Friday, August 25, 2017

August Rughooking and looking into my DNA

My sunflowers are slowly bending their leaves and saying good bye to summer.It was a trial at times to work on my Lady Violet rug but a couple weeks ago we went camping at Santee Lakes and I finally made some headway.

For me the perfect time of the year to rug hook is in winter. Even if the air conditioning is on in the summer it just isn't the same as when it's cooler. In Southern California we don't get snow but the weather starts to try to cool down off and on in September and October.I get a little worried this time of year.
 Did anyone see the NBC dateline program about the Cedar Fire? That was the fire that burned over 200 homes around us in Crest. It sure brought back memories of how scary it was. Usually we get the devil winds or Santa Ana winds that drive wildfires off and on during these months.

I was sick last week with the worst headache so no rug hooking group for me. Michele was nice enough to take these pictures of the gals rugs. It seems like all the ladies in our group
 are getting ready for the San Diego Quilt Show at the end of September.Once again were going to display hooked rugs in the show at the San Diego Convention center.

About six months ago I did DNA testing using
Well the results were very interesting! First I knew I was Hispanic but when the test came
 back I had a little bit of Sephardic Jewish ancestry in my blood. My second cousin looked into our genealogy and there is a poet Rabbi Najera that was in my family.  I had over 33 percent DNA of Native American. The majority of my DNA is Iberian Peninsula. The Iberian Peninsula contains Arab,Spanish,Moroccan,France and Italy.I had one percent of hunter gatherers of Africa and two percent Britain two percent of all places Scandinavia.
It made me think about how crazy life is  More people should take an ancestry test they would  be amazed at where they originated. Maybe it would change how we perceive people.
Great job Stephanie!

I think of my husbands family that were German and Swedish.You know I think I am going to order a test for him!

My husbands dad was really into genealogy when he was alive.He even drove to Utah to get information from a genealogy library.
My daughter Megan started looking into what he had gathered and got back pretty far in the records with the help of other relatives on my husbands side. Apparently she could qualify for the daughters of the American revolution.Amazing.

 My late mother in laws Alice family were rug hookers in Ohio. Not for a hobby but out of necessity. That was the first time I saw hooked rugs and my interest was peaked.
I have this theory about  my DNA.
 I could never understand why I loved old houses so much, Jane Austen, gardening, all things British. Chickens, quilts and rug hooking. Not to mention being a avid reader of history.
I wondered how come I had such a love for color folk art and fibers. It must be that the DNA that was from ancestors in the past effects me in the present. I think that my ancestors DNA speaks to my heart and somehow that effects my passionate interests.I know it's not scientific but my romantic heart thinks its true.


Saundra said...

Thanks for the rug show. Love that sheep with all the curls.

I considered doing the DNA but wonder just how honest the results are. Reason I say that is because a group of friends were talking about having had it done and two unrelated people had the exact mixed quoted heritage to the word.

Luckily I have names and dates of of some of my family who were on a shipping document and gives their country of origin. My maternal father came from Germany and my father's side of the family came from England.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra , I was skeptical too.Since I used my last name Larson they had no idea I was hispanic. So I think it's correct!
Plus they even told the region in Mexico where some of my DNA was from which I knew from my cousins research was correct.My relatives had a ranch in Mexico but during the Mexican revolution they had to leave. Most of my relatives on my dads side are in New Mexico and Colorado.The kits are on sale til Labor Day so I am going to order my husband a kit. It was money well spent. I used Ancestry. Com .
My second cousins knew about the jewish part which I had no idea. Hugs cheri
The funny thing I have more Iberian Pennisula countries then north american ancestors.

Julia said...

Wow, Cheri, that's amazing about your DNA test results.

I have a bit of ancestry genealogy history on both my grandfathers sides. On my mother's side, her father ancestors came from France and were Seigniors and were land owners. On my dad's side, his ancestors came from the coast of Guernsey Island in England. My grandmother on my dad's side was adopted by an English woman who was a school teacher and post Mistress, obviously she was educated. My grandmother has some indian blood because she has a native look. We never knew who were here parents as everything was kept hushed in those days. It's so interesting...

There are some lovely rugs in the show. I'm so sorry you had to miss it because of a migraine head ache. I hope you are feeling much better now.

Keep safe from forest fires. I hope the cooler temperatures come to you soon with some rain to put out those forest fires. British Columbia on the west coast is being bombarded with so many big forest fires this year, It's scary.

Now Texas is bracing for hurricane Harvey. I have friends in Texas. I hope they are all safe.
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

That's very cool about your DNA test. I've considered it but always find other ways to spend my $$
I hope you get to the quilt show and take lots of pictures!
Hugs :)

Farm Girl said...

How interesting about your DNA. My son did his and I was so surprised at how his came back. I haven't ever done it. My sister did hers.
She found a whole bunch of family she didn't know we had. Its kind of cool. I am the same way right now with rug hooking. Its just too hot.
It will be nice when it cools off. I do dread the Santa Ana winds. They are just the worst. So scary too.
I hope you are over your headache. I really dread when I get them. I can't do anything.
Have a wonderful week.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl , I am glad I am not the only one who has a hard time hooking in the heat.
We're going to have another heat wave next week!
It had been so nice and now back to hot weather. Hugs cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, the rugs I showed were rugs going to the show. This is the second year they're having hooked rugs in the show besides the lovely quilts.
I wasn't sure I was going because my daughter was going to a wedding in the Midwest . But she decided not to go because of her health.
So I will be able to attend! They want hookers to demonstrate hooking . I am not sure I am going to volunteer but I might. Lol
Isn't DNA interesting. It's like an onion you peel back and see something you totally didn't expect. Hugs cheri

That's terrible about the wildfires in British Colombia!!

acorn hollow said...

Sorry you had the headache and missed rug hooking. I know most of my background on my mother's side. I had an great aunt who wanted to be part of the daughters of the american revolution. This is on my mother's fathers side
they traced it back to England and we are very long lost cousins of the queen
But they never invite us to tea. :(
Love the rugs I hope you get to go to the quilt show.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Oh that's too bad about no invite to see the queen. I am going for sure to the show!!
That's interesting about the daughters of the American revolution.From what my daughter told me you have to all your ducks in order to be allowed to join the group. I just don't believe in groups that exclude others. It's just me lol.
Hugs cheri

Rosemary said...

My two cousins who did not know each other, had it done and ancestory connected them. They were also informed of another woman that none of us knew about as being a relative. I think it’s so cool and want to have it done.