Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Primitive rug hooking and quilting at Rosies

  First I have to get you all caught up with my busy life.  We are currently having a awful heat wave in Crest.The snakes are out with this warm up.  A couple weeks ago I had a very large snake on my patio. I am the biggest coward when it comes to snakes!!
Morris my cat must have made the snake angry because as I opened my patio door I heard this loud hissing sound. I thought what's that noise? Morris then nonchalantly walks past me into the house.

I stopped took a step and saw this huge snake! It was looking at me and hissing and in a strike position. It really freaked me out. It was staring me down and I didn't know what to do so I called 911.My daughter said I should not have called them but I had no idea if it was a rattle snake 🐍 or not. I have encountered a couple snakes in my yard but they were small and not angry 😡 and loudly hissing at me!! It sounded like a bunch of locusts.

So 911 transferred my call to the fire dept in Crest and within five minutes I had three firemen at my house. I didn't want the snake to disappear from my patio before someone came so I did not move. I kept staring at him the whole time while I waited for the firemen.I could hear the sound of the fire engine coming down the dirt road as I waited.Thank goodness no sirens. I yelled to the firemen and they came to the back of my house to look at the snake.
The tallest fireman said it wasn't a rattler but it was a very angry snake. I really think Morris had something to do with that.
Well the other two firemen watched as the tall fireman got this gripper thing and picked it up. Then he proudly held the snake up to show me how long it was! Well he turns towards me I am gone .I hear him say to the other firemen Where she go? So I knocked on my French doors and said here I am. Once I saw him start to pick up the squirming hissing snake I bolted in to my house.
Well long story short. They said since it wasn't a harmful snake but a good snake they can relocate it up to five miles away. So I told them to take it five miles away.That was an easy decision.

The younger firemen tried to make me feel better and said think of it like a bunny rabbit! Really?
Then he started to explain to me even if it had bit me . That's when I stopped the conversation and told him if it bit me I would have been on the patio floor.

 I was smart watching the firemen thru the french doors because the tall firemen dropped the snake when he was showing me how long it was.  The snake then slid over to my husbands outdoor fire pit. So once again I dashed in the house. Finally the tall firemen walked out to the firetruck with the hissing snake. I  was busy talking to the other firemen as he explains where in my yard snakes would be when the tall firemen that took the snake returns with no snake. So I look at him and say where's the snake? He told me my neighbor wants it and they put it down his gopher hole. Really? Men..... Don't bother commenting how good snakes are I just am scared of them.
 Stephanie went  on vacation and brought back some nice antiques.  


                                                   One of gals is working on a quilt

                                            I started my Lady Violet rughooking while camping.


                                       My chickens keep getting in my sunflower raised bed!

                                                                     Donna still working away

                                                                       No sunflowers yet

                                                   Dee found this cute mouse then dressed it up


acorn hollow said...

Love that basket!great pieces being worked on.
I hate snakes and we do not have poison ones. Years ago we looked at property and this large snake came out of an old rock wall.I grabbed my daughter and started running and told my husband I would wait for him in the car because I was not buying any property with snakes no matter what kind of good deal it was.

Julia said...

I don't blame you for being scared of big snakes, especially a hissing snake on a patio. I'm glad it wasn't a poisonous snake.The intense heat must drive them crazy. There's a big difference between a bunny and a big hissing angry snake. I hope you won't see any more snakes this summer.

Your Lady Violet is going to look nice. Lots of gorgeous quilts to look at.
Take care.
Smiles & hugs,

Bee Lady said...

Oh my gosh I thought for sure it was going to be a rattler the way you said it was making that noise! Wouldn't have mattered to me either. I don't like snakes. Especially biguns! Whenever I see all of your primitive projects, it reminds me of the granny bee group I used to be involved in. I miss it.
Have a great day!

Cindy bee

Saundra said...

Black and brown snakes don't bother me at all no matter how big. But wouldn't want to tangle with a rattler or water moccasin. Loved your show and your Lady is looking great.

Farm Girl said...

This heat wave has been terrible hasn't it? Your gardens look wonderful as does your rug. So did all of the the other rugs and quilts. I love those antiques at the top.
Your story about the snake is scary/funny. I bet Morris really made that snake mad. Our cats love to make snakes mad.
Try and keep cool!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks for all your comments! I love hearing from everyone so much. It seems like Life is going by so fast. Between Little Jack spending a couple nights here and there and camping I just can't keep up with my blog sometimes.
I hate the heat waves we get in the summer. I know farm girl knows what I am talking about.Bee Lady I know what you mean about missing a group of ladies. I miss Country Loft soooooooo much. Change is hard. I think my fear of rattle snakes and snakes comes back when we built a small cabin near Julian. My Dad use to always drum into my head to watch out for snakes! Hugs everyone Cheri