Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disneyland and the Griswold family

                                                The Haunted House at Disneyland

I am laying in bed watching Scooby Dooby do with little Jack munching on his pop corn and as little Jack watches TV I have a chance to write on my iPad. Last Monday was Disneyland with hubby and we had so much fun! Our Day at Disneyland started with driving a couple of hours up to Anaheim. We left at six in the morning.  I knew since it was a week day it would be a crazy busy commute drive to Disneyland. The park opened at ten but I figured if we got there early we could get thru security and then  relax and people watch til  the park opened.
Well we got there early saw the signs Disneyland we turned into the parking lot and there it was a closed gate! I had to laugh I felt like the Griswold family in National lampoon Vacation movie when they get to Wally World and its closed and the Dad loses it.The gate didn't look like the gate we had gone in last time we went with little Jack so I told hubby lets go grab breakfast and then try again . After breakfast we tried again and drove past the sign and there was another sign and that gate looked like people were driving in and sure enough that was the right one.
 So there we  were at Disneyland after fighting traffic in line to go in the happiest place on Earth except in all my researching making sure we were going on a proper day for Southern California pass holders I had neglected something.  I should have checked what time the parking structure opened so there we sat til eight thirty when the parking lot booths opened.
  During the day we were in line with a sweet family from New Zealand and a family from British Columbia.It is a small world. The park is decorated for Halloween so enjoy the pictures. Did I tell you my first date with my husband was at Disneyland forty years ago. I was seventeen and we were at our high school after grad party. Wow a lifetime ago.

                                                                   open open open

                                                                         Main street

The Haunted house

It was a fun ride


 The lines were not bad on a Monday


The undertaker 

California adventure the second amusement park

Fun ride we rode 10 rides by six no wonder I was aching

Woody at the parade
 Where the characters come out of to start the parade

                                                    Mater and McQueen from the Cars movies


Lightning McQueen all the kids love that car

                                             Here are some quick update on my rugs

I am having the hardest time evening out my border.
I know I should do my border first but I never know what color the border
will be.

                                                        Have a good week , Hugs cheri

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Primitive rug hooking at the Country Loft

All right I am a little tired today.Last week I went on a yarn crawl where you go from one knit shop after another.I even went to the mountain town of Julian to see a knit shop that was on the crawl. Then this Monday hubby and I went to Disneyland so I think the whale yawn is exactly how I feel today. I went to rug hooking on Tuesday and then did my grocery shopping yesterday. I feel like I have been on the go alot this week  I thought ahead and bought the best shoes in the world Sketchers for walking my feet didn't even hurt at Disneyland and we walked all over the place. For some crazy reason my whole body hurts today it must be because of all the jerky rides at the park.I'll download pictures of Disneyland on Saturday when I get caught up.Hugs Cheri
                                                                         Story book land

                                                                   Country Loft


                                                                  I liked these signs

                                                            This is a cute quilt to make!
 This is a quick post of my last visit with our rug hooking group.We had just a few ladies since Michele and her mom are back east I think in Pennsylvania. Enjoy the Country Loft goodies.

Pam is working away on her house

Donna experiment

 cute bag to make

Love this small quilt

 Jan made a sheep too !

The Country loft is such a friendly shop

I love the fall at Disneyland

Disneyland Pumpkins

Friday, September 12, 2014

A celebration of average primitive rug hooking

                                                        Donna's rug is far from average
                                                        she is still binding her rug
                                                        Pattern Star Rug

 My tired hubby is asleep the lights are all off in my sweet little yellow house. Little Jack is visiting for a couple of days and went to bed  pretty easy tonight. Maulie is asleep at my feet and Morris is out enjoying himself sitting on the porch watching the night. The hum of the fan has not yet lulled me to sleep just got me thinking.I am slightly amazed whenever I look at Pinterest there are all these wonderful quotes people find about life that sum up any life experience you have ever had.I have to write a post when someone else can say it in three sentences silly me.
  This life of ours goes by so quickly and as I sit here I realize I will never be the best rug hooker in the world. I will never be a house hold name I will probably never have my primitive rugs displayed  at Sauder Village and yet I continually strive to make something better in all my crafts and hobbies I love. I look at my work on my current Primitive chicken rug and try to get the colors just right.It doesn't matter if I am the only one that knows how much work I put into it I know it.I sometimes think that some people are born with a passion to make something. The parts of a creative mind is in our genes when we were born.I know the world celebrates the best of everything there is no museum for those that love to make something that only a mother could love.
The people that are just average and yet little by little they make those simple improvements in every new rug they make.Nobody will ever know some lady in a little yellow house loved to rug hook and make quilts to celebrate the seasons.
When I sit down coffee in hand I think how so much alike we all are in the community of bloggers  sometimes timidly sharing our creative endeavors with each other. Even though were all so busy helping others from Julia running a dairy farm to Kim starting a new life and home.We all seem to have new life challenges thrust on all of us a little too fast for us to enjoy. That's when it happens we have that spare moment and we pick up a hook sit at a sewing machine or make a quilt or countless other crafts that allow up to express ourselves.Did I forget try to knit socks in ninety degree temperatures..

                                                          Stephanie hooked this horse

 I have seen so much simple every day life played out in my rug hooking groups and the many classes I have attended.I have watched women battle breast cancer and face one life challenge after another with dignity.The ladies that have lost husbands to illness and those that rise to the challenge of caring for husbands and parents with Alzheimer. Faithfully these woman try to keep the joy of creating spirit alive with the simple act of making a hooked rug one simple wool loop after another. I have quietly observed courage in the simple act of sitting in a chair and picking up a hook and making something  beautiful while so much is going on at home in someones personal life that no one will ever see.
So maybe your rug hooking needs improvement and someone else is the best at everything they make.You feel like your in a room full of Magdalena Briner Eby's. You look at your rugs and wonder is it worth all this time on this craft I don't seem to be progressing like I want to.Whose going to know that wool cost a pretty penny and you covet someones wool stash like a woman with designer purse envy which I must say is totally not me.Any time I have gone with my daughter to some outlet store and watched my daughter buy a purse I cringe and think I could buy so much wool with that money.
It's now been years later when you think you should be a little better at your rug hooking but really that's just how you hook your loops are still uneven and you know your color choices sometimes make others quietly wonder.I can only say happily oh yes don't give up the dream because behind those little lumpy little loops is a story in its self. Knowing that chances are someday someone will pick up your rugs maybe at a thrift store and as they contemplate whether to buy it or not.I know you'll be thinking up there in rug hooking heaven if they only knew as Paul Harvey an old radio story teller would say " The rest of the story!"

                                              I am not sure what color to do the sides.
                                              Any ideas? I think I have too much red

                                                          I still love this rug I made years ago