Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dee's wonderful home and her little black dolls

There is a new exhibit at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego you have to experience it. If you love black dolls then you need to visit this exhibit which will be here for just a little while.

 Dee told me about the wonderful day she had with her daughters and how truly special a day it was seeing these dolls. At once I was caught up in her black doll enthusiasm. One of her daughters gifted  Dee with the black doll book from the exhibit. .Lucky me last week Dee invited me to see her new book I just had to see it!
 This book cannot  convey the personalities of these dolls you have to see them to understand their unique charm. I examined the dolls faces and hair in her book looking for ideas! You see I have several black dolls I need to finish sometime..

Black dolls to me evoke a feeling of using what you have available no matter how simple it is.
The love put into these dolls to me are such fine examples of American folk art. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder There is the total simplicity of these dolls that shows a glimpse of another period of time.The black dolls are dated from 1850 to 1940.
So of course what do you when you go see a black doll exhibit you bring out yours.
Here are some pictures of my day at Dee's playing with her dolls.Some dolls Dee has made and some are store bought.

                                                                           Dee's home

                                                                   The boy doll is an antique

                                                                    Some of the dolls

                                             The book is filled with pictures of these examples
                                                   of folk art

                                                 I went home with a cookie and a brown bag

                                                                      Dee's heart

 I love crossing that bridge to see what Dee has made

                                                                    Emily the Cat is under the chair


                                                                   Palm trees in the distance                                                                          

                                             Put a fake pumpkin when you can't grow one yet

 Succulents in February

My rooster finally hooked

I couldn't end this post without an update on how I am doing. I am finally feeling better.
It has taken months for my body to feel like itself. The trip to Dee's was the first friend I had seen outside my family since I had major surgery. I guess my surgeon's estimates of recovery were right! I am thankful for all the kind and funny cards friends have sent. Thank you Janet for all the calls to check how I was doing I truly appreciated it.I know I have been a little bit of a gloomy cloud.  

 Dee inspired me to get out my own black dolls and I started to feel like hooking again.I finished my  rooster last night now on to binding and steaming.This operation has taught me so much about myself this hiccup in my life.
I have such empathy for people and their families with chronic illness that have to endure years of not feeling like
themselves. They are truly quiet heroes.Hugs cheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

So good to hear from you. I am so happy that you are getting back to your old self. Such scary times for you.
Thank you for sharing Dee's house. It is truly wonderful ~ and so is your rug. I am happy to hear you are back to hooking and life is returning to normal.
Hugs :)

acorn hollow said...

So very glad you are getting your out and about again. I love your rug it is good for the soul to get back in the grove of life and creating again. Love the black dolls and her home.

Julia said...

Hi Cheri, I'm so glad you're back to feeling better.
Nothing like a visit with your best friend to get energized. I'm not into black dolls but if I was to choose two, they would be the mama and the little boy. I think they are cute. I made cloth dolls when I was a kid and I loved playing with them.

I learned a lot about what is important when I had stage three breast cancer. It makes one look at life with new perspective. Everything becomes a gift.

Your rooster rug looks great. I'm so glad you finished it. I hope you get back to hooking. I hooked about 30 minutes today as I waited for my wool to finish dyeing.

We still have mountains of snow but it's slowly getting warmer.

Take care and have fun.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks everybody for being so kind.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cheri, so happy to read you are on the mend and gaining control of your life...Love your latest hooked rug and enjoyed the tour of Dee's beautiful many wonderful collections...I am sure the weather is just lovely in your neck of the woods, spring will be slow to find us here in New England...Stay strong...greetings from Maine...

Larkrise garden girl said...

Maine that is one state I would love to visit someday! Keep warm I bet eventually you'll have one wonderful spring.

Mary A said...

So glad you are feeling better, Cheri! I love black dolls too and have several. The book looks yummy and I would love to get to San Diego for the exhibit. Hooking is so soothing. It will heal your soul.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cheri,
I am so sorry to read you had major surgery! I am so behind in blog reading as I had a stroke in late Feb! Thank God I came through it and am doing well!! It sounds like your visit with Dee was just what the Dr ordered!! The dolls are amazing and what fun for you!! Love seeing her home!!
Please take care and soak up some lovely CA sunshine!!
Warmest hugs to you~