Friday, August 15, 2014

Far from the Lazy days of Summer

The weeks are flying by and I can hardly wait til it cools down and it's fall. I am super busy baby sitting little Jack and catching up with  my projects. This week I am trying to cut back a over grown climbing rose   because the old sprinkler finally broke. I need to crawl under the rose branches to find where the leak it  is a job! I have been waiting til the evening when it cools down to prune back the over grown Cecile Brunner climber.
Looking back at my teen years I realize now how as a kid you never realize how busy life will become. The summer of my junior year of high school  I can remember regretfully how foolish I was to have not enjoyed fully the summer of  driving to La Jolla shores all the time! My girlfriends and I were on a mission to go to the  beach  at least a couple times a week that summer.As long as we could all chip in gas money we would pile into someones car and off we went.That summer we were always trying to look bored and mature.We were such silly girls.We always  drove to La Jolla shores never Mission or Pacific Beach .La Jolla  was such a beautiful beach but had lots of rip tides so you had to be careful in the water.

 Once we were in La Jolla The gals would spread  out one by one and lay out like a bunch of harbor seals in a circle with Julie the hot bod teen as designated queen bee.

The girls were obsessed trying to get the perfect tan which meant they were always laying out and baking their faces in the hot summer sun. Every where we went  that summer they had to layout even if it was just someones backyard.We would all  read  glamour magazines and be fighting over Victoria Holt and  Daphne du Maurier Gothic romances. Leslie and I would  munch on of all things cottage cheese and Frito's reading away the day.
Those silly girls would put baby oil all over their bodies like buttered toast which I am  sure wasn't the smartest thing to do. I already had a olive complexion I didn't need to layout!  I was the one who just couldn't get with the program. I seemed like the only one of my friends in the waves whenever we went to La Jolla.  My then girlfriends didn't want to step in the ocean because of the baby oil slathered all over their white bodies.That summer in high school was the carefree days of youth no responsibility . I had no way of knowing how busy life would become.
 Years later instead of playing in the surf I am wiping a runny nose from a grandson and  wondering how did my life go by so fast. I am needed by so many and totally enjoy the simple act of just being home reading a murder mystery and having a sip of ice tea.Instead of a Gothic romance with the girl running thru the old castle in fear from the brooding master with anger issues.Today Gothic romances are vampire love stories. Now a days I am  reading murder mysteries by Anne Perry and enjoying my iPad where I can get books from  the library when ever I want.I am still a reader which is my biggest passion and now when I drive down near the beach its to just look at that amazing Pacific ocean while I drive to a plant nursery.  Life is such a journey I only wish I had really not taken those days for granted. They were so blissfully carefree!
Now lets catch up!
  I have been busy rug hooking and I am almost done with my little rug.Little Jack has a cold and so he is a little booger boy! Being a Nana is like reliving your young mom days it all comes back to you.
Here are some quick pictures of what's been happening with our little group of rug hookers and of course the cross stitch ladies too. I added a picture of my first quilt I ever did and some other pictures around the house. I forgot my camera so Michele thank you for sending the pics. Hugs Cheri

                                                          Jan is working on a purse or bag

Stephanie is working away as usual 

I began my rug and then.....

                                                               Where I was

Here I am 

My Amish Quilt
I hand quilted it.
It was my first quilt!

more dolls

 Little sick Jack he is on the mend from a summer cold


Julia said...

Wow Cheri, you've been busy. I love reading about your carefree days in the summer. I think that most teen girls were pretty much the same.
I was the sensible one of the bunch and couldn't see why the girls were so crazy excited for Elvis even though I like him a lot, the same with the Beatles.

I used to roast in the sun too. It's what we did then.

It's been nice to visit here and seeing your fibre crafts. I love all the cross stitch pieces too.

Poor little Jack, it's hard seeing kids sick with colds.I hope that he on the mend. Have a great weekend.

Farm Girl said...

Reading about your life as a teenager sounds just like my life, except we lived too far away from the beach to go all of the time. I think I did the baby oil thing one time. I was always swimming with my brothers and playing baseball, so I didn't have many girl friends. I was thinking of that the other day swimming with my grand sons and teaching them to dive for rings.
It does feel like that sometime, those carefree days went by very fast.
I hope Jack gets better soon. Your rugs is lovely and so is your quilt. What a fun group you are in, so many styles. I am ready for fall.
Have a lovely weekend.

Saundra said...

Oh Cheri the story of your youth rang so true to me too. And while I grew up around the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean side I was one of those stupid girls who slathered her body with baby oil with some iodine mixed in. Yes, I'd fry my body and rotate just like frying a piece of chicken. If I realized then what I know now.

Love your rugs as you sure do make them look old.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Little jack is doing great.His nose is a little raw from running but he has all the energy of a three year old. His Dad is picking him up after work and hubby and I can have some time together. I get to stay home til Thursday I am so excited! I knew my teen years we all could relate to.I loved hearing about all of yours. HUgs Cheri

Shirlee said...

Such an enjoyable post! It started me thinking about my junior high/high school summers. You are right ... none of us imagined back then what our lives would consist of 30-40 years in the future. Yesterday my aunt & cousin called & that brought about memories of childhood summers. I liked seeing all your photos. I hope little Jack is feeling better.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Shirlee, Little Jack is better . That little boy has so much energy! I am off to Country loft hopefully the gals will have lots to share of what they have been working on. Hugs cheri