Friday, June 26, 2015

This new day is full of quilts primitive rug hooking and still lots to do!

                                                                    Antiques at the Country loft

Sitting here typing at my computer the heat of the day has not yet started . I still have the old windows open and can hear the neighborhood peacock making a soulful sound.A big mean blackbird is being attacked by a flock of small bird guarding their nest. Maulie is next to our long white fence barking as a man in a golf cart takes his big Rottweiler on a walk.I notice as the big dog trails behind him on a gentle pace with the golf cart.My cup of tea is steaming next to me and so begins my day.
                                                                 Thrift store find of Michele

Yesterday I  was on the outside of my yard weeding away and raking when I saw a  neighbor I hadn't seen for quite a while.She use to take a walk every day past my home.She lost her darling home when it  burned down in the Cedar fire and they had to rebuilt it. I remember after the Cedar fire the sounds of construction for years as people slowly rebuilt. Since her home is right across the park from me when I saw her the memory of her home all charred up came across my mind. Her home looks similar but so different.This time of year I can't help but think of wildfires as the temperature goes up. The Cedar fire was the largest fire in California history.Once you have been evacuated from your home it changes you.
 Her home used to be covered all in wood shake shingles

Before the Cedar fire I could never see any of these homes .
 There was a grove of
 huge Eucalyptus trees 
Everybody that lost their home built big.
The house to the left also burned down
and was rebuilt.

 We were chatting away about local issues such as whose moving off the hill when she  mentioned she saw a cute little dog coming toward us. Well that bad little Maulie had pushed open the gate and she came up to us and jumped into the golf cart next to the two of them. So much for loyalty! Her toddler grandson was with her and he mentioned that Maulie needs a golf cart. Lol!
Thursday I spent the day transplanting a small Meyer lemon bush that just was not happy where I planted it before.Hopefully in  the new spot it might do better I also struggled with getting a plant that was going crazy devouring my other plants.I am convinced I have to use gopher cages from now on.
                                                                   This would be cute to make

Next week is the 4th of July and everyone gets ready to be in the parade down at our park. There will be at least one fire truck some horses little kids on bikes vintage cars and a grand Marshall of course.There could be anything one year there was a hippie in a outhouse.

I love the parade you get your American flag ready as you collect your lounge chair.You sit and wait til the parade starts and then its waving your little flag and silly smiles as the parade begins.The best kind of parade is walking up the dirt road and your there. Little Jack is so excited about it he is still talking about the parade from last year and he was only three.

One of the things that any child would like is the participants throw out candy to the bystanders as you sit in your chair.It does make an impact! There is the occasional squirt gun attack while your sitting there which is funny.The firemen are quietly waving at you and if your lucky and go to the Park after the parade the firemen hand out firemen helmets to little kids.

The parade in Crest is such a highlight of  this small community. It is the essence of a small town and can you tell I love it.

                                                               Donna and her wonderful work

OK so here are the pictures of what the gals brought to share and what the gals have been doing as we
meet every two weeks for Rug hooking.

                                                         Janice working on a log cabin

 Another Michele find

Kathy is almost done with this brown quilt

 Michele found this quilt at a thrift stores

These dolls were made for Jan when she was a little girl

                                                              Hugs to you all have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Joann Mullaly and Wool Crazy

This is a quick post the quilt pics will be for Friday
I am going to Wool Crazy class in a couple of seconds. JoAnn Mullaly wrote a fabulous book called Wool Crazy it was a series of block that made a large quilt. As usual I went in my own direction and added things that pertained to my life. So instead of four blocks I have one block,

 I just cut out a large brown moose and  need  to draw a girl being chased by it to add to the stories of my life.
 Joann was the nicest person and teacher and I enjoyed that class so very much.If you can get your hands on the book you will see most of these cute wool patterns.It is a great book.
So before I go to the big wool stash in Heaven I sure hope it's there!! I have to finish this quilt. Can you see why I am not done I just keep adding more wool to the sides. No wonder I am so slow.

