Monday, March 21, 2016

Nana Vacation and Easter Chicks


  Last Thursday Little Jack and I started our Nana vacation.Thursday til Sunday I was one babysitting Nana. In that time I sold my antique piano too! The little guys parents were out of state so Grandpa and I were babysitting little Jack.My daughter was at Brave girls camp in Idaho and her hubby was in Texas golfing with an old friend. Since Grandpa was at work every day little Jack and I were on our own with a quest to get some Easter chicks.
It was so sweet watching little Jacks reactions to chicks as we picked them out.
I always tell my husband were making memories!
 I also have been incredibly slow working on my quilt blocks for the Cheri Payne friendship group. I have to brush up on my quilting! So tonight I have got to get busy and do at least two blocks.
 Little Jack and I went and visited my cousin at Santee lakes and had a fun time feeding the ducks. Enjoy a Nana vacation.
 Oh yeah I killed a snake on Sunday! Thank goodness little Jack was already  back home.
I don't know what kind the snake was. I didn't ask its name.I still feel yucky thinking about it. I felt nauseous especially when it hissed at me!
Tomorrow is rug hooking and Friday I am going to a edible plant garden club meeting. There is so much to do in the spring! Hugs Cheri
                                              Now I know why people like pigs so much.
                                              They are so cute!

baby pigs

                                                Were on the way home with four chicks

                                                                         Maulie loves to look at them


Hubby made a quick little sign

Santee Lakes

picky eater 

Cheri Payne blocks I am working on

 Long ago I painted these old laundry buckets 
I got these at the Long beach swap meet years ago

I painted a iron bed for handrails

painting more buckets

We have been busy adding pea gravel instead of grass
I need a trip to Lowes for more blocks  


Julia said...

Hi Cheri, a Nana vacation has kept you very busy with little Jack. He's growing fast...
Your little chicks are adorable and that barnvelder looks like it has hooked wings, lol. So cute. You have a very fancy chicken cage and they should be very happy in there. They'll keep Maulie busy for a while.

Your garden looks lovely with all those flowers. My yard is all white again just like winter. We had a big snow storm yesterday and all schools were cancelled.
I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt grow.
Happy Spring.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Little Jack is getting so grown up!
Congrats on your new little babies!