Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hooking away on a lake with Sweet ducks and a Canadian goose

                                                            What a pretty Canadian Goose

  Canadian goose
 at Santee Lakes

My daughter and hubby

The little cabins

It was just what I needed a few days on a quiet lake to get back to my rug hooking and get some needed down time. It was a whirlwind of activity before we left for Santee Lakes.  We had a friend staying at our house while we were gone so I wanted a clean house before I left . Maulie and Morris and the chickens were safe in Jeff's hands as he babysat my little critters.

My 62 birthday was so much fun! I totally feel so much younger and I think it's because I have lots of interests! As we arrived at Santee Lakes it was a wait til we could get into the cabin.I could hardly wait to see the inside of that little cabin.I was so excited! The check in was at three thirty which gave us time to explore the area.

The cabin was like a little tiny house but bigger. It was so cute! We paddled around the lake went out to dinner opened my presents and I truly had one of the best birthdays! I even hooked away on my rug.It was perfect to wake up in the morning and have a cup of java and enjoy my vacation.

                                                                    I rug hooked away!

The ducks were so fun to watch every day. I felt like I got to know them in the short time we were there.We were on a floating cabin which yo could feel move sometimes. The ducks would follow us as we got to the dock and wait patiently for us to feed them.The minute duckweed would see us he would swim from the shore and up to our cabin. Most of the ducks are at the other lakes so this is one smart duck to stake out his area at the cabins.
 On the lake there were cat tails and bamboo where the different ducks would hide at times. You could paddle slowly near the reeds and then you could hear them rustling in the dense reeds.
It was like being at the jungle boat cruise at Disneyland.Lol
My favorite little duck was Duckweed Little Jack named him and loved to throw bread to him. Paddling around the lake was so restful in the morning. We could see fishermen fishing and the ducks gliding on the smooth water.I loved watching them take off and glide quickly across the lake in the morning.
Santee Lakes is a series of man made lakes in Santee. When we were kids we would go there for family reunions. It was a really hot couple of days so going to the pool was so relaxing.I never thought a staycation could be so relaxing.

                                                                       Our paddle boat

                                                            These were Duckweeds
                                                           That was the name little Jack gave them


One day my Aunt Sophie came and visited me with my cousin. It was great it was like having my Dad with me for a little bit. She has memory issues and it comes and go but my Aunt still remembers me. We sat on our deck looking out at the lake.

The funniest moment was when little Jack got a lollipop from my cousin and as little Jack carefully unwrapped it to eat it. Dear Aunt Sophie whispered to little Jack  ."Thank you for unwrapping the lollipop for me"I watched as the wheels spun in that four year old little brain . He quickly popped the sucker in his mouth and opened the sliding glass door,went inside the cabin and stared at us.She laughed and as little Jack peered at her from inside the cabin he must have thought about it and later offered his Great Aunt Sophie some gummy candy my cousin had given him. Aunt Sophie still has her sense of humor.

Somebody wants all the food to themselves

Poor Duckweed!

Well that was our mini vacation 

Linda's newest quilt she made

It's Spring
I have been going to lovely gardens lately next blog post will
be the gardens I have visited.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Long Beach Antique swap meet

                                                                       garden fountain

 I am back from my Birthday mini vacation! It was so much fun and very relaxing.It was exactly what I had envisioned.What can I say I am looking at ducks in a whole new way. I think they were fun to take pictures of as they swim by the cabin. I rug hooked on the lake and actually got some hooking done.I slowed down and felt so at peace at times watching the ducks.It was great except the bed was as hard as sleeping on the floor. Thank God for a Jacuzzi in the morning.

But before I go into that part of my birthday celebration.  Spur of the moment we drove up to the Long Beach Antique swap meet.
It had been years since we had gone to it so why not take the crazy drive to L.A and massive traffic! We got up early and drove the couple hours to Long beach.
I bought a cute small orange saw horse a metal plant a couple old metal handles and some doll clothes for my black primitive dolls . I am going to tea dye the doll clothes.We had not been to the swap meet in years so I was a super excited!
 What a fun birthday it seemed like it went on for ever! There were antiques but nothing I was looking for. I was in search of garden art.

I loved this fountain it was a made out of old things like a pot belly stove!!
  It was over $500 crazy!

Tractors into a table

Long Beach Stadium

metal animals


Metal letters

Rusty baby cow feeders 
$20 each and some had big holes 
in the bottom

Industrial Metal seemed to be popular

Lake pics next blog post

hugs cheri

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mini vacation and looking back at my life

Sometimes in this amazing world for one moment you pause for a second and think about your life. It has been a crazy ride.I have been kissed by a whale chased by a moose robbed by a robber in a dairy store.I had my picture in a nationwide employee Gap magazine.I have so many happy memories of my father when we would drive up to Julian in his red econoline to work on his cabins. I have been a character played by an actor in a theatre.
I was almost homeless when the Cedar Fire came to Crest and over a couple hundred  homes were lost.It came eighteen feet from our home. Three days not knowing if we had a home was terrible

Happy memories of my childhood of elementary school where you could walk around a playground and feed a horse during recess.
There are cherished memories of sitting under the pine tree planning my little cabin with my dad  which is a happy memory of happy days past but not forgotten.Even though the cabin is gone it is still a memory that can't be lost.I was blessed with a attentive father who I was very close to.
My husband puts up with me as I continue to have him fix things for me and I know I can be demanding but he loves me lol. As chatty as I am hubby is the opposite. It is true opposites attract!
I raised a daughter who has made me proud as she faces her own challenges.
  I wear many hats in my life mom, wife and friend. I encourage others and try to have positive thoughts going in the mist of tough situations.I give wonderful advice to others I think.I enjoy learning new things and am a avid reader.I love reading!The core of me is a sunny disposition.

