Saturday, October 11, 2014

Primitive Rughookers have a new place to visit on line

                                           All done I finished it last night and I am so done!!
 Last weekend was so relaxing I did nothing all day it was wonderful. While checking out blogs I noticed that Notforgotten Farms blog was starting a new rug hooking group .What a great idea another place to check out what other rug hookers have been creating. Lori at Notforgotten farms started a group on face book which quickly grew as hookers jumped in to reach out to others and share what they're doing.It's a great place ask questions get advice and just plain have fun. It was so addicting as hookers typed out their names and locations all over the world to see where everyone was hooking from.
The group is called The Out of Hand Rug Hookers. Lori is giving a free pattern to copy called Santa Claws it's a primitive cat with a stocking cap.I better look in my stash pile for some off white.
I didn't get much done between watching Lori's group explode with hookers and between  pinning on  my Pinterest on Sunday.
I have been trying to collect as many pictures of primitive hooked rugs on my Pinterest  site . I love Pinterest it is so addicting . It's like eye candy for anything your interested in. Just click on my Pinterest button on my site and you'll see all sorts of goodies from antiques to recipes. I have a lot of hooked rugs I have found while checking out Pinterest. Sometimes I am looking at different color combinations in a hooked rug . It helps when I am hooking instead of having to tear wool out because I don't like the color combinations. I think if you hook something and don't like the colors in your rug then just tear out the wool because it's always going to bug you .
I feel recharged finally! I was up at my daughters for a couple days this week with Maulie my Shitzu what is it about girl dogs they don't get along? Maulie Brown did not play well with others she had a little Napolean complex with Megan's cocker spanials she kept barking at them. Maulie thinks she's a person and just thinks that they're her underlings.Thank goodness Morris is the model of cat behavior
did I say eating and sleeping all day.
Where I put some of my wools 
I have tubs and another big red

I finished my rug and now I have a couple more I want to do  I am obsessed lately I keep finding rug patterns that I want to  hook.I have three I want to do right now which is a lot for me!

These were some pics I took of little Jack
at the Crestridge Ecological Reserve with 
me.It's never too late to love native plants.

Mosaic lizard


Julia said...

Yay, you got yor primitive rug done. I'ts always feel nice to finish a rug. It looks nice.
It's great seeing you recharged and eager to get going on more rug hooking patterns.
Whatever you're doing seems to agree with you.

I've been on Pinterest a few times but I've resisted the temptation to subscribe. I really don't want to desire too much of what 's out there and I'm satisfied with what I have. I guess it's what happens whe one gets older like me... lol. It probably would be different if I was younger maybe...

I love those pictures of Jack on the big moasic lizard, very cool. Jack is getting big. It so fun watching them grow.

Enjoy you new enthusiasm.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Julia you are such a friend . Thanks for being so encouraging! I am anxious to start the free primitive cat rug of Lori at not forgotten farms . Have a great weekend 😀

Kim said...

Your rug looks great. So bright and cheerful. I use Pinterest as a resource when I get in a slump too. Loris new group is fun. I'm working on Santa Claws now.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi kim , I hope your feeling better . I have a cat rug I had just put on my linen . I need to print out Lori rug and go down to the print place and enlarge it . That's three rugs I want to do . Lol hugs cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

So many rugs, so little! Great finish on your rug and I'm lovin' the red rooster.
Pinterest...I've resisted so far. Just don't need one more thing to suck up my free time. Too bad I have to sleep.
Little Jack is too cute.
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren isn't it awful sleep time . Lol I love Pinterest it's like eating sun flower seeds one picture after another of eye candy . They sure have a lot of pug pictures that are dressed up . Lol hugs cheri