Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Old treasures and friendships made


                                                               Stephanie cross stitch

 The Country Loft is retiring in six months!!
I am saddened today years and years of friendships and classes are ending. We are all hoping we can somehow meet once a month at a library or senior center we just don't know.

 I question if I should still continue blogging.I love blogging but with no Country Loft pictures I fear  my life is not going to be exciting enough Lol.
There are so many good bloggers out there and sometimes I wonder since I never seem to increase my reader count if it's time to close my key board and just read others blogs.I do get lots of hits on my blog though.

I have enjoyed all the friendships and pin pals my blogging has made possible. I do enjoy sharing all the ladies work in my blog.What to do?

Now on to the dilemma at hand. Like a quilt group a rug hooking group serves the same function.  Close friendships have evolved over the years by shared moments that have challenged all of us at different times. I would never have met some of my friends but for the Country Loft.

 Sometimes I have been overwhelmed by my daughters illness and frankly worn from worry by such ups and downs of her progressive illness and helplessness at the situation at hand. I see these talented ladies having their own life challenges and yet going on with dignity and great positive attitudes!  Plus of couse keeping busy. They have been good examples and treasures to me of what I want to be like as I age. I think we can always be inspired and shown by others on how to  handle adversity and not becoming bitter. Getting older is not easy!

                                                                     old treasures

                                                                     so pretty

                                                                 Donna made this rug for Pam

                                                             Beautiful old glass

 So even though Country Loft has been a little shop it has been so much more to me . It has been a little oasis from this crazy busy world.

Pam working away

Oh my

I am taking a Cheri Payne class in February

Stephanie brought this quilt to share

Thanks Lucy for the books for little Jack

old Disney material

Stephanie is so talented

I love 

I am still working away on this rug. 
Thanks Lauren for encouraging me
I am putting a window there
I know it's messy but I start with someones design and
then I have to modify to make it my own and more personal.

Good bye yellow brick road six months from now is counting down.


I stopped by Dee's after rug hooking to pick up some wood to use as a pattern.
I am going to have hubby Jack make me this for me he just
doesn't know it yet.

What Dee is working on

carved by Dee


Saundra said...

I would miss your blog terribly, please don't give it up. Is true that we each have out burdens to carry. Sure didn't plan on my husband divorcing me when I was 67 and living alone. And getting old sucks, I'm 74 but try to keep myself busy with rug hooking. Also try to keep a connection with other people thru my blog. Personally I think you'd miss that interaction too.

Would be wonderful if someone else would take over the Country Loft and carry on the tradition. Love the pictures you posted and love your current project and thanks for sharing your personal changes. I've told you before how your hooking is special to me.

Hugs, Saundra

Earlene L. said...

Oh no!!!! Don't stop blogging, your blog is wonderful!!!!
Sorry to here about your daughter, parents never stop worrying, but what I do is cherish the day for what you have and take it a day at a time, me especially since I have gotten older. Some things you can't change, we want to, but we can't.
The shop looks wonderful and did you stitch the pillow in the first picture?
Enjoy your day!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Earlene and Saundra thank you for the sweet encouraging words. I do like to sit and gather my thoughts sometimes. I have also met so many blogger friends that are so talented and inspiring. I just don't want to be boring .I hope the gals find a way we can still meet. Hugs cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Earlene the cross stitch is by Stephanie she has a site called Olde Colony Primitives. Stephanie is very talented. Even though its a rug hooking group every body does other projects. Have a nice weekend, cheri

Julia said...

Dear Cheri, we all go through time when we think we want to give up blogging. Life gets challenging and we all hate changes but that's how we grow. I would be very sorry if you stopped blogging because you are a ray of sunshine to me. It doesn't matter if you have lots of pictures to show, I love looking at the progress on your rug. You have a style that is really your own and I love it. I could never hook like that because of my own style is different but I appreciate that we hook different. It's the spice of life...

Your blog is never boring and I love that you share your life with us through blogging.

