Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is almost here!

                                                                 Donna's chicken table runner

I would like to say to all my blogger friends how much I have enjoyed blogging about my simple life in Crest. I have really enjoyed all the nice comments and good thoughts that all my blogger friends have shared with me over this past year. This is going to be my final blog of the year so I can get all my projects done before Christmas! I am trying to sew some small knit bags. I know this sounds crazy I like to quilt but I don't like sewing.There is something about sewing patterns I tend to over think what I am making.
This Christmas season I am behind as usual, I'll be back in January sharing what my friends have been up to.I hope you have a blessed Christmas and really appreciate what the Christmas season is really about. I just want to say I  am so blessed by the many friends I know who are truly wonderful people.Every day they show me examples of how to be truly good people and face adversity with a calm spirit.
 Hugs cheri



Punch needle by a friend of Stephanie

Excellent work

Stephanie of course 

The Country loft trees

I love this quilt pattern

Knitted by Janice

What a beautiful display at the Country loft so cozy

                                                                         Another quilt class


Morris and Maulie playing and
 wishing you a Merry Christmas 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wet Disneyland and Mekenna my hooking partner

Mekenna helping me hook my Santa Claws rug

                                                  Ferris Wheel at California Adventure

This is the long line to the popular cars ride 

 Sunday hubby and I got up bright and early at six and drove up to Disneyland.

Beautiful car  

We met up with my daughters family and spent the day with little Jack . Then because
they were staying another day I was the designated dog sitter at their house.Lucky me!
I was dropped off at her home and hubby drove home to our house.


                                                This is Cadillac range at the cars ride
                                      It's made to look like the back fins of Cadillacs

                                                               This lady had a great voice

New Orleans square

                                                    Since I was going to be at Megan's for the day
                                       I brought my rug hooking.No interruptions except for