There is the moose I cut out at the top . I am not sure where I am going to place him. JoAnn is and was so talented(she retired) and I remember when the book came out how exciting it was! Well back to class with a new bunch of ladies.I feel like a newbie lol.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Turkey Stampede in Del Mar it's Fair time!

 This last month and half has been an emotional roller coaster my daughters mother in law died of a heart attack on Mothers Day. It was beyond sad we got a frantic call from my daughter while they were at Sea World celebrating Mothers Day. Mikes brother called to say he came home from work and his mom wasn't breathing! He had just talked to her and she sounded fine.
 Megan and Mike had little Jack with them and didn't want him exposed to the police and paramedics as they were trying to save her .While Mike ran into the house Megan sat in the car down the road from his parents house with little Jack until we arrived. We took our grandson home and sadly got the call she didn't make it.

Christine who had been an art teacher had been taking care of her husband who had dementia for the last couple years.Bob was in the last stages of dementia which is not easy.Unless your around someone with this condition you have no idea how hard it is to see them go down this horrible path.   Between trying to place his father in a facility and planning a funeral it mostly rested on  my son in law. Bob who also had been an art teacher and a great potter went down fast after she died and last  Friday night he died in the hospital.

 Losing your parents in about a month and a half of each other is not a common event and is a hard loss to take for anyone.So this Monday another funeral this time little Jack isn't going it's too much for a little guy to grasp.Little Jack is being more clingy then normal and didn't want to leave his Daddy when he got dropped off at preschool. I will baby sit him for the day with a visit to his great Aunt Sophie and a stuffed dinosaur present from my cousin..

 It was early Saturday morning when we woke up to a call Bob had died.
 Talk about feeling guilty I wanted to go to the Del Mar fair and we had  been looking forward to the fair. We were going on a mini date which seems to be getting harder and harder to arrange. There was nothing we could do right then so we went for a couple of hours which basically all I need to see everything. I needed to recharge myself. Sometimes being there for others can be harder on you then you think. You can't take away the pain of grief of someones loss. There are really no words! I just try to stress your faith is what gets you thru this short life.
We met up later in the afternoon so we could babysit little Jack as Megan and Mike  met up with his brothers to plan another funeral.
 It seems like lately in the last years there is always a story behind the story I am telling you and I catch myself thinking should I be so honest and open. Hummm then I think maybe just tell a happy story.  The truth of  my life is filled with moments like this. The only way to survive this life with a good attitude and be a help to others is realize we need to take some time for ourselves to recharge ourselves for the ones we love.So on to my story!
                                                          Waiting for the stampede


You have no idea this California girl has a history of enjoying turkeys in so many ways.
When I was a kid we would take the bus to school . The big yellow school bus would wind down the road and eventually we would see a turkey farm filled with turkeys . I was always looking out the bus window daydreaming. Those fat birds can always made me smile.The not so good part was shortly before Thanksgiving we would drive by the Turkey farm and there would be no more Turkeys.


Next I was living in Sheridan Wyoming in the 70' when my girlfriend asked me if I wanted a wild turkey. Her husband was a game warden in the Big Horn mountains and this turkey had been shot illegally and if I would pluck it she would cook it. So with my pliers ready I plucked away.Jeanie singed the turkey to get rid of any small hairs on the turkey.In honor of that turkey I kept those turkey feathers for years.
When  we got back from Wyoming I would take drives to Julian and several times I  saw groups of wild turkeys running along the base of the mountains.

 As our families gobbled down the turkey I felt like pilgrims sharing that Wyoming meal. I recall  a distinct nutty taste to that bird .I am not kidding that was the best turkey I have ever had in my entire life! Maybe it was the work involved or maybe because that turkey had a great diet but it was super moist and delish.

So when I saw the sign Turkey Stampede it caught my attention.Not to mention all the people walking around munching on giant Turkey legs.

California is known for many thing but I bet you didn't know that Ramona was the turkey capital of the world at one time.So grab your smiles and enjoy the pictures of the Del mar Fair

Get that food!

