Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Year and a look back at Santa and a tradition gone haywire

A rug hooking little pin from Donna
The New Year started with a cold and cough and snoozing away on cough medicine. 
Finally my energy is back and as I pack away Christmas today I recall the funny moments of Christmas 2015.

Now my husbands family tradition is probably not unique to some, but coming from a large Hispanic family which tradition was tamales and rice and beans on Christmas Eve and everyone talking over each other it seemed tame. In our family my Dad was the best story teller!
   My Dad would always stress being there for your family and then he would have us all in stitches telling about the characters of his youth.  
 It was such a contrast going from one home to another on Christmas Eve. Jack's family was originally from Ohio and his nationality was strong German from his mom and his Dads family ancestry was Swedish.
 His Dad was a typical War hero who never spoke about World War II, yet years later as we looked at his three Purple hearts and one Bronze star I marveled at what he had experienced in Europe. Two families polar opposites in personalities and yet both keeping their simple traditions intact.  

 Now to me hubby's family seemed rather quite civilized with someone dressing up as Santa every year. I remember on Christmas Eve there would be the quick scurry to the kitchen closing the sliding kitchen door and my mother in law Alice getting out the suit and who ever was suppose to be Santa being stuffed with pillows and quickly going out to the garage and then the ringing of Santa's Bell!

  I remember forty years ago  sitting on the green sofa which was usually covered in plastic at my in-laws except on holidays and feeling sort of silly Santa making a special visit. Since there were no grandkids at the time and in our early twenty's on Christmas Eve it felt pretty silly to me and yet sweet.
 There we were like deer in headlights Christmas eve. Young adults staring at Santa at the door and everyone going along with the program. At this home there was no mad dash opening of presents at once but the distribution of presents one after another with the polite "Thank You Santa" as he went out the door.

 Before Santa left Alice my mother in law would bring out her camera and we would smile with an arm around Santa. It was a wonderful tradition his family enjoyed and like my family's tamales we want to keep it. It's now 2015 and our Traditions!

My Grandson Jack loves Santa and being four sat on his lap at Disneyland and was quite happy telling Santa what he wanted.  So when my daughter still wanted hubby dressing up as Santa I was a little concerned the jig could be up.

So fast forward to Christmas day, hubby informs everyone he needs to put some gas in the car goes out the front door runs around to the garage door slips in and changes. About five minutes go by and there's a door bell ring and there is Santa!

Little Jack opens the door and says after hubby says" Ho Ho Ho!" in his best Santa voice.

"That's Grandpa!" now my daughter and her hubby just keep repeating it's Santa!  The poor little guy Jack is in the middle of these adults who seem to have lost realty of who is in the house. It's his Grandpa dressed up!
My grandson just keeps looking at all of us with the funniest expression.

Hubby then starts his story how Santa forgot one present and stopped by just to give it to him. Crouching on his knee he is in full Santa gear eyeglasses suit white beard and oops he still has his normal shoes on and little Jack explains "That's Grandpa's shoes. "His parents explain they have the same shoes.
I see the situation getting funnier and more absurd as the little guy keeps saying "That's Grandpa." Finally as Santa goes out the door and little Jack sees the door shut he turns around and looks at all of us, with a adult looking expression he states" Well that was strange!"

Megan's Christmas decorations 

I loved Megan's tree
   Grandpa Jack playing with his Christmas
present a portable dvd player.  .
Little Jack still wondering about Grandpa and Santa
Here are some quick pics of what the ladies did in December pics by Michele enjoy! 
 Cross stitch probably Stephanie did these 
Love this 


Great baby caps Marjorie 
You are so kind to others
Hugs Cheri 



Earlene L. said...

Loved your post and that Christmas tree is sweet!!!

Saundra said...

Cheri, what a very delightful and funny story. Love your family traditions, all. And keep up the Santa tradition as Jack will get on the program and this will be his family tradition story to tell his children in years to come. Love it!!!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thank you Earlene!
Saundra that was so funny when little Jack said Well that was Strange! Lol
I am going to have work on the tamale tradition . Little Jack was not impressed with sweet tamales.
Hugs Cheri

Julia said...

What a delightful story about Jack and Grandpa Santa. That kid is nobody's fool.

Your daughter's village is so beautiful and I love your traditions. I'm glad your cold is over with. Here, my husband is almost over his. All the family has had colds right after Christmas. I'm still doing OK.

Happy New Year to you too dear Cheri.


Larkrise garden girl said...

I love Megans Christmas decorations!Have a great New year Julia, hugs cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a great story ~ one that can be told for decades to come! you know you are a no-reply blogger? I was responding to a comment you left me when I noticed.
I just wanted to tell you to pick up that hook. Your designs are always so much fun.
Hugs :)

Kurt Schindler said...

Funny story! Love little Jack's final comment.

Blessings to you and your family in 2016.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Blessings to you Charotte

annie said...

That was so funny, still smiling over it!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Little Jack's comment was a hoot!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great story..and even better memories!! Little Jack is quite perceptive LOL.... I know I figured out that Santa thing when I realized that my gift from Santa was wrapped in the same gift wrap as my parents'. Hmmmm...tamales and rice for Christmas sounds pretty dang good to me! Glad you're on the mend.... I've been dragging the past few days and so many are sick around here... Hoping I'm not succumbing to the bug. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with promise and joy. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Larkrise garden girl said...

Robin ,Gift wrap lol! That's a smart kid. Little Jack still believes he just can't fiquer out why Grandpa dressed up . Hugs cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Robin ,Gift wrap lol! That's a smart kid. Little Jack still believes he just can't fiquer out why Grandpa dressed up . Hugs cheri

Kim said...

Oh that is hysterical. He is one smart little dude to notice grandpa's shoes! When he is 30 this will likely come up in a therapy session. Hahahaha

Larkrise garden girl said...

It was funny , I am up early the windy weather in Crest keeps waking me up with the trees blowing, hugs cheri