Thursday, May 19, 2016

Geranium garden and so much more

Well what can I say Spring is in my part of the world! Hubby finally made me some raised beds which I am thrilled about. I am going to try growing a cherry tomato plant.I am just thinking logically when you belong to the edible plant group I should try growing something edible.Sunflowers anyone.

 I have to stop for a second ! I am outside using my iPad. I am sitting under my patio umbrella when a hummingbird just dived at me while I am minding my own business! This is exactly what I am talking about. Morris can't walk anywhere outside without a paparazzi of birds diving at him. Talk about being popular and America's most wanted fat orange cat in nature.

It all started when Morris caught a hummingbird last weekend. My husband pounced on Morris got the bird out of the cats mouth and then he laid it on a tall green refuse container. The little hummingbird just lay there. When Jack went back to check on it a couple minutes later. It looked at him startled  and rapidly flew  away! I bet that hummingbird just came back to give me a piece of its mind!
                                           Lady Violet found a worm today
                                           I thought something was wrong when everyone
                                           when everyone was chasing her!

Recently I joined a neighborhood site in Crest almost like the old neighborhood watch. So far there is a coyote that is persistent in one area of Crest. It's interesting how everyone talks about where they see him.
I saw him in front of my house in the park about three weeks ago. He was a confident coyote. He was so big . Gone are the days of skinny coyotes oh no this coyote has been working out . I was on the phone with my daughter and I gasped when I saw him. He was being still and surveying everything which meant my yard.
Then I thought that has to be a loose big dog. I asked Jack he didn't believe it was a coyote.
Of course he didn't see it. Well I have been vindicated he is on the other side of Crest hanging out on one street it seems to like and yes he is big!

There have also been so many air fights of birds attacking each other I feel like I am in the middle of my own personal war. A couple of birds had their babies in my birdhouse so every day  Mama bird is swooping at someone.

 The day the hummingbird was diving at me I found a garter snake on my walkway.I also have a grey catbird that swoops in the backyard when I am going to the garage.If Morris is tagging along with me I am in the line of fire.

Nature who knew it was so angry.

Here are some pictures of Gene's garden of the Edible plant group I went to last month

                                        I love this plant group such a bunch of talented ladies

*********************************************************************************                                              This is what I have been working  on

                                                         Four trees cut down in my backyard

                                                            Fence and rughooking
                                                           See I have always liked chickens
                                            Hens working on weed control taking a break

                                                                   Were roosting


acorn hollow said...

You have been busy! love the gardens and your hooked chickens are darling.

Kim said...

Wow Cheri, it sounds like you're living in the middle of Wild Kingdom! Lol. I don't like getting swooped by birds, it freaks me out. And I hate snakes more than anything. Of course I've never had a coyote in my yard so that might make it a tie. Be careful

Larkrise garden girl said...

I don't have to go anywhere I just watch the little habitat around me. Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

Oh kim he was outside my fence looking at me. We have a long white split rail fence. So I could see him. He almost looked majestic . I never have seen a coyote look like that.

Farm Girl said...

It looks wonderful. I have foxes but no coyotes! I am so glad. Your little hens are growing so fast. I can spend hours watching mine. I love all of your plants and I love your little rugs of chickens. That looks so nice sitting next to your Hoosier.

Yes, birds I think are out of control. They go around here like they own the place. I love seeing how nice it is where you live. I am so glad you got some raised beds to play in.
Have a lovely weekend.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thank for all the garden pictures. I love the all.
What a sweet quilt you are working one!
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Well Farmgirl I don't think I would like foxes! I love this time of year it's not hot yet.

Lauren , I do love this quilt I have been working on. I am enjoying going to ladies gardens . It makes me want to try harder at my gardening!
Hugs cheri

Kim said...

Beautiful gardens. I am still crossing my fingers that my little garden will look better this year. We actually had a frost last night!! I took my pots inside for the night. Hopefully it was the last one.
We have been under attack by June Bugs the last week. Two nights ago Abby and I were completely swarmed. I was screaming, she was pulling away and I was scared some would get in the house. (I would have to move out LOL)