepare for a trip.Jack and I also getting ready to put a shed in our back yard so we need to clear the area. It has to be level for the workers to assemble the shed.

Today was such a fun day.I mean a really fun day! I joined the stitchery group at Rosie's. I am setting a goal to get some of my UFO's done before my projects end up at the thrift store.I always feel sorry for thrift store quilts. You know someone worked really hard and just ran out of time and their kids bagged up a life time of work .
 After a good couple hours of working on my Crazy Quilt at Rosie's quilt shop I hopped in my husband's truck and was off to Dee's!!! I have been driving his truck lately it is a treat and so much fun. I feel so independent.I can pick up straw for Lady Violet and the girls at the feed store! I can even put a piece of furniture in the truck if I need to when my girlfriend Linda and I are exploring antique stores.

The San Diego Quilt show had a rug hooking exhibit and I hijacked two of Dee's rugs to put in the hooked rug exhibit.  So when Janet and I were picking up Bev's rugs I saw Dee's two folk art rugs that she had gifted to Bev and I snatched them for the show. Dee was so mortified with me as I tried to reassure her they were fine for the show.

                                                                       These rocks are unique

I slowly open the gate and Emily the cat observes me.Emily eyes me with a look of interest in her big cat eyes. I have heard she has a boy cat that visits and she is none too happy.The pathway is ahead of me as I cross the bridge.

 Dee is sitting in her chair and we start talking like a couple magpies. I am probably the most chatty of us two.We talk about what project were working on and then there is show and tell.

My show and tell

 I really think that is what keeps you young keeping your mind busy.
My grandson Little Jack always say "Nana your old young" that is what Dee is also old young!
Well Dee has gotten out her paints lately and her rocks were so unique to see.
 She wanted to share her Pumpkin rock art with me so we went into the kitchen to see her rocks.

I am blessed to have the friends like I do. When you have older girl friends you have women who have a life time of experiences to share

 My older friends have shown me by their own trials of life how to better handle my own crazy life. Life is a constant test with the constant ups and downs of health, illness old age and loss.So to learn to enjoy life to it's fullest in spite of what's sad that is going on in your life is a learned behavior.

                                                    You can never have enough Pumpkins!





                                                   Blue and orange combination is so serene


                                                             " Oh Dear" says the little mouse!

                                                                 Looking out her window

                                                            What a beautiful piece

                                                               Dee Pumpkin art work

                                                              Everyone has a pumpkin

                                                                           Mittens and berries

                                                                 This doll is very old!

                                                                         Dee's three girls

                                                                              Bye Emily

 And so my visit comes to and end back to my chickens I need to clean their coop! Today I have to
 work on my garden pull some weeds.My plants have endured a very hot summer. My one pumpkin still has no orange color maybe it's not a pumpkin I am thinking. I did put a bunch of seeds out this late spring!

                                                                               Bye dee !

                                                 Little Jack and I at South Carlsbad State beach in September.
                                                 Best camping spot!

                                                                Right on the edge

                                                               I liked watching the surfers

                                                                           hugs cheri