Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Belated 4th of July pictures of the Crest Parade!

  Well here I am again! Hi gals I was so busy with cataract surgery two weeks apart in July between doctor visits for follow up, my eyes wonky I just had nothing to blog about.I couldn't resize my pictures since my eyes were messed up for close up computer work.

 So here are some belated 4th of July pictures of our Crest parade. It is a parade where anybody and nobody can participate. I also will be updating my blogger friends what I have been doing. Here goes..

  Now remember when I was talking about wanting a travel trailer about

six months ago. Hubby and I went back and forth about getting one. More and more I thought Jack and I needed a place to go where you do nothing and just smell the roses in our case smell the lake. There I was last month one eye 20 20 the other eye still wonky trying to look up information on trailers.I felt like a one eye cat. The research on what we needed how big a travel trailer we wanted and where we wanted to go camping was one thing on line. Not until you get in a travel trailer do you decide what you like and what you don't like.It is going to be local for awhile til we get more comfortable with pulling a trailer. Santee lakes is officially going to be our first trip!

So you guessed it we bought a travel trailer last Sunday! We did it ! It was a little nerve racking but I have no buyers remorse. We spent the last three weekends  of our life going to different travel trailer dealers. I am so glad that's over.Right now it's at the dealer getting prepped for us.
 I know Maulie is going to love going on trips. The chickens and Morris will be fine since our friend house sits at our home when were on vacation. I have wonderful images of bringing my quilting and my rug hooking along with me. This is so exciting a new chapter in our lives. Little jack is so excited every time he gets on the phone he wants to see it but we don't have it yet I keep telling him.

Now that was exciting enough but as some as you know from Facebook I have been asked along with five other rug hookers to have our rugs displayed at the San Diego Quilt Show!

It will be a special exhibit of hooked rugs for the very first time in San Diego. Quilters and hookers together at a show sounds good to me! The ladies that are having their rugs displayed are very talented.I am just amazed and happy I was asked.Wow!
This is where the quilt show will be held in San Diego at the Convention center

I also am working on a Cheri Payne quilt that I have added this and that to it's so darling. I want to get it done soon.  I will catch up blogger friends this week I promise! hugs cheri
I hope you enjoyed my July in August


acorn hollow said...

Lots of exciting things for you. The rug shows sounds wonderful. I hope you will be able to get pictures at some point.
congrats on the camping trailer you have lots of fun in your future.
a very sweet parade.

Saundra said...

Congratulations on your quilt and rug event. I'm sure you will take pictures to share with us all.

Lucky you to have a travel trailer where you can have all your amenities at hand when you travel to exciting and new locations.

Enjoyed your parade pictures and my favorites were pictures of the horses particularly that black steed.


Julia said...

I'm excited for you Cheri. We used to have a 19 ft travel trailer when the kids were young and life wasn't as hectic as it is today. You will definitely love every minutes of being at the lake with it.

Congratulations on being ask to exhibit your rugs. I'm not surprised. You have a wonderful style of hooking that is so charming.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Julia , I miss your posts! Life is going by so fast and so we decided to have some weekend trips. San diego has so many places to go near by. My cousin has a travel trailer and she is always camping. I can hardly wait to get it home. Hugs cheri
I miss those cow pictures and the grandkids and of course your garden. Stay healthy and strong and don't work so hard.

Mary A said...

I know you are going to love your trailer! We have been camping with one for over 30 years! Good idea about going close for your shake down trip! I quilt and hook while camping all the time. He fishes and I do my thing and we're both happy.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Mary A , I am excited I got a simple saucepan as my first little thing for the trailer. The last time we camped we had a truck camper on a pickup.
It is so pretty!