Friday, June 26, 2015

This new day is full of quilts primitive rug hooking and still lots to do!

                                                                    Antiques at the Country loft

Sitting here typing at my computer the heat of the day has not yet started . I still have the old windows open and can hear the neighborhood peacock making a soulful sound.A big mean blackbird is being attacked by a flock of small bird guarding their nest. Maulie is next to our long white fence barking as a man in a golf cart takes his big Rottweiler on a walk.I notice as the big dog trails behind him on a gentle pace with the golf cart.My cup of tea is steaming next to me and so begins my day.
                                                                 Thrift store find of Michele

Yesterday I  was on the outside of my yard weeding away and raking when I saw a  neighbor I hadn't seen for quite a while.She use to take a walk every day past my home.She lost her darling home when it  burned down in the Cedar fire and they had to rebuilt it. I remember after the Cedar fire the sounds of construction for years as people slowly rebuilt. Since her home is right across the park from me when I saw her the memory of her home all charred up came across my mind. Her home looks similar but so different.This time of year I can't help but think of wildfires as the temperature goes up. The Cedar fire was the largest fire in California history.Once you have been evacuated from your home it changes you.
 Her home used to be covered all in wood shake shingles

Before the Cedar fire I could never see any of these homes .
 There was a grove of
 huge Eucalyptus trees 
Everybody that lost their home built big.
The house to the left also burned down
and was rebuilt.

 We were chatting away about local issues such as whose moving off the hill when she  mentioned she saw a cute little dog coming toward us. Well that bad little Maulie had pushed open the gate and she came up to us and jumped into the golf cart next to the two of them. So much for loyalty! Her toddler grandson was with her and he mentioned that Maulie needs a golf cart. Lol!
Thursday I spent the day transplanting a small Meyer lemon bush that just was not happy where I planted it before.Hopefully in  the new spot it might do better I also struggled with getting a plant that was going crazy devouring my other plants.I am convinced I have to use gopher cages from now on.
                                                                   This would be cute to make

Next week is the 4th of July and everyone gets ready to be in the parade down at our park. There will be at least one fire truck some horses little kids on bikes vintage cars and a grand Marshall of course.There could be anything one year there was a hippie in a outhouse.

I love the parade you get your American flag ready as you collect your lounge chair.You sit and wait til the parade starts and then its waving your little flag and silly smiles as the parade begins.The best kind of parade is walking up the dirt road and your there. Little Jack is so excited about it he is still talking about the parade from last year and he was only three.

One of the things that any child would like is the participants throw out candy to the bystanders as you sit in your chair.It does make an impact! There is the occasional squirt gun attack while your sitting there which is funny.The firemen are quietly waving at you and if your lucky and go to the Park after the parade the firemen hand out firemen helmets to little kids.

The parade in Crest is such a highlight of  this small community. It is the essence of a small town and can you tell I love it.

                                                               Donna and her wonderful work

OK so here are the pictures of what the gals brought to share and what the gals have been doing as we
meet every two weeks for Rug hooking.

                                                         Janice working on a log cabin

 Another Michele find

Kathy is almost done with this brown quilt

 Michele found this quilt at a thrift stores

These dolls were made for Jan when she was a little girl

                                                              Hugs to you all have a happy weekend!


Julia said...

So many beautiful photos on your blog this afternoon. I just came in from mowing my front lawn and I have a cup of tea steaming too. The sun is hiding behind the cloud so it wasn't too hot to mow.

Michel has had good luck finding quilts. I just love that rug on the frame with hearts and the flower. Great colors.

I sure hope that you won't have wild fires in your area. It's so scary. The weather is gone crazy. There's supposed to have frost warning in the north of our Province of New Brunswick this evening. Isn't that wild?

Can you believe I have a small antique table that looks exactly or pretty darn close to that table in the last photo on top of the big armoire. Take car Cheri.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, I wish I had a lawn! We're in a drought and were limited when we should water. You are so lucky you have a table that's similar to the one at the country loft.
Frost I wish!!
Your garden is beautiful. Hugs cheri

Saundra said...

Oh Cheri I cannot imagine the horror of being surrounded by fire or even having to be evacuated. Must have been a very frightful event to endure but thank God you survived.

Would love to know if Donna has a photo of the original antique rug from which hers is adapted. Have so much wanted to see the original antique.

Love all your photos and enjoyed the antique shop visit as I don't take the time to do that any longer. Besides, I've no room to put another piece of wool, let alone more furniture.

Happy Friday.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra I will ask her when I get a chance . Today I am making a free Cheri Payne quilt that is for the 4th of July. It's a free pattern on a blog hop. I will email my response on your blog comments, Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

I just love all the antiques at the shop.
How neat to live in a place where people are so proud of their town. So sad about the fire. I cannot even begin to imagine.
Hugs ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren I too love looking at the antiques. Wildfires are always a threat and especially since we're on a large hill it goes up the sides and grade. I do love a parade! With the drought it doesn't help . But I do like living here. Crest is a little bit of everything. I always think of it as lakeside and ocean beach on a hill. Lol! Hugs cheri

Farm Girl said...

What a nice post! What fun to have all of that on the Fourth. Yes, I am so aware of fire this year. I almost don't want the kids to do fireworks.
I was surprised they still are doing them this year.
I am so glad you didn't loose your house in those fires.
I bet you are changed.
Lovely quilts and lovely rugs. I hope it isn't as hot there as it is here.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Larkrise garden girl said...

It's a hot day today! I have been working on a Cheri Payne freebie quilt pattern. Five flags down one to go. I am glad you liked my pictures. Hugs cheri

annie said...

great post, really enjoyed your sharing!

acorn hollow said...

oh those cupboards! such pretty work. It is awful about the fires you have there.

Kim said...

I can't imagine those kind of fires. So scary. Do you know it's illegal here to throw candy from the floats in the parade? Kids run out to grab the candy and they are scared someone will get run over by a float.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim and Kathy , yes I hate the worry of wildfires. But it's a trade off we don't get Snow and flooding but we get earthquakes and fires. If you blink our parade is over . It's not a official parade so we kind of patrol ourselves. I will be sure and take pictures! Hugs Cheri

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cheri,
So sad about the fires!! It has been sooo hot of late and so dry too!! Not a good combination!! We need rain so badly!! Wish the Midwest and East could send us some!!
Love all those antiques at the Country Loft!! I have been there twice and loved looking and making a purchase or two as well!! Lovely shop!! Wish it was closer!!
Hope you have a great week!
Warm Hugs~

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, it's been years since the fire but it is always there when the weather heats up.
I love the Country loft such fun classes and good people. Have a good week . I am busy getting ready for the 4th!
Hugs Cheri