Sunday, May 25, 2014

A quiet week and a visit to Rug Hooking group

What can I say every time I meet the ladies for rug hooking group I get inspired. This is a rug Donna has been working on.This is a Jayne Hester pattern.

Janet was back East at a dear friends memorial and her friends family gave her a 1875 Quilt. The Calico's in the quilt were at that time three times the cost of a regular price of red calico at that time. Janet felt it was probably made by a northern quilter because of the cost of the quilt.

                                                                      1875 quilt

                                                             Antiques in that little shed

Another quilt Janet was given to her was a cute whimsical 1970's quilt. I liked the way the quilter added
animals and people to her blocks.

                                                               another quilt class

 Well this is a quick post. Lots to do this weekend. Enjoy the back of the Country Loft as I say see you next post,Hugs Cheri

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dolphins and Nine Fires in Southern California

A peaceful moment is what every soul needs a moment where you have that real deep feeling of letting all the air out of your body and just plain relaxing contentment. Two Fridays ago was a spur of the moment happy lucky moment.  My daughter wanted to get out of the house and not just a trip to a doctors office so I suggested lets explore San Marcos where she had moved to about four months ago.I was driving my daughter around and I told her about a park called Double Peak park in San Marcos where you have a great view of North County. So with Megan on the cell phone little Jack strapped in his car seat and me driving we went in search of the highest point in San Marcos.Megan navigated I drove. It was an easy drive up a very long hill! We could see one of the hospitals Megan had been at four months ago.We saw the San Marcos University on the side of us and lots of new homes and then at the top a great view all the way to the ocean. Megan couldn't walk to the very top so I grabbed Jacks little hand and we walked up the last one hundred yards. Now little Jack is going thru a phase where I swear he thinks we don't know how to take care of him. As we walked up the last part little Jack kept informing me Nana I can't climb mountains!  Well  I told him we just did.

As I looked down at Megan looking at the sites of the city we both came up with a brilliant idea lets go to the ocean. So we plopped back in the car and drove away thank God for cell phones with directions I thought.
We arrived in Carlsbad and looked for the nearest point with access to the beach without much walking. Megan has gone from unable to walk without a walker to now a AFO that is a brace she wears to keep her foot from turning in. Megan has taken months to regain her core strength and just sitting up for any length of time like driving to a doctors office would wipe her out.So this was a big deal! What others take for granted is a  huge challenge for her.Just think how hard it would be to learn to walk again not once but three times in the last five or six years.It's amazing how hard you can work trying to catch up on what you have lost.


 I couldn't believe here we were at the beach with all that uneven sand and so close to the water. I asked my daughter do you think you can walk on the sand with your brace? I thought to my self  if she fell at least it would be soft and not break anything. So with that all of us three little day explorers walked thru the sand to the ocean. It was beautiful!
I have usually gone to beaches like La Jolla shores it never seemed loud but this little beach you could hear the crashing surf as it hit the shore with a sound like soft thunder .The crashing waves made you have to speak up to be heard.At first little Jack was terrified. Jack informed me he can't go to the beach he can't swim!
We slowly walked thru the uneven sand and up to the beautiful oceans edge with our toes touching the great  Pacific Ocean in the wet sand and such a victory.
I forgot how wonderful the Ocean is there were seagulls,pelicans and happily very few people.We sat there collecting small broken shells the sea spray in our faces it was such a beautiful feeling four months of pure worry to just fade for a moment  and enjoy the sun baked rays and gazing at the vast Ocean. I felt so little. One moment  we were at Twin Peaks park and then thirty minutes later sitting on the Carlsbad beach all in one day.

There was a pod of dolphins that started swimming close to shore and we could see them as they were traveling south. They would play in the surf and as they moved by us you would see the beach goers pointing at where the dolphins were swimming.
I have never seen dolphins in the ocean. My Dad had a sailboat and we never saw them as we sailed around San Diego.In all my years I have only seen dolphins at Sea World. This was little Jacks first trip to the beach and he saw Dolphins!
As I reflected on last week  I thought what are the chances of seeing Dolphins so close to shore.What a blessing the day was.

Update well this week has been crazy Fire central!
Megan lives on the edge of San Marcos and this last week we got caught up in the the road closures as the fire was bouncing around San Marcos near Twin Peaks where  we were stuck in a line of cars that became the evacuation zone while coming back from a doctor appointment in Encinitas.

                                               Jack and I went below the doctors office while
                                              he waited for mom and a trip to the library notice
                                              Thomas the train in his hand!

                                Taken off a news site we were behind the fire stuck in a line of cars!    

