Friday, December 23, 2016

Dee's Christmas Joy

The rained had stopped for a few moments while I approached the heavy blue door. It had been raining all morning in Southern California and I was totally enjoying the Christmas weather. The house stood in front of  me like a home from the past and opening the door was the gentle smile of a creative woman.

                                                              A picture from Christmas Past it was
                                                  too wet to stay outside and take a new picture.

                                                                A friend made this little tree

                                                    Dee's son made the broom and rake
                                                               I got one too!

Going in Dee's home is like being enveloped in a warm blanket. Think of all the cozy things you like at Christmas and that is Dee's home. The music is playing softly Pretty flowers while I look around at all her Christmas decorations. Dee has a way of creating treasures out of found objects.
What keeps you young at heart is keeping busy with your hands.Her little cards she sends are such a delight to get. Dee uses old cards and cuts and glues little cards together for her friends just for the fun of it.

 It was so cozy as we sat talking about my Hooked rug I had just finished. Dee has a way of encouraging  her friends to strive to be more creative in what ever project they are working on.
I spread my Sweet Noel rug on the aged looking brick floors and smiled at her positive reaction.

I had brought a sweet tamale for her to munch on. I had to laugh I talked to Dee today and she had forgotten it was a sweet tamale. She had some rice with her Tamale and opened her mouth and it wasn't a beef tamale.I had to laugh I am sure I told her it was a sweet tamale.
 It is a little memory from Christmas past for me.I love sweet tamales with raisins and pineapple we rarely ever got them as a child.It seemed we always had super hot tamales on Christmas eve

As my eyes gazed at all the darling decorations I felt very lucky to be enjoying this time with my friend which was such a treat of eye candy.

Maulie  my little Shitzu was getting her hair cut for Christmas at the groomer.So it was perfect to combine two things seeing my friend and having somewhere to hang out while Miss Maulie was having her Christmas cut Lol. There is something wrong with a person whose dog gets a more expensive hair cut then the owner. So I had drove over to Dee's for a quick visit before Christmas.

Dee had made carrot cake which was super moist and she had also added whipped cream on top and a little candy cane. It was so good!!
The rain continued to pour down goblets and then it would slow down and just seemed to be a mist of  gentle rain. What a perfect day!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of her home. At Christmas who ever goes thru the door feels the spirit of Christmas blessings all the way down to their toes! Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth.
Today I am thinking of all my good friends that are finding this Christmas Season more bitter sweet. Your all in my Prayers hugs and love Cheri

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A week before Christmas

Today I was chatting with my daughter about Christmas past and what a fast year this has been for all of us. I just started Christmas shopping yesterday but I am making some great progress.Today I am going out to lunch with a girlfriend at the cutest mountain like cabin restaurant in Alpine.

 Last night Hubby bought me a beach cruiser bike with the cutest basket. My cousin and I have fallen in love with biking once again.It's nice getting a present early. It was last 24 inch bike so we had to buy it. Since I am short the 26 inch bikes are too tall so this was the only bike that fit me. I can hardly wait to take it camping.

At Christmas time you can't help but think about family.
The biggest trait I feel in my family was that we were constant story tellers. My Dad told great stories of the characters in his youth and made them come alive as he would weave his stories to us.


 Yesterday as I was gathering the eggs from my noisy hens I thought of my grandfather . He was such a sweet man. He was tall blue eyed always puttering in his garden. I can remember him going out to the barn which was really a garage then going thru something ( this is where my memory fogs up) and he would be in a big chicken coop with a wood ceiling stooped over checking on the chickens. I would stare at him as he putted around the chickens fascinated by all the commotion the chickens were making
In those days children were seen and not heard and we were in the middle of the city of San Diego. My grandfather was a gentle man and he always seemed like he had a soft mellow voice. Now my Nana was equivalent to a mean banty hen. She scared the heck out of me lol. There were no cookies or happy hugs from this Nana. She was short stout and with her little beady brown eyes I could easily see her as Ma Barker or Pancho Villa's girl friend. I once saw an old picture of the table where everyone was sitting cigarette smoke all over the place no wonder my cousin had asthma. There was my Nana staring at the camera with a accusatory look.