Winner Winner Turkey dinner


 I took these pictures from the Ferris wheel


Behind that building is the Del Mar horse race track
Where the surf meets the turf

Animals and Kids at the fair


4H rabbit judging

                                                                I am intimidated by that judge Lol!


Del Mar beaches from the ferris wheel

Next blog post on Thursday

Michele's quilts

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Copyright Infringement

Hi Back to larkrise readers. Cheri's daughter here to tell you of some disturbing news. Cheri is fine although quite upset when she discovered late last night someone has been stealing her blog entries and posting on their own blog.  All of her content from the start of this blog to her break in December has been copied and used as if it was their blog.  As her daughter I completely and beyond angry, this blog has been such a blessing for my mom. She has always been an excellent story teller and watching this blog grow, reading about what she is up to and being so proud of how what a great photographer she as become has been a beautiful thing to witness.  This blog has given my mom a voice, its created new friendships, and amazing support in times of crisis.  I am so proud of my mom. I am not going to post the blog this scumbag has created because I do not want him getting any increase in viewers.  Please note that if the blog address is anything other than it is not my moms.  If you come across any blog that appears familiar but does not show that address in the toolbar than it is not my moms blog.  In her "about me" section it lists her as Larkrise garden girl, if you come across the other blog and that is not in the about me section it is not her blog.  We have contacted google and are hoping they can help in this matter.  All content is copyrighted to my mom and infringement is not going to be taken lightly.  It would be one thing if regular blog stuff happens for instance liking an entry and linking it on your own blog is pretty normal.  Copying the entire screen, all her entries, and comments is NOT acceptable.  Ok so now that I've got that off of my chest I'd like to tell you a little bit more about how awesome my mom is.

My mom is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet, she sees the best in everyone even when not everyone deserves it, she is helpful always going the extra mile, she is incredibly smart, intuitive, creative, compassionate, beautiful inside and out.  She has and incredible amount in faith and when I stumble and feel like the world is closing in because of my health problems she is always there to remind me that God is with me, I can lean on him and through him and with him I can conquer anything.  Granted I don't always listen (only child syndrome) but her faith has never wavered even when I have struggled with my own. She is consistent, calming, and wildly talented.  When she sets her mind to something oh boy look out because she is going to get it done.  This is definitely one of her traits that I have inherited and I'm better for it.  She is an avid reader devouring books as long as I can remember.  I have so many childhood memories of being with my mom in a library, always going to new libraries and checking out the different reading programs and contests for kids.  Being the overachiever I am I never had a problem meeting summer reading challenges long before the summer was over.  I still have some of my little "reading" medals.  My mom always encouraged me to do my best and be kind.  She is a kind kind soul.  I mentioned earlier that I have been very proud to see her photography grow and improve since the blog started.  What you may not know is that her father (my Tata) was an avid photographer and even had his own darkroom in the garage.  I was often the "model" for his pictures while he played with lightening and new gadgets.  At the time I was bored out of my mind and really wanted to get to the fun stuff in the dark room watching the photos develop. I still remember the smell of that yucky fluid but boy oh boy did magic happen in that room. I imagine him in heaven looking down on my mom and relishing in the fact that she takes her camera everywhere she goes.  I know he would be as proud of her as I am.  As you have learned from her blog she is also an avid gardener and much of my childhood was spent going from nursery to nursery never leaving empty handed.  I have a black thumb and am lucky to keep succulents alive but I've always admired the way she has worked with the land slowly developing her vision of a English country garden.  Oh and boy does she love English stories.  We argue over who the best Darcy is from pride and prejudice, clearly Colin Firth wins out but the other guy didn't do a bad job.  On a side note every time my best friend and I get together the first thing we do is watch the new Pride and Prejudice gleefully laughing and the nutty Mr. Collins, both of us dated the same guy in high school who was as inept as Mr. Collins but still makes Mr. Collins look like George Clooney.  I don't think I would have be interested in that movie it it wasn't for my mom. Watching Emma, and Sense and Sensibility made me realize maybe my mom was onto something.

