Monday, January 27, 2014

This Moment

                                                       Jan made this isn't it beautiful!
                                                     Thanks Michele for taking the picture

The last three weeks has been emotionally hard my daughter started another round of a month of Iv infusions once a week and then the rest of the week she was ill. Little Jack is a handful so I was bouncing from my home to staying with them.The great thing is no more hour and a half drive!
They moved in the middle of that to be closer to her hubby's work and her doctor so that is a good thing.
I had to be back and forth helping living in two homes so that's what I have been doing this month .I had my little grandson for five days when she developed bronchitis so what can I say I am enjoying this moment.
What I am working on in knitting class

 A moment to myself to just do a routine pleasure of speaking from my heart.As a mom I never realized how much your heart can bare.The ups and downs of your heart in the unexpected moments of being there and being helpless.One minute she is at urgent care and the next moment she is going by ambulance to the hospital because she is not getting enough air.Now I am a gabby person but sometimes when you have to wait and see and act normal around a two and a half year old you suddenly realize how good an actress you really are.
This feels so good to be sitting here typing away and just seeing what a pretty day it is. I have my knit class today and I have the luxury of cleaning up my yard planting some lavender and doing dishes in my own home.
I am not writing this as a poor me but as a realization you can still be happy in your own way with finding those moments between the crazy crisis moments and really feeling blessed.Most people get sick and are better and the crisis is over but people that have chronic illness have series of set backs and good days.I have had to ask the question to myself in coping with my life. How does a person cope with seeing loved ones suffering with illness.With the last years going by I have slowly decided that its a process and a realization it's not in your hands and enjoying the moments of simple routine life that most people take for granted.
                                                           What was in my camera last time I looked
                                                             Country Loft pictures!


                                           I had Pam quilt my Cheri Payne quilt
                                           I just need to bind it and it's ready for Christmas next year

                                                      More pictures from December to post.
                                                      I am going to start a new rug!

                                                                       Great Crows

                                                         More of my rugs from Christmas

I want to put Maulie my shitzu in the new rug somewhere.I am lucky and so is anyone that loves to create!
So for all the caregivers and quiet folks that are quietly suffering with illness in the mist of endless trials of this simple short life that choose to plant smiles on their faces for us. Try to enjoy just one moment and know it just takes one.Hugs Cheri
                                                                  Maulie Brown