Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's a matter of age

                                                                        Joellen's garden pics

May flew by and now I can't believe it's June! There were so many things happening at once in my life. First my daughter finished her month of once a week treatment of retuxin Iv.It's a cancer drug that treats other things besides cancer. It makes her ill after treatments and of course her son got sick at the same time she was going thru it.

It compromises your immune system so she was home with us for a couple days so her pre schooler wouldn't give her what bug he had. I will never feel relaxed with her illnesses it's always scary.
Thank goodness for Megan's hubby.
Then my mother in law was in the hospital she is 99 and we were getting updates from Long beach. She is doing well now now.
The bright spot of the month I went to a garden club meetings at Joellens house.It was so much fun!

 There was a routine doctor checkup and lately my eyes have been acting up.  I can't see well when I am driving.  So it looks like now I have to have cataract surgery. During the month I have been gardening planting a raised beds training chickens.
 I went to a vintage flea market  near Julian a preschool birthday party for little Jack.It was a hoot! I am behind as usual but believe me I am busy. Saturday little Jack is graduating from preschool.Next week I am getting new floors in my old house I am so excited.I have to take apart the front room with all my small primitives. It was a busy May.June is just as busy.
                                                            The barn vintage flea market

Then in the middle of all that stressful month Morris disappeared for two whole days. He had been sniffling then he was gone. I was sure a coyote had ate him!! There was another cat missing in Crest so it didn't look good.He had been acting lethargic and sneezing so I didn't know what to think. He eats rabbits like snacks so it could have been anything he had eaten in the last month.

You know how if your a knitter ladies will say never knit a sweater for a boyfriend because if you do it's not going to end well. Well I felt that way when I was hooking my cat rug that is taking so long. I even told a gal in class I wasn't putting Morris name on it because I didn't want something to happen to Morris. So I named it Sweet Noel.I couldn't even rug hook my orange cat rug.My heart was just in a sad waiting mode.Stress can get to you. That month was hard up and down of emotions.I was worn.
Call me silly and superstitious but that's why I changed the lettering.
 Sometimes kitty's just disappear when they got old and sometimes it's easier then when you have to make the decision at the vets office. Awful as it is I have held my cats in my arms as they were put to sleep so I can be a tough bird for my pets..

Well I knew Morris never was one to miss a meal so I had in my sad mind buried him. I was  prepared to donate his kitty food to Friends of Cats. We had dumped out his litter box and I had even told my cousin he was probably gone. One night with tears in my eyes I  had made a cat eulogy post for him When like the cat in the Disney movie Tomisina he came home..

 Morris turned up on the third day!!
So hubby was off to work early on the third day and next thing I know he comes tearing in the house with Morris in his arms.Jack was in tears.My hubby didn't cry when I had major surgery he didn't  get teary eyed when I gave birth but Morris coming back he was a basket case.
When Jack came home from work that night we dashed to the vet. We wanted to find out why he was sneezing and warm. The last time Morris had been to the vet was when he got scooped up in my hubby's lazy boy recliner.Ouch! So here we were again Morris sick and meow complaining and us thinking well how much more is our adopted tubby orange kitty going to cost us. Little did I know besides a vet bill Morris was going to be scrutinized and judged on his tubby belly.

Have you ever had your cat insulted at the vets lol ?
Well first Morris had been a stray so we had no idea how old he was so we said eight years old.The vet started her list of what our Morris looked like first for eight he was fat ,weird shaped, small head,skinny legs, tarter in his teeth, sneezing, fever ,no muscle ,fur lacked luster ,his claws were torn up as if he had been running away from something.Was she looking at our cat?
Well as the vet went in the other room Jack and I looked at each other and puzzled I said I think he looks good except for the sneeze!
Well in defense of his muscles he sure can bolt and get rabbits,birds, gophers and ground squirrels.
Jack explained in a confused voice to me I like his coat! (he pets that crazy cat all evening sitting on his lap)
After Morris had his blood work we were sent home with Morris getting an antibiotic shot and a follow up visit if he didn't improve.

Now I knew Morris couldn't look that terrible so we called  up our daughter to ask her the question when did we get Morris ? We feel like he has been with us forever. Come to find out when we found Morris in our backyard  our daughter was in college. So Morris is 15 to 17 years old.
So when the puzzled Vet called with his lab work that was excellent.  I promptly informed her of his age and she said he looks good for his age!

It's a virus so his body has to fight it off but he does seem to be slowly doing better this week.I guess age matters how you are perceived lol!!Your either a mess or you look incredible for your age.
*********************************************************************************                                                   Projects the girls have been working on

Country loft quilt

Kathy stitchery

I love this quilt

                                                        Look who was in my yard today

                                                   I will catch up with all of you.hugs Cheri


Saundra said...

So glad Morris is back. Yes, that is a ripe old age for a cat but should have a few more good years left. Sorry you have had a stressful month ~ actually for a while now, and hope you can find time to relax and smell the roses.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Saundra, Today my friend Linda and I put in a drip irrigation system in my raised beds. Thank goodness for smart friends. Have a nice weekend! Cheri

Farm Girl said...

I love your posts, they are so interesting. I also like your projects. I am so glad Morris came back. I had a cat disappear for months and I found her at the neighbors house behind us.

That hawk looks like he wants chicken dinner.

I wanted to tell you, I had to have cataract surgery too. It is maybe the easiest surgery I have ever done. I had both eyes done and you will be so glad to have them done. You won't believe how different colors will look. I think the hardest thing about is all of the work you have to get done before surgery and then not being able to pick anything up. Let me know when you go in. I am glad Megan is over her medication.
Have a lovely weekend.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks farm girl for the nice compliment. I too am glad Morris came back. He is doing better but still has the sniffle sometimes
My friend Donna had cataract surgery just recently she said the same thing. My first appointment is Monday.It's awful everything being blurry! Hugs cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy that Morris is home safe and sound!!!
Hugs to you and Megan. That is so hard for you having to deal with her illness. We never want to see our kids sick ~ no matter what age.
Hugs to you :)

kelley said...

oh happy day when Morris came back! hope your daughter sees some real benefit from her new meds...lovely post...

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren and Kelly ,Morris is back home . He has been an indoor kitty lately and seems to be in his senior years just watching out the window with Maulie. Hopefully Megan's Iv treatment will help, thanks for understanding about my lateness in blogging. Hugs cheri

annie said...

So thankful you have him back!
Your posts are interesting.
Wow I love that garden shelter!
I really love the projects, esp. The quilt.
Hope all goes well with the surgery! Blessings!

Kathy Phillips said...

Hi Cheri,

I love your pictures, and am so glad your kitty came back! Mom doesn't get out at all anymore - especially when it is hot. I tried to get her to when I was there in April, but she just wouldn't. I was hoping we could all go to lunch like we did last year!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Annie, I love going to gardens!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kathy, it's sad she just doesn't want us to come over or go out. Janet and I miss her so much.
I wish we could have seen you ! Take care hugs cheri