Monday, May 25, 2015

The quiet of the night

 Like all of you our lives seem to be constantly changing
and sometimes just getting a moment to yourself is like a quiet piece of heaven.I feel like such a bad blogger lately but I have just been super busy.The last few months I have been babysitting little Jack seeing friends getting back to my rug hooking groups and attending a funeral. I also went to a baby shower and have been reading like there is no tomorrow on my Ipad.
I broke my camera and have been having to use my husbands old camera which doesn't inspire me. The viewer gets stuck all the time so I have to manually open it.
 Plus I am busy gathering my wood in the back yard for my wood burning stove every time it rains.I had a bright idea to take out an ugly propane heater one year. We use my wood burning stove for heat in the front room.Since California is usually mild in winter it's not too bad except when the wood is wet.So during the winter I am usually making sure hubby has some wood cut .I love a nice fire when it's raining perfect for hooking rugs.
Tonight I was browsing on my iPad which in my crazy world is
the best gadget in the world and came across old video from World War Two.There is nothing you can't find if your able to string random words together. Years ago I wrote a piece about my Uncle on my blog that died as a POW in Palawan Philippines .With the Internet and a few strokes of my little fingers  I actually saw historical video of the few survivors talking about how they escaped. The video also had the footage as they exhumed the bones which was shocking knowing that one of those could have been my uncle Joe Uballe .My Uncle was not so lucky he was brutally killed with over a hundred men when the Japanese decided they didn't want the  prisoner of war to survive even if  the end of the war was near.This was one of the atrocities of  World War Two.
 I am so fortunate to live a life with my grandchild Jack.Lazy days at Santee Lakes with
    Jack's Great Great Aunt Sophie.  My hooking groups and working on project quilts that need to get done one of these days .A simple ordinary life that I have because others fought to keep our country safe for all of us.A simple Thank You seems not enough.

Santee lakes

                                           Sunflower Maze at Summers Past Farms

Summers Past in the spring

                                                    Donna just finished this darling rug!

                                                                   a sunflower



                                                                         Pam has been busy!

                                                                     Nice pattern

                                   Well I am off to my warm bed finally.
                                    I sure wish this was my bed I can only dream.
                                I promise I will get back to all my blogger friends this week. Hugs Cheri


Dog Trot Farm said...

Cheri, you have been missed...Glad to read you are doing well and enjoying life...Little Jack is growing like a weed! Beautiful rugs and quilts...such talented ladies...Happy Memorial Day to you...Hugs...Julie...

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Julie, that makes my day . I finally had something to write about . Hugs cheri

Babs in Alabama said...

Such a beautiful relaxing blog to walk through and browse. Love the flowers and quilts and the pillows and Jack of course. Wish I would hang around more than two times a year and follow all my blogging friends. One can dream as you said :) hugs

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thank you so very much Alabama Babs!

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you did a post! I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. If you were feeling good again. If your daughter and Jack were okay.
It is so nice to see your pictures.
You know, what my Grandpa did in World War two? He was in a platoon, who's job was to go to the islands in the South Pacific and they had to kill every single Japanese with a bayonet. Isn't that horrible? He never spoke of it and we didn't find out until his funeral. He did tell my uncle that he expected to die every single day.
We have this lovely life because of those sacrifices.
I am so glad you are feeling better.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Farm girl aren't we lucky to live our lives with gratitude and thanks for the lives that were lost for all of us to have freedom. A lot of the soldiers never talked about it because it was so horrible.
I am feeling better still not 100 per cent but by far better then I was . I have been working on a cat rug hooking where three cats are all different colors. One cat is even purple. Lol have a good week. Hugs cheri