Monday, January 9, 2017

Primitive Rug hooking in Crest and coyotes

It's January and with a new year I have been busy battling with nature! Maulie is bugging me as I try to write this post. She actually puts her paw on my Ipad and keeps scratching at it!
First we recently had coyote problems.I wrote about it on my face book page so if you saw it sorry for the same story. The weather in southern California has finally been wetter. I am hoping were out of the drought.The wet weather has brought alot of vegetation and there has been a pack of coyotes
 roaming in front of our house at the wee hours of the night.A couple nights ago we heard  blood curdling sounds across from us in the park where a small dog was fighting for its life. The yelps of coyotes in the distance is one thing but a pack near you is awful.

 It was a foggy night and one thirty in the morning hearing those sounds was spooky and horrible. For some reason on top of Crest there is an echo sound where we live and sounds travel. So add that to the blood curdling yelping and barking I was unable to sleep.The frogs stopped croaking
the closer they got to our yard.My husband whispered to me as we were trying to hear if the small dog got away. I can only assume it was a small dog we could see nothing because of the fog.

It's not like we could run into the park it was completely fogged in. Alot of times dogs get out in Crest at night and who knows what animals are roaming in the wooded area and trails.
The next night the pack came back again. Three thirty in the morning was the witching hour and as usual my husband jumped out of bed. The lights are on outside at night now but they are now stalking our chickens.The girls are free range but go in their chicken coop at night.I can tell they're upset in the morning. Last night no coyotes because of the rain I guess.

 I know they can jump a fence now we recently lost one of the girls when they got in the yard.
 That's why I was worried the sounds were so close!
So now I am super careful but as my chickens are big talkers the coyotes know where they live.
This weekend hubby installed a fido shock around the coop so at least now we can get a normal night sleep.
If they get in the yard they will be shocked and we will have time to react.

My chickens are pets and silly as it sounds chickens have personality and are quite entertaining.I love them.

Well now to rug hooking. I took of Violet and I am going to make a hooked rug of her. It took me awhile to get all the white wool but it's here now.
I also have a smaller project I am starting of a hooked rug by Julie Butler. It's darling!

                                                        Prickly pear cactus down the road
                                                        good for a pink color

This weekend were going camping . As usual we have a house sitter and chicken sitter.
So I am going to have my very own Hook In. Were going to be near a little stream and I am going to have fun biking with my husband. Maulie loves camping.

                                                   A block from our home and a walk across the street


Julia said...

Oh dear, how distressing it must be having a pack of coyotes around on the prowl. A few years ago a young lady was jogging alone on a trail in Nova Scotia and was attacked and killed by coyotes.
I'm thinking of little Maulie and Violet. An attack would be just so awful. I'm glad your husband has put a shocker fence to deter them.

I started hooking on a challenge rug using mostly left over wool worms. I'll have to wait until everyone has started their design to reveal mine rug.

I know you'll have fun at your camping Hookin.

Take care and enjoy the rain. I hope it won't turn to flood like in some part of California.


acorn hollow said...

you live in a pretty area. I love the mountains too. Have fun on your own hook in.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Never heard coyotes nor do I want to!!!
Julie has the sweetest patterns. I bought one last year but of course have not hooked it. She is a fellow Ohio Buckeye who I have the pleasure of knowing. She is so sweet!
Have fun at your private hook in.
Hugs 😊

Farm Girl said...

Have fun camping it sounds so wonderful to be getting to have your own hook in. I know you will have a nice time. Your rug pattern is cute. I hope the coyotes don't come back. That would be so scary to hear. We hear things like that. I lock my hens in their house just because I am afraid of foxes digging in.
They do when it starts getting cold. People around here feed them and it brings in all kinds of other chicken killers.
Have a very nice time.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals thanks for all the comments. I do enjoy hearing from you all. I am glad we have the fido shock it will give us a chance to protect our gals. I am so looking to camping. Today I am gathering my wools. It's going to be raining for three days. I am taking my bike and my camera.
Were not getting the rain like northern california thank goodness. Hugs cheri

Saundra said...

Oh no, Cheri I'm so sorry you lost one of your sweet girls. Am looking forward to seeing pretty Violet. She appears to know she is the Queen of the roost.
Oh but I remember the beautiful look of mountains of California from my backyard when living there. Were it not for the earthquakes I might still be living there. Hmmm, maybe not since we were a transplant due to hubby's work with IBM and he died in California so came back to the east coast to have my young son near our family.

Bee Lady said...

I'm in bed, can't sleep, so I'm reading blogs and just saw this post. Oh my gosh, how awful for that little dog. Coyotes are definitely scary at night. We heard some a couple of months ago and the sound woke us both up, wide awake! I asked my Shug what eats coyotes? Nothing that he knows if. What keeps them under control then? Man. Watch your little Maulie. My sister lives in a subdivision and has seen a couple of coyotes in her back yard!