Saturday, May 30, 2015

Learning about girls at four

  I know I am not the only person who thinks little kids are so adorable!

  My grandson Jack is slowly learning about little girls.He is at a funny stage where at his new preschool he hangs out with just the little boys.Suddenly in his mind there are girl toys and boy toys.There is also a dinosaur that hangs out on his street. When Jack and I drove past two accidents on a rainy hill he told me that a dinosaur had peed on the street and caused the accident. I told him it was the rain but " NO Nana the dinosaur did it!" He makes me laugh all the time. You will just have to humor me today as I reminisce.
This week I was up at Disneyland with my daughter Megan and her hubby for Jacks birthday.With my new camera I was able and ready to take all sorts of pictures of busy Disneyland.
  Four years ago Jack wanted to be born too early I still hold my breath. The month of  Megan's labor pains in the hospital wasn't easy to watch. Every day was a worry as she lay in that dull hospital bed. One day at a time getting closer to just reach the goal to deliver him with normal lungs. Then of course life is never easy the added stress of her being  rushed to ICU after she had him. Jack went to ICU for preemies.I cannot say in words how truly bad it was because that memory is best not remembered.
Prayer held me barely together and my faith.

Being a mom and Nana is not easy.Maybe that's why I love to work on projects like quilting and rug hooking.If you have a project in your hand a rug to hook how can you worry.It gives you a personal goal to accomplish you have to really focus on what your doing. I feel bad for anyone who doesn't have an interest that keeps them busy it really helps plus fun.I am almost ready to show you my newest rug.It's a little odd but I like it.

  I try to catch myself from looking back at painful moments because there is always something around the bend in life that is just how it is.

There were so many cute children at Disneyland this week the young Moms and Dads trying to make perfect memories.My perfect memories of Jack this year are making holes for stepping stones with his dump truck. Then were off and going to the library to check out books.Every time Jack sees a book that torn and taped he has to say" Bad Kid Nana!" Last week he wanted to be a super hero when he grew up. This week he doesn't know. A perfect sweet memory is Jack in his pajamas having his cheerios and apple juice and watching his favorite tv kid show on a sleep over.Little kids are like puppies they are so cute and innocent.

 I love getting older because life becomes sweeter you can look at those moments with a grandchild just you and him having a nice moment. Today he informed me again I was beautiful. Maybe the little guy needs glasses too.
 So someday in the future when this little guy gets a bad report card or those painful teenage years come (hopefully not) his parents will look back and think what a blessing he was and how lucky they truly are. 

                                                                 First he is in the driver seat

                                                                            I want to drive

                                                                  Now who is in the driver seat!

                                                                      A Birthday cupcake




Saundra said...

I know the kids have fun there but I'll bet secretly you enjoy it just as much. Fun fotos!

Kim said...

I am laughing so hard at him in the car with the little girl. He has a lifetime ahead to learn women want to be in the drivers seat. Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

Yes Saundra I love the train ride and it's a small world. I must admit lol!
Kim I did laugh watching him with that little girl how she took control of that drivers seat . Lol!

Farm Girl said...

What a sweet post!! I am so glad you got a new camera. I love all of your photos. I love the part about the dinosaur. That is so cute.
I do count my blessings having grand children.
My two grandsons, were born at 28 weeks. I understand what you mean.
They had to take them to save the life of my DIL. My son was only 21 when he had to make the choice of who to save.
I tell you what, just writing that much makes me cry. So you are right, we can't look back too much.
My grandsons are 8 now and no problems of any kind. I thought I would add that. :)
Every single birthday is a occasion isn't it.
Take care. Lovely post, I can't wait to see your new rug.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Farm girl , thanks for your comments they were nice . Isn't life so fragile. It's hard to believe it was that bad when kids grow like weeds. Your poor Dil! Hugs cheri

moosecraft said...

Soooo cute! The world is a better place with him in it! :-)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Moosecraft , I think so too!!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dinosaur pee. How funny! Little Jack is just TOO CUTE for words.
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Lauren!