Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Primitive rug hooker in Crest gets busy

The older I get the quicker the months fly by and my simple little life goes on with the constant yo yo of ups and downs.

 I just let Morris our old cat in the house before he gets munched on by wild coyotes.   Tonight I can hear all the frogs in the park croaking away it is such a gentle noise. One more of Gods little creatures.I bet the life of a frog is uncomplicated.
These last months have been by far harder then usual.
 Sometimes it seems as though one day drags on after another no change in my daughters
health and then it starts getting slowly better she can feel parts of her leg again.  The hope of a better health day finally returns .

 I finished a Julie butler design while camping

On Facebook you can pretty much say a sentence or two but my blog seems more personal. I fake it pretty good but sometimes it catches up with me.
                                          We have been having a enjoyable time watching Soccer games.
I have been really busy this last month in my garden . I have some sunflowers I am protecting from my chickens. We had a bunch of trees cut down what a mess.
I have new neighbors of four horses. They are relaxing to watch .They stare at me I stare at them. They do like my carrots.
 I discovered bike riding again and have been having fun with my cousin and friends.
I love camping with new friends and family at least once a month.We just got back from Chula Vista RV Resort which was great!I saw my Aunt Sophie who looks amazing for her age.


                                                                        hugs cheri