Friday, May 2, 2014

A wing and a prayer thru the eyes of a toddler

The week was over I had decided to take little Jack home with me for a couple days to give his parents a break.  I am getting some trees cut down and I thought  he would get a kick out of watching the tree trimmers as they cut the large trees down.
As I drove down the busy freeway I thought this is perfect! I can use the car pool lane and so I merged and watched as everyone on the other side of the car pool lane stacked up like ducks waiting to get in a pond on a hot day.It was right before evening rush hour traffic.
As I got near Poway whizzing in the car pool lane what did I see but a car was fully engulfed in flames in the fast lane of the freeway. I was quickly at the point of no return.There was no where to stop as I saw the fire from the flames going over into the car pool lanes where little Jack and I were going.We have been having really windy hot weather and so the flames were hitting the barrier and cascading over it.There was a concrete divider but the smoke was so very dark it was hard to see if the flames were actually in the one car pool lane nearest the fast lane where the accident was.
There were only two lanes in the car pool lane no emergency lane and so I got in the lane as far away from the fire and told little Jack not to worry it's just black smoke.That's about when we drove into the black smoke.
I was sure to explain the color black to him since we are all into learning colors.What a great teaching moment.If I had seen a fire truck that would been perfect to reemphasize red. You know I am being a little sarcastic.But little Jack does have the color black down well!

 Within a few seconds we were out of it. Little Jack could see the blazing fire and the fully engulfed vehicle. There was one highway patrolman just starting to stop traffic in the normal lanes.There were no firetrucks yet. It must have just happened.I learned later good Samaritans pulled the person from the vehicle before it became engulfed.
The thing about driving is it's a split second decision you make sometimes and I knew if I stopped on the freeway I would have been rear ended hard enough to hurt.I thought quickly changing lanes and not slowing down was the only option.When I got a chance to look in the rear view mirror miles down the road.little Jack had a look like hummm I am processing what just happened with my Nana. It happened so quick that I think I am going to reevaluate car pool lanes because if there are sometimes no emergency stopping lanes  that's something to think about.
As we got nearer to Crest we were driving by the city of Santee and the little guy could look down on the city as I heard this sweet little voice tell me"I saw a rocket ship." Really he saw a rocket ship? I looked around and saw thru the passenger window there was a rocket ship on our right in the distance. This thing was near the Gillespie Field airport and looked like a large skinny rocket ship pointed to the sky. I never noticed it before but then I am not almost three. Little Jack then informed me that it was going to the moon. That's good to know.
Lol.Hugs Cheri
                                             I have my rug traced on linen and now I
                                              am getting my wool's together finally.



Kim said...

Pretty scary to be on a busy freeway with no safe place to stop in an emergency. I think you had an angel with you. I hope little Jack has a fun trip to the moon. The imagination of a 3 year old is special

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi kim, it is so funny what they observe,hugs cheri

Saundra said...

Whew, I'd have been frightened too but bet it made for a rather exciting event for li'l Jack. Can't wait to see your rug in progress and see the whole picture not just a teaser.

Julia said...

Hi Cheri, I'm glad that you didn't get stuck in the heavy traffic with little Jack. My grandson James is like that. He notice everything he sees on his way to the where they go and he even know which exits to take to get home and even tells his dad where to turn. I would get lost in a big city.

I'm looking forward to seeing you hook again.

Have a nice weekend. Hugs,

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, Hopefully I will have more to show of my rug.As soon as little Jack goes home.I am set to hook.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra I love looking at your blog and all you accomplish.It inspires me. Cheri

Bee Lady said...

Oh my goodness so glad you and Little Jack are safe. And so glad the driver was pulled from the wreckage. We never know how our lives can be changed forever in an instant. Good job driving.

Cindy Bee