I have been there for very sick people and even though I cry at seeing suffering of loved ones I don't run away.I have witnessed death of a loved one first hand and watched as life stopped. I have sat by  my Dad who I deeply and completely loved and just stroked his soft arm after his death as his body cooled and his spirit left. For some one only five foot one I have faced some heart breaking moments.

 Well I think I am kinda funny.I love to make people laugh.I have lived a simple life but it has been mostly enjoyable.My favorite vacation was seeing the Amish in Bird in Hand. As we left an old Amish man waved in his wagon that was filled with straw. I have been told they don't usually wave at tourist. It was such a special moment for me. I have loved quilts by the Amish since I began quilting so it was a wonderful vacation.I have been blessed with kind friends that have held me up when my daughter has been ill with her chronic illness. I have seen examples of how to grow older with kindness and strength.

 My best childhood friend Mary used to say Life is filled with lessons and sometimes you just keep
repeating things til you get it right.I didn't believe that. I think that the lesson I learned about Life is that Life is good and that even though at times it is heartbreaking you keep going because eventually there will be happy moments. Surround yourself with positive people if you can.Keep busy, keep moving and Attitude is everything.Now don't I sound like I am going to be 62! So now that I have poured out my heart you know a little more about me and my life.Oh yes keep learning new things about Life and people. It's a wonderful Life and ends way too soon.
                                                       Can you just see me rug hooking  

What would make me celebrate a birthday and make it special for me. I am turning 62 on Monday which to me is crazy! I have had a lot of challenging experiences in my life but the most thing I am proud of I have kept my faith and it grows as every challenge happens.My friend Debbie say "I am like a little train that no matter what's in it's way keeps going"
 So one day I decided to just make a reservation for a couple days in a little cabin on a lake.I wanted to have a Birthday I wouldn't forget. So I have rented a cabin on a lake to do what ever I wanted which is rug hooking. Hubby is going to be there and little Jack and Megan. Her husband has to work so it will be just the four of us. Our friend is going to house sit Maulie, Morris and the girls.It's a mini staycation. It starts Monday and ends Wednesday. I am so lucky to have a house sitter staying at my house with my animals.Everyone will have to fend for themselves as I am going to be a little selfish.
                                           (It's a floating cabin we will be in the last cabin)

I want to wake up and  feed some ducks have a cup of coffee looking at the lake. Relax and have a little change of scenery. At night the coyotes howl so that should be interesting. I have no plans but to enjoy this moment and have some carrot cake.
I am sure my daughter will bring her knitting. Little Jack is bringing his scooter. I know we will have fun checking out the lake.There are paddle boats that come with the cabin so we can ride around the lake for fun.
Hubby has a book to read. It's close to where we live but far enough away. I bet you can't guess where I am going to be. Lol


                                                                   Country Loft

                                                      I love Country Loft and will miss it

                                                                 Darling rug by Donna

Now on to the gals at rug hooking. Donna finished her rug. Pam is doing an excellent job on her large rug. Janice made a quilted baby blanket.

 Stephanie brought in a beautiful piece .I forgot to ask her what it was.I think it's a little bag. I loved the colors of the antique material! Michelle had some items from a quilter on Etsy by Sarah Havener.
                                                          Michele bought these from Sarah

I joined the Cheri Payne friendship group on Facebook. It's a really inspiring group of quilters.This is a scrap basket quilt which is what I needed to clear out some of my stash! I have been working away on my four and a half inch blocks. I feel like I have become rusty at quilting since I have been mostly doing wool applique. I still need to square them up. There will be a four and a half square in between each  block. My contrasting blocks will be grey. Seeing everyone completing their quilts on Facebook makes me try harder at doing my little blocks. I used just what I had in my little quilt room.I needed a good grey fabric for the blocks in between the squares.  So I had to breakdown and buy some grey material when I was at rug hooking.
                                        I have not cut any threads yet or squared up the blocks .

Today my girlfriend Linda came over and helped me tackle a huge dead rosebush.
You know you have a kind good friend when they help you with an unpleasant task.The rabbits hang out in the rosebush and that silly cat is not bothered by the thorns. Morris killed another bunny and left its liver or  on the door step.Yuk!!I think that is now five rabbits.

                                                      I think that old can looks cute

                                                             Sunny California

 After filling up two huge trash cans Linda and I went to lunch and stopped at Summers Past Farms. A perfect day a little bit of work and then a reward.
I bought a chocolate mint plant for my train garden and some sunflower seeds.

Well the chicks are spending the night in the coop and as usual the biggest chick is the biggest baby. Lady Violet has been yelping and tweeting I am not sure what you call it when it started to get dark. I put their heat lamp in the coop so they should be warm enough. The girls are on crumbles and I swear every night they grow like crazy. I feel like a nervous mom. LOL.

                                                                 First night in coop
                                                                 Lady Violet is not happy!

                                                                       note.... They survived

                                       Thank you to my blogger friends that
                                        I have shared my stories with.
                                        I love hearing about all of you and I feel like
                                        I know you all.
                                                                                hugs Cheri