Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September flying by

Last weekend we towed our trailer down the Crest grade to our first trip camping in a very long time. When we were younger many years ago we would go camping and it was truly rugged. Sleeping in tents on the hard floor big bulky lanterns and of course roaring fires. There were trips to the desert at that time on three wheelers. That was before quads and those were fun times.Then there was the cab over camper days in Julian.We were young back then!
Another camping trip I remember was beautiful Yosemite.I always laugh when I think of Yosemite and my little daughter.The priceless look on Megan's face sitting in the back of our green Volkswagen van. The ranger informed us if a bear sees that cooler in our van he will break the window and get into our vehicle. Megan was little and her big blue eyes widened with shock.
                     Little Jack loved camping with us                               

The Friday we left for our first camping trip Violet finally produced a egg. I was so proud of her.
 This week I had the other chicken with a prolapsed uterus on her first attempt at birthing an egg.
I won't even go into the fun I had trying to be a vet. Anyhow she is doing well the egg passed and I am hoping it was a fluke.I am so thankful to the Internet for information on what to do.
My first tomato

I called the vets office and they don't handle chickens.The crisis is over now.She is perky and wanting to be with the other chickens but I am keeping her isolated to heal her bum and keep her from producing  another egg. What can I say I got to to know my chicken quite well.

                                                                      noodle treat


Here are the rest of the pictures of the hooked rugs at the San Diego Quilt show enjoy!


                                                   It is starting to feel like fall


                                                                             Hugs Cheri


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Primitive Rug hooking at the San Diego Quilt Show

Rug Hooking 

First of all I have been so busy with getting our travel trailer ready for Labor Day.We had so much to do before we left for Santee Lakes.
Finally the trailer was stocked for Labor Day weekend.It was like stocking a little apartment.We had a great time unfortunately I couldn't be at two places at once so I missed the San Diego Quilt Show.

 Michele took pictures for me of the hooked rugs and I think they were enjoyed by all! Hopefully they will have another exhibit next year. I was able to post pictures from my iPad to Facebook. But unfortunately I am not sure how to post them from my iPad to my blog post.I will post more rugs this weekend with my first trip camping, Hugs Cheri
All my blogger friends I will get caught up with your lives this week I promise !

.                                                             and still more rugs