Friday, March 11, 2016

Peacock Days and Happy Belated Birthday Dee


                                                                   So darling

                                                          Such a sweet and talented friend

Every morning I wake up with a very talkative peacock in Crest. I feel like I am at the World Famous San Diego Zoo with strange bird noises. I must admit I do enjoy listening to the sounds echoing thru Crest it just feels so peaceful. There are several colorful peacocks a couple houses down sitting on a neighbors porch which to me would be a little messy.It's interesting to watch those birds as hubby and I go on a walk down our dirt road on weekends.They do have the longest tails that drape over the porch .
 I will stick with wanting chickens.I also have been observing  hawks in the park flying around.There are strange looking lizards with green stripes and of course rabbits. Soon I will have my chicks.
 Early morning when its warm I will sit in my green garden chair under my umbrella. Morris sitting on the porch and Maulie at my feet. I sip on my one cup of coffee in the early spring morning in Crest.  This is the best time of year. I usually have my iPad on quickly checking my email and then putting it away with a sigh time to work in my garden.
                                                 Can you just see me enjoying my coffee
                                                  in my front yard with Morris and Maulie

I went to Dee's a couple weeks ago and I also enjoyed taking picture of what everyone is doing at rug hooking at the Country Loft so enjoy my travels.

I love the Birthday gift from Donna to Dee
The wooden hand was made from Notforgotten farm
and Donna did the rest

Dee and I love those pink succulents

 This is some items ladies brought in to share

Stephanie as usual brought in some wonderful work

Olde Colony Primitives 

 Easter Bunnies by Stephanie pics by Michele

Antique quilt pieces
Some of these pieces were from the 1800's

                                       Antique parts of a quilt Michele bought at a quilt show

                                                         Sarah Havener on Etsy made these

                                                             Little antique quilt wallets

                                    Michele has been buying these Antique wallets by Sarah Havener
                                    Dee mentioned she was gifted a little piece of
                                    antique fabric from Sarah how kind!
                                   What will she make?
                                                        I love the fabric covered boxes

                                                                 little books

                                                          Pam is doing a good job

                                         As usual I will get caught up with my blogger friends!!

                                                                       Hugs Cheri


Julia said...

Cheri, it's always fun to read your blog post and look at all the great handiwork that you show us.
It must have taken a long time to sew all those quilt tops by hand. Some people are so creative to come up with cute ideas using those old quilt tops. I love those cross stitch pieces too.

I noticed that your grass is already growing. We woke up with a light snow covering our brown grass. Spring is in the air but still not here yet.
Have a great weekend Cheri.

Saundra said...

Darn, I've some old 'cutter' quilts and quilt tops that I should do something with. Those wallets are awesome. Sounds like you live in a heavenly relaxing neighborhood. Just be careful when you get your chicks that the hawks don't enjoy them before they grow.

Farm Girl said...

I love all of your pictures today. Those little mats and cross stitch designs are wonderful. The gardens are so nice too. Spring is just lovely isn't it. I can't wait until you get your chicks. Do you know what kind you will be getting? I have always wanted peacocks. They are messy though. We have too many foxes around here so I could never let them run free.
Have a lovely weekend. I hope you get to spend lots of lovely time on your porch.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Saundra, Farmgirl,Julia, Thanks for the nice comments I am glad you enjoyed the pics. Were getting some rain tonight so I am going to hook away. I have the cage for my baby chicks the brood lamp the water container food container. All I need now is chicks and straw and baby chick food. I am getting three chicks from Hawthorne feed store and different chicks come in at different times so I am waiting til the chicks come in I want. Hugs cheri

Julia said...

Good luck with those chicks Cheri. I'm sure they will provide hours and hours of fun. They grow up so fast. I hope that you'll post some photos for us. I used to have chicks when I was a young girl. I'm afraid that I never got any after I got married.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Peacocks sure are noisy! I was so surprised the first time I heard them.
Thanks for all the eye candy. So happy you got some more rain. My LA son said they got more last week, too. Every bit helps, I'm sure.
Hugs :)

Mary A said...

As usual just lovely pictures! It's great to be around such a talented group! Just recharges your batteries! Love Dee's home. I was wondering how warm your area gets in the summer? I live in the Sacramento valley and we can get 110 degrees occasionally. Do you get that hot?

kelley said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful anything with antique fabrics and quilt parts, but the wallets are especially nice...a coworker has chickens they raised from chicks and three little daughters that adore them...have fun with yours!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals, I have everything but the chicks ,straw and feed. I am waiting til the chicks I want to come in at a feed store in Escondido . There are alot of different chicks that arrive on different weeks. So trying to get the chicks I want is a waiting game. Hugs cheri
It gets hot in Crest in the summer so I dont want to get alot just three or four.

Kim said...

Love the photos. Crest sounds and looks like a very peaceful place. I think it would be fun to have peacocks around,but I didn't know they were noisy.