Monday, November 21, 2016

Aulani Disney Resort and Kualoa Nature Reserve

   I saw on news today that it's snowing back east. So what better day then to show pictures of my vacation in Hawaii. Lately this little California primitive rug hooker, quilter, gardener and Nana instead of being a garden chair traveler had her very own adventures.  In late September my daughter and son in law were in Europe and I was delegated babysitter for my five year old grandson for more then two weeks.I missed my hubby my home and all my little animals. Then I was back home for a week and then off to Hawaii for eight days.It was a little too busy a time for me. Oh there was also RV camping at least
 once a month in between that.
  I was also finishing my quilt projects.I am so close to completing my rug hooking! The deadline is December first.Maybe giving myself a date will inspire me.
I finished this quilt

 So I finally downloaded the pictures of our vacation there were over three hundred pictures incredible! When I think back on Hawaii I especially enjoyed listening to the Hawaiian music as it would drift up to our room. I discovered ABC markets which were fun to get touristy things. Every night we would see people going across the street to the different restaurants nearby.  Aulani is an expensive place to vacation so any little bit helped.  Tourists were always walking thru the lobby with a pizza. It was fun to see six mongooses as we walked across the street to shop. Aulani is very family oriented. This was just a plain relaxing vacation I will never forget.
I must say the resort was beyond excellent there were all sorts of places to explore like snorkeling in a man made lagoon full of fish. It was perfect nothing but bright tropical fish to look at as you snorkeled around them.There was adult infinity pools to sit in with no kids allowed.Jack and I would  stand at sunset in the infinity hot tub just relaxing dangling legs arms resting on the hot tub and looking at the beautiful Pacific ocean.

                                                                 water slides were everywhere

                                                                        Hula Dancers

                                                             I floated on the lazy river alot!

                                                                      Inside the Aulani

                                                            North Shore is full of little shops

I especially loved the country feel of the North Shore when we went on a drive to the northern side of the Island. I even saw a wild chicken I felt like I was at home.

  One of my favorite places was the Kualoa Nature Reserve. Because Aulani is located in the drier part of Oahu it reminded me alot of parts of San Diego. But once we went to the Kualoa Ranch I felt like this is the real Hawaii.  At the Ranch they have filmed quite a few movies such as Hawaii five O, Jurassic Park,Godzilla,Wind talkers, Lost and many more.  They limited what we could take pictures of at Kualoa Ranch because they're setting up for two movies. I can't say what they are but you will like them. My husband experienced Pearl Harbor which is what he really wanted to see.I will show those pictures at another time.
                                                                      The old Bus Lol

                                                         Parts of Jurassic park were filmed here
                                                               They raise beef at Kualoa



                                                  Kissing apes was in George of the Jungle

                                                                        Hawaii five O set

 Every tourist gets a picture with a Dino Lol

                                                They were making a giant track for a movie


                                                                    wild boars

                                                                     Our tour guide

                                              I wish I had gone on the horse tour of the ranch

                                                                 This scene was filmed here

                                                                           china mans hat


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's Fall at Dee's home in Southern California

Where have I been and the answer would be very busy!
So yesterday when I went to my rug hooking group I was content to be back to my wonderful normal routines.
After primitive rug hooking group I stopped at Dee's home for a quick visit.It had been awhile.
I really love going to Dee's it's a comfy happy feeling beautiful home. The best part is a very special person with a kind sweet heart that lives there! I have always loved reading and hearing life stories.  Sitting with Dee and hearing about her pioneer Julian relatives was so interesting.It seems to me that if you take the time everyone has a story that is unique to them.So Dee and I got caught up on what's been happening in our lives.

As I left I saw her cute skeleton
My girls
 The girls busy eating left over pumpkin

This is one of the places I have been