Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hot Rug hooking days in Southern California

Summer what can I say I am tired of this relentless humidity in Southern California. I have been so busy that alas I have been a bad blogger.No matter how much I water everything looks terrible. I seemed to have computer problems all month first I dropped my computer and then I changed tables around and the screen wouldn't turn on. Apparently when I moved the computer I didn't hook up everything right. It was a simple thing all it took was plugging it up again which my son in law saw immediately yesterday when he came to pick up little Jack.
The look he gave me when he saw the problem was priceless.

This month was nuts talk about stress.Where do I begin little Jack is three and for some reason he felt the need to stick a penny in his mouth well it wasn't a penny but a nickle. I guess it tasted good and thank God I wasn't there when it happened  So one trip to the ER then because the doctor didn't like the way it looked after the Xray a trip by ambulance to Children's hospital in the middle of the night. Needless to say hubby and I was driving up to Megan's 1200 at night since my daughter could not go to the hospital with Jack. My daughter is having a round of Iv this month which lowers her immune system similar to chemo which makes  her real sick.Little Jack stayed the night at Children's hospital with Dad and Sunday he was back home. Fruit loops stickers and nice nurses and something to make him poop the nickle out he was back home again. I asked him about his adventure and he told me he had fun!
Here are some pictures from my different groups I go to and how my hooking is coming along

                                                                    My rug I am working on

                                                          One of the ladies heart in progress

                                                                      more rugs

Susan's pillow

                                                          Susan is working away on her rug

                                                                      I am still smiling!


Julia said...

Cherie, You are beautiful... I'm so glad that you posted a photo of yourself. I like your smily face.

Oh my, Jack swallowing a nickel and he had fun riding the ambulance and staying in hospital. He probably love all the attention he got the little guy... lol. I so glad that he wasn't harmed. He could have choked to death. Scary stuff...

Your rug is looking beautiful and the others as well.

We don't have your heat but we sure are having humidity and I don't like it. It makes me tired all the time.

I hope that you can have some relaxing time soon. Prayers for your daughter and family.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Julia thanks for all your prayers you are sweet,I have to get caught up with everyone blogs this week . Today I am working away on my rug. It's so nice to be home hugs cheri

Shirlee said...

Jack swallowing a nickle reminds me of when my son did the same thing many, many years ago. Quite a stressful episode for everyone but him : ) Your rug is beautiful, & I enjoyed seeing the other rugs too. I'm a new hooker & still trying to learn to do things right. Want to add that my husband & I also love Lark Rise to Candleford : )

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Shirlee,Oh dear you too! One of my friends told me her child had to have surgery to have it removed little Jack was lucky. I love rug hooking it's fun and there are lots of books about this wonderful creative folk art. Look on u tube they have videos that help in learning rug hooking. Just enjoy it and have fun! Hugs Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for posting your picture. It is so nice to put a face to someone I feel I know so well :)
Happy to hear that everything came out okay (pun intended) with little Jack. One of my boys swallowed a penny and I had to check his poop until I found it.
Great rugs. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren, yep that's me lol!
that little Jack is such a rascal I thought it would just come out eventually but the doctor said it was good he was seen it can be dangerous at times when it doesn't go thru.
Hugs cheri

Bee Lady said...

Glad you are still smiling beautiful lady! Must be the month...We were visiting some friends in Kentucky and not long after we left, apparently their grandson decided to swallow a dime! He's about the same age as Little Jack. Silly kids!
Love all the rug hooking projects.

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Oh Cindy Bee , that's crazy little kids . I just got back from a nice outing with my girlfriend we had such a fun time today. Hugs Cheri

Saundra said...

Love all the rug pictures you share. Goodness, boys will be boys and Jack is living proof. My son didn't swallow anything when he was young but his antics gave me grey hair early for sure. And the watch I never found I believe he flushed down the toilet. But I'll never know for sure.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Lol Saundra, boys are so different in every way from sweet little girls. I am enjoying so much my little grandson the way he looks at the world. Hugs cheri

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad that Jack in okay. That is one thing I never had to go through.
Isn't this heat and humidity been a bear this year?
Your hooking looks wonderful. I have had a hard time hooking this summer because of the heat. It is nice to see all of the wonderful rugs in your group. I hope your daughter feels better soon.
I love the picture that you posted. You are just adorable.
Have a lovely day.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi farm girl it has been awful the humidity in Southern California. It has been hard to rug hook when it's so hot but I am determined to get this rug done. thanks for the sweet comments , hugs cheri