Thursday, October 29, 2015

My little camera ghost at Dee's

 Once upon a time there was a little camera ghost that hopped a ride to Dee's home with me. Now there are ghosts all over the world in really old houses but in Southern California your home doesn't have to be a hundred years old for a ghost to be seen.
My camera ghost
What is that circle?

All my pictures had problems as I downloaded them it was like Halloween was here a couple days early. What would I see when I opened the door a hooked rug a little doll or sweet Dee with her cute chuckle as I entered her home.

Now that I think about it I was Trick or Treating early! I entertained Dee with stories of my little feisty Nana who always reminded me of a mean banty hen.That was my Trick!
I think sometimes I can be a little bit of a comic when I have a captive audience. Dee only had to laugh a little bit which just encouraged me even more to tell my crazy childhood stories.

I was trying to get Dee to laugh 

Little kids are not the only ones that like to Trick or Treat. Dee had a big bag of goodies that she would add to when ever she walked by the front of the door for me.It had been so hot so we kept waiting for the weather to change before I visited her home. Lucky me my bag kept getting bigger. I could hardly wait to see what my Trick or Treat brown bag would hold.


                                           Dee wanted to see what my finished rug looked like

  Antique sampler

There was Rose hips and gourds and gently used 
mystery books a darling book for little Jack and a little cloth cow.
Country catalogs and little cute wooden hearts and so much more. 
                                                             Thanks Dee for the fun morning!

Happy Halloween from Maulie

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkins and the Ramona Quilt Show

 This October I have been truly enjoying myself.
 Two weeks ago was such fun! I ended up going to Julian which is in the mountains in San Diego county with my friend Linda.
Julian is the cutest little mountain town ever. As we we drove along the windy mountain roads we saw wild turkeys! There were few cars so we had the whole mountain roads to ourselves.

We shopped around and I ended up getting some incense. My inner hippie was coming thru.Ever since I went to the Pacific northwest to sock camp I have enjoyed a little bit of incense. It has such a nice pumpkin smell.It takes me back to my early twenty's driving around in an old panel truck and just crazy young times.

Did you ever notice that certain smells bring back happy memories. Every time I pick some mint tea  from my pots and brew some tea I think of my Dad.I can remember him as a child telling us to run out and pick some mint for tea.I would race out the family room find the mint under a tree and start picking!
My memories of my grandfather and his small garden and his chickens and following him out to the chicken coop.Staring at the chickens clucking away while staring at us.
 I can still see my gentle giant blue eyed grandfather making a crusty pie crust.I liked watching him make a pumpkin pie   I don't remember him putting aluminum foil on the edges of the crust so they were a little burnt at the edges . It truly was homemade looking but delicious. I can still see myself peering around my grandfather as he worked away.

 I don't take a good moment for granted and that is one of the lessons of having a love one with a chronic illness.  Maybe that is why I go over in my head remembering how fun the day was at the pumpkin patch. Every time I think of  that day and little Jack wanting to ride with Grandpa and me I smile.
We were all acting pretty silly as we followed Mike and Megan to Julian for some sight seeing.For some reason my husband sings Meow meow Meow and that little grandson of ours thinks that is the funniest thing in the world. To me it's slightly annoying but I guess that is where the humor is for those two.Me trying to have hubby stop loudly singing Meows and hubby continuing his annoying meow meows.Little Jack loves it! I secretly smile.

Little Jack had his first pony ride at the pumpkin patch! He looked so serious. The only way to get him to ride the animal was promising him a toy. I am so embarrassed things you would never let your kids get away with you throw out the window with a grandchild.

How can I forget the the goat maze where these crazy goats are laying up in the air in a weird maze structure.  All day at the pumpkin patch there was the constant loud sound of corn cobs bursting thru the air .

 Only in California will people pay to shoot off a corn cob! Really perfect corn on the cob being shot thru the air!
 So here are some pictures of my midweek trip to Julian and a Ramona quilt show with my girlfriend Linda.I know you will enjoy these quilts.

Then two weeks later I was up at the mountain town of  Julian again with hubby and Megan's family. after getting our pumpkins shopping at the cutest knit shop in Julian.

 I have just been taking pictures this last month til finally I  had a second to unload the pictures.Enjoy

I hope you enjoy the Pumpkin patch pictures and Quilt show pictures mixed together.
 Tomorrow I am going for a quick trip to Dee's. I can hardly wait to see her home decked out for fall.So be sure and check back on Friday.I will have the pictures posted by then.Cheri

                                                                                Silly boys

Early morning horseback rider walking past my home

                                                                        pumpkin patch

                                                                   Goat Maze

Hand knitted hat by my daughter

First pony ride

Ramona quilt show

Grandpa Jack and Little Jack petting a buffalo

random lady

For some reason I like this one alot


I am hoping Hubby will make this for me!

 The day started with little Jack being pulled around by Dad
 and it ended the little guy happy with all his pumpkins!

 What big horns you have!

I thought this dog was funny!