Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas at Dee's and a simple sweet memory

 I couldn't sleep this morning. I woke up three in the cold dark morning. Morris wanted out side. I timidly opened the door for a quick moment hoping there was nothing ready to jump out at me.  Hubby is out of town for the day and I am the biggest chicken.So I turned on the television and put it on the Hallmark channel. Maulie my little shitzu had a look on her face like you have got to be kidding.Loyal little dog or not I am not getting up for nothing. The fire had gone out in my blue wood burning stove and I debated whether to start another one or just bundle up so I  reflected on my week in my cold little yellow home.What a good week I had enjoyed! 
I had dropped a  twelve days of Christmas quilt to be quilted which I had been working on forever at Pam's. After a quick drop off I had scurried my suv over to Dee's home.

Once upon a time there was lovely lady with an infectious smile that made her friends lives oh so special. A visit to her home was like a trip back to another time which made Christmas time even more special to anybody that got an invite to visit her. As she opened her big blue door you could feel a blast of friendship from the top of your head to the bottoms of your toes.
 As Dee peered out her door at me. I couldn't help but smile wondering what was Dee's home going to be like at Christmas time.
 One of Dee's daughter had taken up photography.I couldn't believe what a good eye she has for taking pictures!  The sea birds she had taken photo's of really caught your eye.I sat in the comfy chair and browsed thru the photo's and was reminded of what an art it is to capturing a moment.
  As Dee and I sipped on tea and laughed and of course we both talk at once. I thought how grateful I am having good friends that laugh at my stories.
Dee bought this rug but can't remember the artist

 There is nothing as wonderful as ideas and appreciation of your hard work when your making something from scratch. Dee enjoyed how my black hooked snowman is coming out and made me feel really special that day.
As we sipped on tea and I added my milk. Dee commented on how she also added milk to her tea. I told her about my father who had always added milk in his tea and that's where I had acquired that tea habit from. Dee then asked me.Oh was he English? I started to laugh at her comment.
Sometimes we don't see what's right in front of our face. I opened my arms in disbelief and had to laugh. Since I am obviously Hispanic with my shiny dark hair and olive complexion it really made me chuckle.Sharing our lives joys and sorrows with friends that come into our lives is a blessing not all people have.
Christmas has changed over the years loved ones have left us traditions that seem so important to us aren't quite the same with those loved ones gone.Christmas past seems so far away. As we talked about the simple act of making a cup of tea it brought to my heart a happy memory of a Dad I had loved and adored and  there he was sipping the tea with Dee and me still there tucked away in my little Christmas heart.

                                                              Dee made this cute snowman!

                                                             You always need a mouse in the house!




                     Well the sun came out and my toes are cold and I am going to start a fire Hugs Cheri


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cheri, oh your post made me warm and fuzzy inside, loved it.....So many wonderful Christmas goodies at Dee's house, love her decorating style. I want to visit and sip tea with you both, so cozy... Thanks for making me smile, enjoyed, Warm Blessings Francine.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Francine, Dee has a lovely home but her soul is just as lovely. Hugs Cheri

Julia said...

How fortunate to have a sweet friend like Dee to laugh and talk with. That is priceless.

I had a chuckle at you being timid to open the door in the wee hours of the morning. I go out the door at 5:30 ish am. in the dark and have to walk about 200 paces to the calf barn each morning unless the moon is bright. I also come home in the dark in the evening. This morning was especially cold at -21 C. or -5.8 F. degrees. Brrrrr.....

Dee's house looks ready for Christmas. I wonder what her Christmas traditions are.

Have a great weekend.

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Hi Cheri,
I loved your visit with Dee and would so love to go along next time!!
Her red house and blue door and settle are so wonderful and unusual for CA!! I loved seeing all her prim decorations too and like you both, I also add milk and sugar to my tea...and LOVE English Breakfast Tea, my favorite!
So happy you had such a nice time with your sweet friend!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Warm Hugs~

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a dear friend Dee is. I love her big old faded blue door...Dee's talent for primitive decorating is quite evident...I so enjoyed my tour...thank you... now go get that fire going it's cold outside....

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I enjoy visiting Dee through your blog ~ I believe your Dee is the very same Dee that I know as well!
Merry Christmas!

annie said...

that was a wonderful visit, and story! thank you for sharing, the photos are fabulous!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lori,yes Dee was just taking about you and how talented you are.Isn't she the nicest lady!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am glad everyone enjoyed my story and I did start that fire and warm cheri

Bee Lady said...

What a cozy Christmas post. I love visiting with friends this time of year. Taking the time to actually share stories and really visit. I was thinking the other day how people don't visit much anymore. Not like we used to, over a cup of tea or coffee at each others home. It's always a phone call or a text.

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi cindy bee, it is so hard to find the time. Hugs cheri

Mary A said...

I love all your posts about Dee's house but this one was especially lovely and heartwarming. I love the simple way Dee decorates for the season and you both are so generous to share this with all of us! I feel like we all had a cuppa with you! Merry Christmas, Mary

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thank you Mary,there is something about the middle of the night that made it easy to write about that sweet time at Dee's hugs cheri