Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas decorations at the Country loft and almost catching up

  Hi Gals,I have been so very busy this month.We have been replacing our worn out wooden deck and putting new redwood steps in. Every weekend hubby has been working away at it. There is the yard mess of all the old wood and continually running back and forth to hardware stores.  I also have been busy gathering and cutting up branches for winter which I love to do. I even had little Jack helping me!
We then had to take a trip to buy some gold fish for the little guy.

                                                                      He loves fish

                                                                 Country Loft is decorated for Christmas
We had a Wedding Anniversary this month so forty years later were still working away on our old house.
I have been dying to get back to some wool projects but these house projects are taking up all our time.

 Little Jack calls his grandpa Jack Wreck it Ralph! I don't know about you but every time hubby works on something there is blood involved. I am overly cautious and hubby is the opposite. If there is a ladder involved I have to just leave the house.Lol!

I am wanting to sit down and read all my blogger friends what they have been doing this month.Hopefully tonight I can enjoy catching up!

Once in a while I have been on the face book rug hooking group called The Out of hand Rug hookers.
I actually won some wool that a fellow hooker donated. That was my highlight of the month.

                                                              I love the Country Loft

 Hubby is almost finishing up the steps! I am finally able to sit here and download some pictures.  I actually took these pictures at the Country Loft about two weeks ago but I just couldn't post them til Thanksgiving was over so enjoy and Ho Ho Ho!
                                                                    metal trees

                                                                     pretty quilt

                                                                        Cat and Snowman

                                                                Cheri Payne pattern

                                                                 Three wise men

                                                      Morris in one of my wool cabinets