Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disneyland and the Griswold family

                                                The Haunted House at Disneyland

I am laying in bed watching Scooby Dooby do with little Jack munching on his pop corn and as little Jack watches TV I have a chance to write on my iPad. Last Monday was Disneyland with hubby and we had so much fun! Our Day at Disneyland started with driving a couple of hours up to Anaheim. We left at six in the morning.  I knew since it was a week day it would be a crazy busy commute drive to Disneyland. The park opened at ten but I figured if we got there early we could get thru security and then  relax and people watch til  the park opened.
Well we got there early saw the signs Disneyland we turned into the parking lot and there it was a closed gate! I had to laugh I felt like the Griswold family in National lampoon Vacation movie when they get to Wally World and its closed and the Dad loses it.The gate didn't look like the gate we had gone in last time we went with little Jack so I told hubby lets go grab breakfast and then try again . After breakfast we tried again and drove past the sign and there was another sign and that gate looked like people were driving in and sure enough that was the right one.
 So there we  were at Disneyland after fighting traffic in line to go in the happiest place on Earth except in all my researching making sure we were going on a proper day for Southern California pass holders I had neglected something.  I should have checked what time the parking structure opened so there we sat til eight thirty when the parking lot booths opened.
  During the day we were in line with a sweet family from New Zealand and a family from British Columbia.It is a small world. The park is decorated for Halloween so enjoy the pictures. Did I tell you my first date with my husband was at Disneyland forty years ago. I was seventeen and we were at our high school after grad party. Wow a lifetime ago.

                                                                   open open open

                                                                         Main street

The Haunted house

It was a fun ride


 The lines were not bad on a Monday


The undertaker 

California adventure the second amusement park

Fun ride we rode 10 rides by six no wonder I was aching

Woody at the parade
 Where the characters come out of to start the parade

                                                    Mater and McQueen from the Cars movies


Lightning McQueen all the kids love that car

                                             Here are some quick update on my rugs

I am having the hardest time evening out my border.
I know I should do my border first but I never know what color the border
will be.

                                                        Have a good week , Hugs cheri


Julia said...

I love all the pictures from your Disney trip. It does look like a place my grandsons would like to visit. They love Mater and Lightning McQueen and I'm wondering if they also have their new favourite Thomas the train engine and his friends...

Your rug is looking nice. Getting the edge straight
can be a problem. Next time you perhaps should still hook the border first and if it's not the color you want, you can still pull out the loops and change it to another color of your choice and your bordEr will be straight.


Have a great weekend

Larkrise garden girl said...

That's a good idea about the edges julia .Disneyland is every kids fun experience .I am not sure but I don't think Thomas the train is a Disney character I may be wrong. Little Jack loves thomas too. 😊

Bee Lady said...

I love your DIsney trip pictures. I can't imagine being able to get there in an hour or two. I haven't been in about 30 years but my sister tried to get us to go with her family last year, for a week, and we opted out. Maybe next time.

Cindy Bee269

Larkrise garden girl said...

It is so different then 30 years ago Cindy bee just be prepared for a mass of humanity lol!

Farm Girl said...

What fun! I would love to take my grand kids. They would love California Adventure.
I love your rugs you are doing such a great job.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks for the nice words🐝