Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Anniversary in San Diego

Saturday was a happy day it was my hubby and my Wedding Anniversary.
Jack and I have been married thirty nine years.We met when I was fourteen sitting in high school English class.He asked me out I said No and four years later I asked him out lucky me he said yes.We grew up three blocks from each other but never ran into each other as kids. Counting the years we dated it's forty two years.
Wow that's a long time now a days. It feels like the years sure flew by and remembering the day we were both a little sad some of our loved ones aren't around anymore.We were so young back then and I am happy to say I love him much more then I did when I got married which is hard to believe.For some reason I thought he knew everything back then. Hummm.
 So low key person that I am I wanted to go to the swap meet at Sports arena out to Point Loma for clams and just go around being a tourist for the day.
It was perfect idea and such a relaxing nice day for both us.
 I loved taking pictures of what there is to see in this tourist town called San Diego.
So enjoy our mild November weather I sure am after the long hot summer we had.
Tuesday is my rug hooking day
so hopefully I will have lots to show of what the gals have been doing.Hugs Cheri

                                                      Sea lion enjoying the day just like me
                                                      in Point Loma. Isn't he cute!


                                        Great place to hang out for fish if your a Sea Lion

I am waiting

This is a busy spot to eat!

I saved some clams for the Sea lion but he had left
so Jack fed the birds.

San Diego in the distance

We went to Shelter Island and watched as
a person fed a massive amount of birds some food.
They must have known this person. Watch as they 
become like the movie  
The Birds.
 Person walking down to the sand to feed the sea birds is on the left

Here they come


The person ran as the birds devoured the food

keep running

All over

Shelter Island Pier
I remember when the pier was made out of wood


San Diego

Point Loma is on the right.
 I use to sail with my Dad on his sailboat Brutus
down the channel to the Pacific
 Ocean when I was a teenager. I remember zig zagging 
out the channel and the sails flapping in the wind as
we came about.

See the large sailboat you"ll see it again when we go to our next spot.

At the end of World War Two a sailor grabbed a nurse gave her a
big kiss and it was a very famous picture.
San Diego had this huge statue made next to the Midway Museum.
I have wanted to see it for a while so finally I saw it.
I have no idea who any of these people are but so
many people looked up her skirt or tried to do the pose
and it is quite popular. No I didn't do the pose I am shy.


 The Midway a great tourist attraction in this Navy town

It's a huge statue

 A tribute to Bob Hope 
 who spent many a Christmas 
entertaining the troops.

There is the    
 sailboat we saw in Shelter Island.
 It  must have followed us.


Julia said...

Happy Anniversary Cheri. I hope you have many, many good years together still.

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Poor Jack, you made him wait years for that date. Guess you must have had his heart all along. :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim and Julia , i did make him wait we didn't start dating til after high school . He told me years later that I was the first girl he asked out and how crushed he was when I said no.I felt bad years later when he told me but he got back at me and dated a lot more people then I ever did . Lol hugs cheri

Saundra said...

Happy anniversary!! When living in California I used to love watching the sea lions dive up on the cross bars of the pier at Santa Cruz. Thanks for the trip back in time.


Julia said...

Cheri, I was almost sleeping at the computer when I left my very short comment. I was so sleepy so I went to bed and slept until 3:08 PM this afternoon.

I love all your beach photos. What a brave man to feed those big hungry birds. lol...

I'm so glad Jack turned out to be your treasure after all. Thanks for your comment on my blog. My problem is muscle spasm . When I put heat on the side where the muscles are tight, they relax. massage also helps.

My back is so much better but I don't take it for granted. When I overdo some heavy work, I usually pay the price. What was recommended was rest, anti inflammatory medicine like Advil and some lower back strengthening exercises.

I sure rested well this afternoon but I have to go back to work at the barn. I had a bull calf born yesterday and I'm waiting for more babies to be born any days.

Have a great weekend with the love of your life.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Saundra I am glad you enjoyed the sea lion picture I love that picture he sure was cute!
Julia I am glad you got a good nap and take care of that back and your self hugs cheri

Farm Girl said...

I hope you had a happy anniversary. The pictures look like you did.
It goes by way too fast doesn't it? I can't believe I have been married as long as I have either.
My SIL has a WWll airplane on the deck of the Midway. His Dad left it to him and they asked to borrow it so it is there on the deck. He keeps inviting us down there to see it. Seeing your photos makes me want to visit it.
That stature it huge. So cool though.

Larkrise garden girl said...

You should it is an amazing ship and that would be neat to see how the plane looks on a very popular tourist attraction!

annie said...

Happy Anniversary!
God bless you both!
loved the tour!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Annie!