Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rug hooking with red heart and Linda's native garden in February

What a fun day Monday and Tuesday were. Monday I worked on one of my socks at my wonderful knit class .I am knitting the heel and as usual turning the heel is confusing.I really think that if your a beginner knitter you have to buy the easiest patterns known to man.I can hardly wait when my knitting becomes easier.I feel like sometimes the light bulb in my head does not go off when I have a new knitting pattern. I can feel so dumb I read it over and over til finally there it is the light bulb goes off in my head! Knitting is a challenge but oh well I need a challenge.
Tuesday as I lay in bed it was a really cold day so I kept looking at the ceiling and pondering do I lay here snug in my warm cozy bed or get up and drive down the hill to rug hooking group in La Mesa. Since I had nothing ready to work on I had to really force myself to get going.Well I am glad I went to the Country Loft  it was as usual a learning experience.This group of ladies are always working on something new and I always get inspired.Marjorie made this great sheep using red heart yarn for the body. I love the way it turned out.
This is just a quick blog since I am running out tonight to a California native plant talk by Connie Beck.Unfortunately California is in a hundred year drought.We would have to have it rain every other day til May to get caught up with the rain we need in California.
 I am following the example of my good friend Linda who has a native plant garden I am not looking forward to our water bills getting worse as the drought continues. Lack of water in California is not going to be getting easier so the best thing to do is plant the plants that were in California before we started irrigating every thing.

My girlfriend Debbie is in Missouri and was teasing me today on the phone.I guess it's cold in Missouri eleven degrees! Debbie was wanting me to blog something so this is for you Deb. Debbie is trying to keep her pipes from freezing!
 Keep warm hugs Cheri

Good job Marjorie!

Red heart


                                                        What a cute bag!

                                          This is a purse Donna made.
                                           She got it back east at
                                            a rug hooker event

Linda's garden   

It was a cloudy day on Tuesday

 Have a good week 


acorn hollow said...

Oh it was good to see a garden ours is under the snow.
love the rug.

Kim said...

I love that sheep. I really like the way the background was hooked. I think I may try that on a rug soon.
Sorry for the drought. I would be happy to ship you tons and tons of snow to melt on your property.......:)

Farm Girl said...

I love those fuzzy sheep, what incredible hooking. I would love to learn how to do that.
I had to laugh because I feel guilty when I say it is cold here. Because it is as we aren't used to it. I freeze at 60 degrees, at 70 I want to wear a coat. :)
It looks so pretty there at your house. I need to pick up some project to do that is easy knitting.
Have a wonderful week.

Julia said...

It's -12〫C. or 10.4〫F. and sunny here today. Your friend's garden looks great despite all the drought you guys have had. All we see here is snow. I'd gladly share a whole bunch....

What a beautiful job on this sheep rug. I really like the background squiggle and the colors.

Cute purse.

I will pray for some rain for you.

Gayle said...

That sheep is awesome with his long coat of wool! I wonder if she used more than one strand of wool with her hook?

Gayle said...

That sheep is awesome with his long coat of wool! I wonder if she used more than one strand of wool with her hook?

Gayle said...

That sheep is awesome with his long coat of wool! I wonder if she used more than one strand of wool with her hook?

Saundra said...

I love the sheep rug and the hooked purse. It looks like a Woolley Fox Magdalena style pattern and it is wonderful.

OH, lucky you to know how to hook a sock. I tried and couldn't get it right. Circular needless k&p and I can do but the heel no way could I figure that out.

Linda's garden is beautiful and thankfully the succulents will be okay during the drought but wishing rain for you soon.


Mary A said...

Hi Cheri,
I love Linda's garden! I live in CA too and this drought is a doozy! Would love a listing of some of her plants....Mary

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Mary, I will have to get back to you when I see Linda next week. I will ask her what some of larger plants were. Gayle I think she used one strand but I will ask her next time rug hooking group gets together. Thanks for the encouragement o socks everyone. Hugs Cheri

The Wool Pantry said...

I am a rug hooker. Love doing sheep. Is the pattern available some where to buy?

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi wool pantry,I will ask Marjorie next week if she is at rug hooker group. Who made the pattern.hugs cheri