Saturday, July 12, 2014

My heads too big and adventures with Grandpa Jack

Toddlers what comes out of their heads makes me wonder! For some reason if little Jack doesn't want to go somewhere he announces his head is too big and so he can't do it.He is so sincere its touching. I am not sure
where he got it .Looking back  it could be when we put his shirt on we struggle putting it over his head just a thought.

He likes to wear his sunglasses like that. lol!

This last month has been a series of summer fun and now this week My daughter started again with some tough medical treatments.I was at her home for three days and it was nice coming home last night.Hubby Morris and Maulie were happy to see me.Last week I would drop Megan off at the doctor appointment and then see what I could do with a toddler for a couple of hours,Jack loves fish so we went exploring and I found  an aquarium store he loved it between the clown fish and blue fish he was in heaven.Jack was terrified of pond fish in open tanks for some reason,
The bad part of my story is this sounds crazy now adays I don't own a cell phone and I guess I should get one because we had never been to this doctors office and  we got our signals crossed and poor Megan was waiting outside of the  medical center in the heat waiting for me I guess I was in the wrong spot.
The good part when your in the mist of your own suffering sometimes you come upon another and Megan told me of an interesting conversation with the veteran who was also waiting for someone. She made me smile when the vet told her she had an interesting Life. Friday I left her home in time for evening traffic rush after she had been gone all day having a IV treatment similar to chemo.Little Jack and I hung out and read books and watched Dino Dan til I thought my head had turned to mush. He loves Dinosaurs!
  What can I say being a mom is hard when your kids hurting. I am ashamed to say I cried alot driving home to Crest.But tears are cleansing and by the time I got home I was worn out but
feeling o.k and knew there would be a better day tomorrow.. So today  Megan is having a better day still not feeling well but not as bad as yesterday.Little Jack and Daddy Mike went to the pool and I started my time at my home doing grocery shopping and running to the library and just for me I went to the Country Loft and picked up some wool. As I searched for the perfect wool the loft was ablaze with a cackle of women.There were several classes going on and I couldn't help but overhear ladies telling their stories.Were all so much alike aren't we with sorrows and joys loves and just
trudging thru life with steel in our womens veins.It's the hard part of life developing the steel in which we can be used to help others but we all have that choice.
Now on to my pics this in the Antique Gas Steam Engine Museum in Vista.Twiice a year they have some of the tractors and old machines running for the public.
Little Jack loved all the tractor! I still have pictures of 4th of July and the Del mar fair to share. I do have a busy life sometimes. Rug hooking is Tuesday and I will take lots of pics hugs Cheri

Baking cookies using a woodburning stove!