Thursday, April 21, 2016

Long Beach Antique swap meet

                                                                       garden fountain

 I am back from my Birthday mini vacation! It was so much fun and very relaxing.It was exactly what I had envisioned.What can I say I am looking at ducks in a whole new way. I think they were fun to take pictures of as they swim by the cabin. I rug hooked on the lake and actually got some hooking done.I slowed down and felt so at peace at times watching the ducks.It was great except the bed was as hard as sleeping on the floor. Thank God for a Jacuzzi in the morning.

But before I go into that part of my birthday celebration.  Spur of the moment we drove up to the Long Beach Antique swap meet.
It had been years since we had gone to it so why not take the crazy drive to L.A and massive traffic! We got up early and drove the couple hours to Long beach.
I bought a cute small orange saw horse a metal plant a couple old metal handles and some doll clothes for my black primitive dolls . I am going to tea dye the doll clothes.We had not been to the swap meet in years so I was a super excited!
 What a fun birthday it seemed like it went on for ever! There were antiques but nothing I was looking for. I was in search of garden art.

I loved this fountain it was a made out of old things like a pot belly stove!!
  It was over $500 crazy!

Tractors into a table

Long Beach Stadium

metal animals


Metal letters

Rusty baby cow feeders 
$20 each and some had big holes 
in the bottom

Industrial Metal seemed to be popular

Lake pics next blog post

hugs cheri


Mugwump Woolies said...

Wow...that's some flea market! Love the tinwork turkey!!! Your birthday get away looks like great fun...hope you had a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

acorn hollow said...

Oh it looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday

Farm Girl said...

Wow what a incredible place!! I think it is about three hours from me.
I think that would be fun to visit. I am so glad you had a nice birthday trip. It sounds really nice.

I can't wait to hear about your days on the boat.
Of course, ducks. :) Have a nice weekend.

terry said...

Ah.... what a lovely stroll down memory lane. Used to go to Long Beach Vet show often before I moved to Murrieta. Thanks for sharing. Will need to plan a trip to San Diego swap meet soon.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals, It had been years since I went to Long beach so it was incredibly fun. Were definitely going back in a couple of months.
The San diego swap meet use to be good but now it's kinda boring so Long Beach was perfect.
I went to a beautiful garden yesterday and was amazed at the varieties of geraniums! I have been so busy between trying to get my Cheri Payne quilt put together and hooking , gardening and chickens I am having fun! I will post my duck pics hopefully In a couple days! Hugs cheri