Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tuesday and my return to Primitive rug hooking group

                                                                    The Country Loft


                                             Michele found this tiny rug the size of your hand

There is a need in everyone to escape. I know there are people in this world that have never picked up a needle and thread or had any great need to make something that anybody can appreciate.  Some people would just enjoy just buying anything already made but that's not me. While I was on my weekly time at my daughters home my mind was spinning about in my free time. Who ever has been around a toddler views nap time as a way to have a  free thought of your very own.Now that little Jack was having his afternoon nap I was miles away in my cluttered brain on what I had on my kitchen table.I had just started to transfer my next rug hooking project and could hardly wait to put it on linen.

                                            Thank you Michele! I love this Birthday gift!

                                                        What Michele just finished

Between teaching colors to  little Jack which I must say jelly beans left over from Easter work well and reading about Ichthyosaurus and Stegosaurus and of course T  Rex the mean dinosaur who does not get along with anyone I recalled the happy beginning of my week. Boy it had been too long so meeting up with my friends at our rug hooking group was such a delight.It was so stimulating and great seeing what the new wool's looked like at the Country Loft I was so relaxed and worry free.It's hard to think of anything when all those wool's are saying take me home. Lol!

So today at the end of the week when I have a plumbing project going on forever. Lets say eighty year old pipes are old. As Jeff our plumber neighbor worked in the kitchen under the sink and hubby was working on his end of the plumbing in our bedroom really you don't want to ask me. Lol. I recalled what Jeff had told me about his thoughts on Life.Why our friend Jeff loves plumbing its a a perfect metaphor for Life you have drama anticipation expectation disappointment  frustration joy pain and for me patience.I now know more about plumbing then I have ever wanted to know in my life.
So there again I was in my busy little mind at the Country Loft remembering all the eye candy at the shop all those wool's and good friends and like plumbing anticipation of my rug hooking project beginning its journey from little primitive strips of wool to a rebirth of something new.Hugs cheri

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday in more ways then one


Sitting here staring at the screen I just don't even know where to start.I am so rusty at blogging!
Well for the last couple of months I have been living between two homes as my daughter slowly improves from a serious MS exasperation.

 I didn't know whether I would blog again. I loved blogging and the friends you meet but when your going thru a rough time you sometimes just don't have the time.I don't even know how to explain how hard it's been.Chronic illness whatever illness it is a challenge for your heart.
 I didn't feel like talking to anyone because by the time I got home on the weekends I needed to just try to veg out and not think about how things were going with my daughter. It is such a helpless feeling to not be able to relieve a loved ones pain.Sweet friend Dee would send me cards that she made and I appreciate her kind thoughts and prayers.

 But then this week I started to see some slight improvement in my daughter and I was ready to plug in again  with my other part of my life.  I met up with some of my really good friends and I caught up with their busy lives. Bev Janet and I stopped at the Country Loft and I bought some beautiful wool and well what can I say I had a silly smile on my face again.I have a pattern to hook that I like and I am going back to rug hooking group on Tuesday.
Today was my birthday and my friend Linda met me at Summers Past Farms which was treat.
 The gardens were so pretty. I felt inspired and  rejuvenated.

 I am still living between two homes but today was a  wonderful day. My hubby picked up the mail and there was a beautiful cross necklace from my Aunt Sophie and cousin Marlene and what can I say a perfect ending to a nice day. Hugs Cheri  

 I saw these sheep on the way to Linda's house