Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth

 Wishing all my Blogging friends a wonderful Christmas!!

  Hubby is busy watching football. I have a wonderful fire going this Christmas Eve. I quickly went around the house taking pictures of my little home.Time to finish wrapping.
                                                       I never did get the third wise man

I didn't decorate as much this year. But I am enjoying it just the same.As my friends say Jesus is the reason for the Season!
Here are some quick pictures of my world, hugs Cheri


Looking out my porch Christmas Eve
While watching the events of the San Bernardino shootings happening live on the 
T.V. this month Dee called me in shock at what was happening. It was so sad and senseless. When I saw her at her home last week she handed me the needle felt pin keep ornament. 

She simply said there was nothing she could do as she watched the T.V so she made the little heart and gave it to me when I saw her.It is a very special pin keep.

I have no idea what those words say on the plates

This is little Jack and my garden railroad
were under construction

Hubby collects Antique American Flyer trains

 A quick look inside his train room

Little Jack always says Grandpa needs to share LOl!!

Boys and their toys but I admit I love trains too.

Peace on Earth

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Holiday Tea at Dee the Woodcarvers home

Dee calls him her Farmer Santa

Come along with me to a time that feel so far away. A time where Life slows down and you feel like your in a very special place with a special lady.Sometimes you just need a cup of soothing tea and a trip to Dee's to quiet your soul.  Today we sat sipping on our tea laughing at my mishaps of this last month

Really I am not kidding it was that kind of month! Living in my eighty five year old house which was made to be a cabin can be really challenging. It seems like there is always something that needs to be done.Hubby was working away on the porch and a piece of wood he was tearing out flapped backwards and a screw punctured his leg. I saw that happening in slow motion. He is Ok but he had to actually sit down because he felt wobbly. He never feels squeamish but he thought he hit a artery. Then there was the propane leak while the plumber was installing a new pipe.It was a interesting month.Lol!

 Next dear Maulie my Shitzu got out of the house and opened the wooden gate.I have seen her push it with her paw when were getting in the car to go some where and but I had no idea she would do it if she got out of the house. The day that happened I thought someone had broken in. Since Maulie was the only thing missing I wondered if someone had taken her. She is so very cute you know.


That crazy little dog had gone over to the school yard where we walk her on weekends.  The kids took her to the office and she was in the office all day.  I picked her up at the Crest Elementary school. I aged a year that day!

                                                                  Lost Maulie at school

                                                               Morris and Maulie helping out

                                                            Hubby working away on the porch

We had been working on the porch tearing down the deck so we were using the back door and I must not have locked it good enough. Now my current mishap yep I ran into hubby's truck while I was backing out of the driveway this last Saturday. I totally forgot he was home.  I have been a little scattered to say the least.
I even missed one of the rug hooking Christmas party because of all my projects at home. Talk about a frazzled me.So the thought of seeing Dee's home at Christmas was so inviting to me.I so needed to slow down.


 Dee and her beautiful home was my first holiday get together and it was so relaxing. We listened to some blue grass music that was so charming. It was called Pretty Flowers played by Steve Martin. Dolly Parton and Vince Gill sung this beautiful bluegrass song.The music radiated around her home with us quietly listening.

 Imagine your walking around her charming home your teacup in your hand .It's Christmas time and the small little cookies are yummy and were all chatting away about everything .Emily her kitty is outside wanting to come in. The tea kettle is singing away. Time for another cup of tea. Enjoy!

Farmer Santa and Christmas tree

The stocking was hung

Can you just imagine chatting away tea cup in your hand with Dee

Cute pig

Dee carved this sweet doll

 Dee made the birdhouse

Oh come let us adore him 

It's a quiet cloudy day

Peace and Goodwill to you all!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas decorations at the Country loft and almost catching up

  Hi Gals,I have been so very busy this month.We have been replacing our worn out wooden deck and putting new redwood steps in. Every weekend hubby has been working away at it. There is the yard mess of all the old wood and continually running back and forth to hardware stores.  I also have been busy gathering and cutting up branches for winter which I love to do. I even had little Jack helping me!
We then had to take a trip to buy some gold fish for the little guy.

                                                                      He loves fish

                                                                 Country Loft is decorated for Christmas
We had a Wedding Anniversary this month so forty years later were still working away on our old house.
I have been dying to get back to some wool projects but these house projects are taking up all our time.

 Little Jack calls his grandpa Jack Wreck it Ralph! I don't know about you but every time hubby works on something there is blood involved. I am overly cautious and hubby is the opposite. If there is a ladder involved I have to just leave the house.Lol!

I am wanting to sit down and read all my blogger friends what they have been doing this month.Hopefully tonight I can enjoy catching up!

Once in a while I have been on the face book rug hooking group called The Out of hand Rug hookers.
I actually won some wool that a fellow hooker donated. That was my highlight of the month.

                                                              I love the Country Loft

 Hubby is almost finishing up the steps! I am finally able to sit here and download some pictures.  I actually took these pictures at the Country Loft about two weeks ago but I just couldn't post them til Thanksgiving was over so enjoy and Ho Ho Ho!
                                                                    metal trees

                                                                     pretty quilt

                                                                        Cat and Snowman

                                                                Cheri Payne pattern

                                                                 Three wise men

                                                      Morris in one of my wool cabinets

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My little camera ghost at Dee's

 Once upon a time there was a little camera ghost that hopped a ride to Dee's home with me. Now there are ghosts all over the world in really old houses but in Southern California your home doesn't have to be a hundred years old for a ghost to be seen.
My camera ghost
What is that circle?

All my pictures had problems as I downloaded them it was like Halloween was here a couple days early. What would I see when I opened the door a hooked rug a little doll or sweet Dee with her cute chuckle as I entered her home.

Now that I think about it I was Trick or Treating early! I entertained Dee with stories of my little feisty Nana who always reminded me of a mean banty hen.That was my Trick!
I think sometimes I can be a little bit of a comic when I have a captive audience. Dee only had to laugh a little bit which just encouraged me even more to tell my crazy childhood stories.

I was trying to get Dee to laugh 

Little kids are not the only ones that like to Trick or Treat. Dee had a big bag of goodies that she would add to when ever she walked by the front of the door for me.It had been so hot so we kept waiting for the weather to change before I visited her home. Lucky me my bag kept getting bigger. I could hardly wait to see what my Trick or Treat brown bag would hold.


                                           Dee wanted to see what my finished rug looked like

  Antique sampler

There was Rose hips and gourds and gently used 
mystery books a darling book for little Jack and a little cloth cow.
Country catalogs and little cute wooden hearts and so much more. 
                                                             Thanks Dee for the fun morning!

Happy Halloween from Maulie