Thursday, May 19, 2016

Geranium garden and so much more

Well what can I say Spring is in my part of the world! Hubby finally made me some raised beds which I am thrilled about. I am going to try growing a cherry tomato plant.I am just thinking logically when you belong to the edible plant group I should try growing something edible.Sunflowers anyone.

 I have to stop for a second ! I am outside using my iPad. I am sitting under my patio umbrella when a hummingbird just dived at me while I am minding my own business! This is exactly what I am talking about. Morris can't walk anywhere outside without a paparazzi of birds diving at him. Talk about being popular and America's most wanted fat orange cat in nature.

It all started when Morris caught a hummingbird last weekend. My husband pounced on Morris got the bird out of the cats mouth and then he laid it on a tall green refuse container. The little hummingbird just lay there. When Jack went back to check on it a couple minutes later. It looked at him startled  and rapidly flew  away! I bet that hummingbird just came back to give me a piece of its mind!
                                           Lady Violet found a worm today
                                           I thought something was wrong when everyone
                                           when everyone was chasing her!

Recently I joined a neighborhood site in Crest almost like the old neighborhood watch. So far there is a coyote that is persistent in one area of Crest. It's interesting how everyone talks about where they see him.
I saw him in front of my house in the park about three weeks ago. He was a confident coyote. He was so big . Gone are the days of skinny coyotes oh no this coyote has been working out . I was on the phone with my daughter and I gasped when I saw him. He was being still and surveying everything which meant my yard.
Then I thought that has to be a loose big dog. I asked Jack he didn't believe it was a coyote.
Of course he didn't see it. Well I have been vindicated he is on the other side of Crest hanging out on one street it seems to like and yes he is big!

There have also been so many air fights of birds attacking each other I feel like I am in the middle of my own personal war. A couple of birds had their babies in my birdhouse so every day  Mama bird is swooping at someone.

 The day the hummingbird was diving at me I found a garter snake on my walkway.I also have a grey catbird that swoops in the backyard when I am going to the garage.If Morris is tagging along with me I am in the line of fire.

Nature who knew it was so angry.

Here are some pictures of Gene's garden of the Edible plant group I went to last month

                                        I love this plant group such a bunch of talented ladies

*********************************************************************************                                              This is what I have been working  on

                                                         Four trees cut down in my backyard

                                                            Fence and rughooking
                                                           See I have always liked chickens
                                            Hens working on weed control taking a break

                                                                   Were roosting

Friday, May 6, 2016

Gardening in California,Marjorie's garden and my sweet Chickens

What are you looking at Lol ?

Marjorie's garden

Her Orchard

This is my favorite time of year. It's still mild enough for gardening without the blazing sun. It's so much fun to go on garden tours. I joined the edible plant club which is very inspiring. I have so far gone on two garden tours. The ladies are a storehouse of plant information plus they share their love of gardening with you.They are all so nice!
                                             She has no gophers because of the block walls

                                              It feels like a meadow in the middle of the city!

                                                   By far the sweetest oranges I have ever had!

                                                                          California Oranges

                                                   Native American pots and geraniums

I also have been working on the Cheri Payne friendship quilt group blocks. I totally changed my quilt! .
 I forgot  how much skill it takes to make a quilt.This was suppose to be a scrap basket quilt.
I like it but you know how everyone chooses different colors.  I was going to use up the material in my quilt room which is great.  Things changed after putting all my blocks together I realized I had two different color combinations going on. I had unintentionally made two different small quilts. So I decided to use just half the quilt and use another of a Cheri Payne pattern and add it to the top.

 My daughter didn't like my color choices she likes brighter colors. I then second guessed myself . Then I thought about it and I like it and I am the one who is going to look at it lol!!

Sunday my neighbor Jeff  called he had some extra wire so I asked him if he had any pvc pipe since he is a plumber so together we made a chicken run. It's a low cost chicken run where the girls can be safe and eat parts of my garden that I want weed control.
 Hubby said that should teach him to call me up to give me something since I put him to work Lol!
   My hens are my mini goats. The hawk can't get them since it's covered and easy to move around.
I love my chickens four was the perfect number.

Oh I almost forgot hubby was nominated Employee of the year for non uniform employees of the California Highway patrol at his division office.I am so proud of him! There are alot of people that work there! I get to accompany him to a fancy luncheon in June.That should be fun and interesting.

                                          My Hens ,my rug hooking and my life lol

                                              Enjoy dear blogger friends!

My sweet girl Jack named her Junior

Lady Violet screeches when you pick her up.
She is the most vocal of all the girls

                                                     Gravel we put down.I want lattice
                                                     on the sides of the porch.
                                                     The rattlesnakes are already out
                                                     A couple blocks away a snake was found!

                                                                            new plant

                                             I have never ripped out a rug as much as this one
                                                                      I almost forgot....
                                                   This is Kim of Millie's Mat new blog
                                                    Glass half full

                                                  She is one of the funniest bloggers I know plus a
                                                   a rug hooker.She always makes me laugh.Check it out!