In those days all my cousins and I would come over every Sunday. So there would be at least Seventeen kids or more running around the little house. We would arrive with our parents every Sunday and then tossed outside to play while the adults talked all day.
Hours and hours of jumping off the porch while the adults visited.

Eventually I would head to the backyard and watch my Tata as he watered his garden . He would bend over pick some squash and zucchini as the quiet of the garden gave him peace from all the noisy voices in the house and front yard.

The memory of my Tata is what has always been in my heart around my sweet chickens. When I am out there in my front yard sometimes I think of my Tata. He was always keeping busy in this mist of all those family members invading his house every single Sunday.He was such a sweet Tata. I get my love of chickens from my grandfather. Such a happy sweet memory.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Aulani Disney Resort and Kualoa Nature Reserve

   I saw on news today that it's snowing back east. So what better day then to show pictures of my vacation in Hawaii. Lately this little California primitive rug hooker, quilter, gardener and Nana instead of being a garden chair traveler had her very own adventures.  In late September my daughter and son in law were in Europe and I was delegated babysitter for my five year old grandson for more then two weeks.I missed my hubby my home and all my little animals. Then I was back home for a week and then off to Hawaii for eight days.It was a little too busy a time for me. Oh there was also RV camping at least
 once a month in between that.
  I was also finishing my quilt projects.I am so close to completing my rug hooking! The deadline is December first.Maybe giving myself a date will inspire me.
I finished this quilt

 So I finally downloaded the pictures of our vacation there were over three hundred pictures incredible! When I think back on Hawaii I especially enjoyed listening to the Hawaiian music as it would drift up to our room. I discovered ABC markets which were fun to get touristy things. Every night we would see people going across the street to the different restaurants nearby.  Aulani is an expensive place to vacation so any little bit helped.  Tourists were always walking thru the lobby with a pizza. It was fun to see six mongooses as we walked across the street to shop. Aulani is very family oriented. This was just a plain relaxing vacation I will never forget.
I must say the resort was beyond excellent there were all sorts of places to explore like snorkeling in a man made lagoon full of fish. It was perfect nothing but bright tropical fish to look at as you snorkeled around them.There was adult infinity pools to sit in with no kids allowed.Jack and I would  stand at sunset in the infinity hot tub just relaxing dangling legs arms resting on the hot tub and looking at the beautiful Pacific ocean.

                                                                 water slides were everywhere

                                                                        Hula Dancers

                                                             I floated on the lazy river alot!

                                                                      Inside the Aulani

                                                            North Shore is full of little shops

I especially loved the country feel of the North Shore when we went on a drive to the northern side of the Island. I even saw a wild chicken I felt like I was at home.

  One of my favorite places was the Kualoa Nature Reserve. Because Aulani is located in the drier part of Oahu it reminded me alot of parts of San Diego. But once we went to the Kualoa Ranch I felt like this is the real Hawaii.  At the Ranch they have filmed quite a few movies such as Hawaii five O, Jurassic Park,Godzilla,Wind talkers, Lost and many more.  They limited what we could take pictures of at Kualoa Ranch because they're setting up for two movies. I can't say what they are but you will like them. My husband experienced Pearl Harbor which is what he really wanted to see.I will show those pictures at another time.
                                                                      The old Bus Lol

                                                         Parts of Jurassic park were filmed here
                                                               They raise beef at Kualoa



                                                  Kissing apes was in George of the Jungle

                                                                        Hawaii five O set

 Every tourist gets a picture with a Dino Lol

                                                They were making a giant track for a movie


                                                                    wild boars

                                                                     Our tour guide

                                              I wish I had gone on the horse tour of the ranch

                                                                 This scene was filmed here

                                                                           china mans hat