Sunday, November 9, 2014

Super Hero Juice

Last week I sat with a sick little grandchild on my lap at the worst time of year to get sick for a kid Halloween. I was working away on my chicken rug and on a roll and so content.
 I visualized in my head each day getting one side of the four sides back ground done and accomplishing something until my little grandson got the stomach flu.
Two sides to go

So in order to get fluids in him which is pedialyte my son in law calls it Super Hero Juice
 The little guy took small sips of Super Hero Juice and would lay there asking for more of his Super  Hero Juice he was so thirsty but we had to limit it because his stomach couldn't take anything.We could only double the amount of fluid every fifteen minutes.
I kept calling it super human juice for some reason maybe I was just tired .Boy it's a bad bug and seems very easy to get.The little guy just lay on my lap for two days.
So Little Jack recovered from the flu and guess who caught it yours truly .I felt bad for hubby I came home and just laid there like a limp noodle for three days.I hurt so much my eye balls even ached.Then back to Megan's last week I came home and now Hubby caught it this Saturday and Megan caught it too! Jack and little Jack got the worst of it. Today hubby is on the mend but still in bed.I got invited to Janet's for rug hooking on Monday night but I am feeling fine but some what like Typhoid Mary and staying home. Lol!

                                                              I finally am getting ready to work
                                                              on my free notforgotten pattern.
                                                              I added the tree!

Since I don't have any pictures for you to drool at I was just wondering about a silly question  I thought of while I was in the middle of my flu about rug hookers that wear aprons.  I know it must have been the fever!

 A couple years ago some gals from our group went back East and took some hooking classes.While there they noticed all the hookers were wearing aprons.So I wondered besides keeping wool off the ground does rug hooking with an apron make you take your craft more seriously? Maybe there is a simple mind shift that happens as you put your apron on.One of new ladies in our group also wears  an apron and I feel like I want what the cool kids have. As I have watched her put on her apron each week I find myself thinking Wow she looks so official.Remember when you were a kid and wore your camp fire girl uniform or how wearing a uniform of  any kind always makes you become what your wearing.
Now be truthful before I invest in an apron and end my apron envy.  Do you think you do a better job at your rug hooking! If you wear an apron do you have a favorite type?

To all my blogger friends I will get caught up this week with all of you. Hugs Cheri


Julia said...

So sorry about all the people getting that nasty flu bug that's going around the planet. I'm glad that you're feeling better.

Your little rug is looking good and you don't have much left to do.

I never used to wear an apron but I bought one several years ago when they were selling them at The Maritime Fibre Art Festival. It keeps the wool lint off my cloths and i love it. Even though I work alone, it makes me feel part of a larger group of hookers, lol...


Kim said...

Hahaha, your question cracks me up. I don't think you actually hook better while wearing an apron but your clothes look better when you're finished. Especially if you're wearing a dark sweater. You don't get the wool dusties all over you. (In case you are wondering I don't have an apron and always look dusty). Lol
Sorry you all got that flu. The super hero juice idea was genius. What little boy could resist!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Julia and kim thank you for your input on my apron envy . Lol

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri -
So sorry to hear you were all sick, especially little Jack. I'm glad everyone's better.
I love your rug. You will be done in no time.
A few hookers in Ohio wear aprons but the majority (including me) don't. Fun question, though.
Hugs :)