I don't blog often because of lack of spare time but one thing I know, bloggers are very supportive when we have big crosses to bare. Having blogger support when things gets rough lightens the load.
As a mother of a seriously ill daughter, your cross is very heavy. Share your cross with us...♡♡

There are so many things to blog about, little things that are part of your every day life.

You can take a break but please keep on blogging now and then.
Warm hugs from the North Pole.
JB ♡

Larkrise garden girl said...

Julia that is so sweet ! I do love all the support and friendships I have met over the years. I guess I will have to do more things lol .
Hugs to all my blogger friends that inspire me to try a little harder and are just kind people, cheri

Linda said...

Im not a blogger But boy do I like to read blogs I rarely comment or join BUT yours is one I always check to see if you have a new post You would be missed as your one of my favorites Im sorry for your daughters illness and the hard struggle it makes for all involved some days our strength is mighty and others we feel as were drowning but I am so thankful I wake up to a new day to start again

Linda m

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Linda , I love all the positive words from all the people I have met on line. All we can do is start another day when things are tough.
I know I am not the only blogger with struggles . I know my blog has been a great outlet of keeping busy. Hugs cheri

Annie C said...

There's a huge ditto from me about continuing on with your blog. There are far, far too many bloggers who no longer or only sporadically write or share-- even the smallest daily events or thoughts. For many of us, your sharing is something to be looked forward to as we become more isolated in our later years. What may seem trivial to writers brings such a sense of pleasure, warmth, and joy to us. Reading is part of our routines, and we hope to continue to find those such as you who make time in your busy lives to keep in touch. We appreciate your being part of the mozaic of our lives. So, Saundra, Earlene, Julia, Cheri, and all others... Please carry on brightening all of our days.

acorn hollow said...

Oh you can't stop blogging! This is one amazing post so full of amazing color!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Gals , Well my life is a patch work of different things and if your willing to read my ordinary life of ups and down . Hopefully My rug hooker groups will meet somewhere. Hugs cheri
I am going to the Road to California next thursday . It should be fun it's a really nice quilt show ! I will take pics, hugs cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

You know that I don't want you to quit blogging!!! Your posts are always such a joy to read. Your pictures are beautiful. I feel like I know you though we've never met. I can't imagine the pain of seeing your daughter ill. It's just so unfair.
So sorry about the Country Loft. In looking at your pictures, there are many antiques that I'd love to have in my home!
Hopefully you can continue to get together with all your CL friends.
I encouraged you on your kitty rug? I sure don't remember that. My poor mind...sigh.
Hugs, my friend,

Larkrise garden girl said...

Lauren, It is funny I do feel like I know my blogger friends. In the spirit of being interesting hubby and I went on a long hike . It ended being two and a half hours long!!! I took lots of pics!
I am going to visit my mother law in she is turning 99 tomorrow should be interesting, hugs cheri
The Christmas kitty cat is a pattern I got two years ago. I just would put it away til Christmas time and start hooking it again.
I am hooking it finally so I can do a rug I got for Christmas from my daughter. Hugs cheri

Farm Girl said...

Dear Cheri,
Don't stop blogging, I know the last few years have been really hard on you, but like I found this week, those friends I have made here are what got me through these hard weeks. I know it seems hard to come up with posts, but really you have such an interesting life.
I love seeing your progress on rugs and I love your sweet spirit.
You are a blessing to the blog world.
I am sorry about that place too. I know there will be another place that you can feel at home with.
I hope your week is a bit easier.
I am glad you shared though.

Mary A said...

Let me add my voice to the others' comments. I would miss you too. I love, love, love the pics of Dee's house and gardens! My local quilt store (the only one that carried homespun and prim fabrics) closed 5 years ago. I can say that our stitching groups have survived because we made it a priority. We shop on the internet and bring any cute or important purchases and finished to our gatherings. We even take roadtrips together! I have referenced your blog more than once to my groups and I know that read it now too.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Farm girl and Mary A Thank you for your kind thoughts and taking the time to write . I will try hard not to be boring when Country loft retires lol, hugs cheri