Friday, May 6, 2016

Gardening in California,Marjorie's garden and my sweet Chickens

What are you looking at Lol ?

Marjorie's garden

Her Orchard

This is my favorite time of year. It's still mild enough for gardening without the blazing sun. It's so much fun to go on garden tours. I joined the edible plant club which is very inspiring. I have so far gone on two garden tours. The ladies are a storehouse of plant information plus they share their love of gardening with you.They are all so nice!
                                             She has no gophers because of the block walls

                                              It feels like a meadow in the middle of the city!

                                                   By far the sweetest oranges I have ever had!

                                                                          California Oranges

                                                   Native American pots and geraniums

I also have been working on the Cheri Payne friendship quilt group blocks. I totally changed my quilt! .
 I forgot  how much skill it takes to make a quilt.This was suppose to be a scrap basket quilt.
I like it but you know how everyone chooses different colors.  I was going to use up the material in my quilt room which is great.  Things changed after putting all my blocks together I realized I had two different color combinations going on. I had unintentionally made two different small quilts. So I decided to use just half the quilt and use another of a Cheri Payne pattern and add it to the top.

 My daughter didn't like my color choices she likes brighter colors. I then second guessed myself . Then I thought about it and I like it and I am the one who is going to look at it lol!!

Sunday my neighbor Jeff  called he had some extra wire so I asked him if he had any pvc pipe since he is a plumber so together we made a chicken run. It's a low cost chicken run where the girls can be safe and eat parts of my garden that I want weed control.
 Hubby said that should teach him to call me up to give me something since I put him to work Lol!
   My hens are my mini goats. The hawk can't get them since it's covered and easy to move around.
I love my chickens four was the perfect number.

Oh I almost forgot hubby was nominated Employee of the year for non uniform employees of the California Highway patrol at his division office.I am so proud of him! There are alot of people that work there! I get to accompany him to a fancy luncheon in June.That should be fun and interesting.

                                          My Hens ,my rug hooking and my life lol

                                              Enjoy dear blogger friends!

My sweet girl Jack named her Junior

Lady Violet screeches when you pick her up.
She is the most vocal of all the girls

                                                     Gravel we put down.I want lattice
                                                     on the sides of the porch.
                                                     The rattlesnakes are already out
                                                     A couple blocks away a snake was found!

                                                                            new plant

                                             I have never ripped out a rug as much as this one
                                                                      I almost forgot....
                                                   This is Kim of Millie's Mat new blog
                                                    Glass half full

                                                  She is one of the funniest bloggers I know plus a
                                                   a rug hooker.She always makes me laugh.Check it out!




Saundra said...

Your girls are all grown up. Love your hooking style. And YES, that Kim is a hoot and a half. She and I go at each other often ~ sorta a fun game we play.

acorn hollow said...

You mean Kim of Millie's mats and now glass half full.
I am so jealous of your gardens ours are just peeking out of the soil wondering if it is ok to come out.
I don't quilt I just can not take on another hobby.
congrats to your husband sounds like a great honor. and love those chickens.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks gal, I got to the end of my post and had a brain Kim of glass half full blog is going to be as interesting and fun as Millies Mat. Abby her new puppy is so cute.hugs Cheri
I am so proud of Jack!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats to hubby!!! What an honor to be nominated. I'm sure it's the good woman he has at his side :)
Happy Mother's Day.
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Lauren!

Farm Girl said...

Your chickens are so pretty! I love your neat looking coop. Isn't it hard when you have a rug that you keep ripping out? I have some that I finally get to the point, I have to tell myself no more.
I am just like that with quilting too. It made me chuckle.
All the pictures are so pretty. We should cool off a little this weekend. Do you think this has been a very warm spring? Have a nice weekend.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Today it is cold today. I wanted to play in my garden but instead I am reading.
When you are ripping out a rug it's the pits but I guess it's better to rip what you dont like then stare at it in frustration. Hugs cheri