I had a great childhood filled with trunks of dress up clothes, tea parties, stories, adventures, camping, long road trips filled with endless antique shopping that I naturally as a child hated yet now love as an adult. If anything I always learn things the hard way. I have a funny story about one of our family road trips.  We were headed up the California Coast to go to Morro Bay, Cambria and during a last minute change of plans Solvang.  As a child Morro Bay was awesome they had a cool shell shop, lots of yummy fried clams, and my dad and I would spend hours climbing over rocks looking for crabs and shells.  I LOVED Morro Bay.  Cambria was neat because the garden store she liked also sold yummy smelling sachets of flowers and had an awesome funky art shop that let my imagination run wild.  Ok so now a child I detested it with all of my being. There was nothing cool there I always said "its just filled with old people and t-shirt shops" I HATED Solvang.  So we are in the car headed for Morro Bay and my mom says "hey lets go to Solvang." If I could of flopped on the floor and thrown a temper tantrum I would have, I could practically taste the fried clams and there we were headed for the worst place on earth.  So I begrudgingly grumpled and sulked the whole day until we were finally on the way to Morro Bay.  For some reason we came into Morro Bay from a different direction than normal and there was this awesome beach and on the other side of the road an antique shop.  We stopped and instead of my mom going to the antique store and Dad and I going to the beach mom went with me to the beach.  So we are walking along the beach. I am happy as a clam finding shells and cool rocks when suddenly she spies a rock sticking out of the waves close to shore. She dares me to go touch it so naturally I take the challenge.  BAD IDEA!!!  So the rock that was sticking out was hiding the rest of its voluptuous body covered in mussels and barnacles.  I sliced my foot to pieces. Like literally shredded my entire foot and I was pissed.  Naturally my mom kind as she is, is laughing hysterically.  To make matters worse we are a long walk from the car. So I'm hobbling to the car, bleeding everywhere, sand grinding into my wound (which at the time might as well been a shark bite).  Knowing this whole time that nothing good was going to happen when I got to the car.  Lets just say that when dad had to clean a boo-boo you would have preferred to get an infection.  My dad was thorough so he is pouring water over my sand encrusted bloody foot and just scrubbing it clean.  I wanted to die and the entire time I blamed Solvang, because if we wouldn't have gone to Solvang this would never have happened (emotional jr high logic at its finest).

Fast forward to 2000, I get engaged in Cambria, I eat clams in Morro Bay and we climb all over the rocks looking for crabs and shells, we buy creepy shell art from the sea shell store, we go to Solvang because by now I am an avid fiber enthusiast and Solvang has an AMAZING fiber arts store.  I find Solvang quaint and peaceful, I enjoy the ice cream and people watching, we visit the San Miguel mission and are humbled by its beauty.  I said "yes" to the rest of my life on that road trip.  Up the coast now as an adult reliving those trips from a different point of view.  That decision has led to my marriage of almost 14 years and our miracle baby son.  I cringe thinking back on what a brat I was, how I must have driven my parents insane, how if Jack did that I would be so irritated and I laugh because my mom always knows best, even when I don't believe her she just does.

Last but not least (shes sitting on the couch looking at me and this long post with a concerned look LOL)  my mom is a Nana and shes the best darned Nana to my son.  He adores her, they are totally in-cahoots all the time and when he comes home with some new adventure to tell me his face lights up.  My parents were amazing parents and watching my son with them is the greatest gift I could have.   My son considers going to Nana's house as fun as going to Disneyland. Seeing the two of them together is hilarious and I love every minute.

So if you've made it this far down I appreciate it and I know my mom appreciates and loves all of your comments.  If I have learned anything from my mom is that even though things or actions can be bad or upsetting it doesn't stop the good from being present in your life.  So even with the bad actions of one individual I wanted to write a love letter to my mom because she is the embodiment of good and love and light.  I love you mom and I'm proud of you. - Megan