Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking back at the last two weeks of this Simple Life of mine

                                                            I love Dee's colors

 The last few weeks flew by what can I say I left my camera in a diaper bag and didn't pick it up til this week. I went to a Fairy garden event at Summers Past Farms last Saturday and boy did I miss my camera. So this week when I was visiting my daughter I happily retrieved my camera downloaded my pictures from a couple of weeks ago and was back on blogger track.  Looking back on the last few weeks I realize I do keep busy!
Antique quilt of Janets

Antique quilt

Today I am a little bit tired from being out in the garden all morning it was pretty hot.  I found a gopher head no body thanks to Hannibal Lector Morris. I saw three lively monarch butterflies dancing around in my garden.Right now I can hear a squirrel making a distress sound Oh dear watch out for Morris! I am hoping a certain someone has a long nap so I can finish this post.
Here are some of what the gals had been up to.
In the last two weeks I went to rug hooking group,a trip to Dee's. A visit to Linda's garden to see her new patio.Her patio is so pretty it looks out at her backyard garden and has huge plantation fans.Looking out at her garden was so relaxing. It was like having an extra room to enjoy.
I picked up some plants for my garden and a pile of bricks from Linda.
 Not much done sorry to say

 I also squeezed in a doctor appointment I might have carpal tunnel I have to wear a brace for a while. The doctor didn't say I can't rug hook? I also drove to Buena Creek Gardens in San Marcos. Plus baby sitting little Jack and helping my daughter. I then stopped in and enrolled in summer reading at the library.It's so nice when your librarian knows your name it makes the world a little less impersonal. It's a simple life enjoying the good days and healthy days and never taking anything for granted,Hugs Cheri enjoy your life!

Stephanie has been busy 

Michele made these for her mom



                                                           Little Jack loved the goats and cookies

Buena Creek gardens goats 

Fun nursery

 Little Jack was playing in that water forever
A future gardener I hope!

little update
I am working on that pile of wood today 
one log at a time!


Julia said...

Hi Cheri, it looks like a perfect 2 weeks of living your simple life. That;'s the way it should be.

I'm glad you got your camera back. What a beautiful antique quilt. I just love it and those beautiful cross stitch and rugs. It all looks so nice.

It fun seeing Little Jack feeding the goats. A very special moment for him I'm sure.
Have a great weekend.

Farm Girl said...

How nice and I like your simple life. Lovely quilts, stitchery, and lovely rugs.
I love the name you called your cat, do you think he ate the rest of the snake? He must be a good mouser or snaker. :)
My kitties never know what to do.
I love that picture of Jack going down that path in the garden. It reminds me of Christopher Robin going to the 100 acre wood.
Have a very nice weekend.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi julia and farm girl I do seem to keep busy. I have no idea where the snake went but Morris is an excellent cat crazy personality. Morris was dumped in the road and he ended up in our back yard and we adopted him. He rewards us with being a good hunter. Hugs cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

You have been busy. Thanks for all the pictures. Love the stitched and hooked pieces.
The pics of little Jack are too sweet. Little boys sure do love water, don't they?
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren, little boys are so funny he always makes me laugh!

Karen said...

I enjoyed all the photos. Especially the antique quilt!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Karen I am glad you liked my pics