Anyhow I didn't want to be on the freeway because of all the congestion and the nine fires . Instead we were stuck in a long line of cars that were bring turned around as fire trucks maneuvered around all the cars sirens blazing!. We could see as the fire was growing larger with the black smoke! The fire was on the side of us behind the hill we could see the dark smoke not the flames but not sure how close it was. It was nerve racking time in Southern California  My daughters husbands work was evacuated as we were stuck in the hill behind the fire in the long line of cars. Freeways were being closed left and right and it took us two hours to get home when we were already in San Marcos! At the top of the hill I could tell the sheriffs were not sure what was going on and were waiting for instructions on what to do since it was happening rather quickly. Finally the sheriff made us and the long line of cars turn around and  go down the hill. It was crazy I thought they should be stopping people at the bottom of the hill! Luckily  Megan lives on the opposite hill from the fire so we only had to worry about the Fallbrook fire after we got home.
We were just up those roads enjoying the view a week ago. It's hard to believe one week later some of those homes were burned up.
.Here is some good news thanks to prayers!
 The goods news is Megan's doing better and slowly recovering from her bad MS exasperation and her neurologist said how good she is doing from when he saw her initially in the hospital four months ago. He stated it's practically a miracle that she was not in a wheelchair permanently.Megan has a way to go but it was a great news to hear! Just two weeks ago she was using her walker all the time. Hugs Cheri
Next week rug hooking group yea!

So behind on my rug!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jan and Pam and Primitive Rug hooking in California

 This is with Michele's camera
Thanks Michele!

Today was a slightly cold cloudy day in Southern California. It's suppose to rain but I don't see it yet. I went to knitting class yesterday and had a frustrating time with my self starting another sock again. I must not be tracking very well .I was starting to knit a sock inside out at the cuff and then I was using finger weight instead of worsted. Maybe I have too much going on in my head. Athena my teacher noticed it right away and so I am back to square one again.I just need to focus focus focus. LOl.

The colors of  Jan's rug are much more vibrant. My camera didn't pick them up like I wish it had.Maybe because it was a cloudy day.

Today was rug hooking and as I was getting stuff together to take I had this large orange kitty laying on some of my wool's in a large plastic container. Morris seemed so happy I hated to disturb him so instead of taking my rug hooking supplies I took a crazy wool  quilt I have been working on since the age of the dinosaurs.
I am so glad I went to our group.I was amazed at  the beautiful primitive rug Jan had made. Jan saw the rug in an antique rug book from the library years ago and saw the original 1865 rug that was in a Early American life magazine in someones home.The rug in the magazine was a shirred rug.The colors were beautiful in her  rug and I think an outstanding primitive hooked rug.

Pam another talented lady is trying to play catch up on her quilting projects and finished a quilt for a family member.Janice is working on a stocking and the rest of us were busy checking out the wool's.

                                                  Jan spun flax for this purse and knitted it!

                                                        Pam's cute wool purse she made

Friday, May 2, 2014

A wing and a prayer thru the eyes of a toddler

The week was over I had decided to take little Jack home with me for a couple days to give his parents a break.  I am getting some trees cut down and I thought  he would get a kick out of watching the tree trimmers as they cut the large trees down.
As I drove down the busy freeway I thought this is perfect! I can use the car pool lane and so I merged and watched as everyone on the other side of the car pool lane stacked up like ducks waiting to get in a pond on a hot day.It was right before evening rush hour traffic.
As I got near Poway whizzing in the car pool lane what did I see but a car was fully engulfed in flames in the fast lane of the freeway. I was quickly at the point of no return.There was no where to stop as I saw the fire from the flames going over into the car pool lanes where little Jack and I were going.We have been having really windy hot weather and so the flames were hitting the barrier and cascading over it.There was a concrete divider but the smoke was so very dark it was hard to see if the flames were actually in the one car pool lane nearest the fast lane where the accident was.
There were only two lanes in the car pool lane no emergency lane and so I got in the lane as far away from the fire and told little Jack not to worry it's just black smoke.That's about when we drove into the black smoke.
I was sure to explain the color black to him since we are all into learning colors.What a great teaching moment.If I had seen a fire truck that would been perfect to reemphasize red. You know I am being a little sarcastic.But little Jack does have the color black down well!

 Within a few seconds we were out of it. Little Jack could see the blazing fire and the fully engulfed vehicle. There was one highway patrolman just starting to stop traffic in the normal lanes.There were no firetrucks yet. It must have just happened.I learned later good Samaritans pulled the person from the vehicle before it became engulfed.
The thing about driving is it's a split second decision you make sometimes and I knew if I stopped on the freeway I would have been rear ended hard enough to hurt.I thought quickly changing lanes and not slowing down was the only option.When I got a chance to look in the rear view mirror miles down the road.little Jack had a look like hummm I am processing what just happened with my Nana. It happened so quick that I think I am going to reevaluate car pool lanes because if there are sometimes no emergency stopping lanes  that's something to think about.
As we got nearer to Crest we were driving by the city of Santee and the little guy could look down on the city as I heard this sweet little voice tell me"I saw a rocket ship." Really he saw a rocket ship? I looked around and saw thru the passenger window there was a rocket ship on our right in the distance. This thing was near the Gillespie Field airport and looked like a large skinny rocket ship pointed to the sky. I never noticed it before but then I am not almost three. Little Jack then informed me that it was going to the moon. That's good to know.
Lol.Hugs Cheri
                                             I have my rug traced on linen and now I
                                              am getting my wool's together finally.