Friday, November 8, 2013

Hooked Bear Cabin Rug

What can I say I know this hooked rug took for ever! I just had too many projects going on at once that I finally got around to this labor of love. I had finished my Bear cabin rug and gave it to my cousin Marlene yesterday. She loved it! It made me smile.Marlene and Ron have had a lot of changes in their life in the last couple year with my elderly Aunt Sophie who came to live with them. Any person that is a caretaker of an elderly parent will understand life is not as simple as it used to be.I think Marlene and her husband are great caregivers and my aunt is lucky to have such a good daughter I wish I could be so good.
 Ron is a avid fisherman and he loved the fishes in the border.Everything means something to me !801 was the year Thomas Jefferson was elected President.The cabin goes with a little cabin my husband made for her a while ago.Who doesn't love a blue pumpkin?
I never realized how hard it would be to give it up.How do my fellow hookers sale their rugs it was so hard to let go of this one but it went to a very appreciative cousin.
So after that we dashed off to lunch and some shopping it was a real fun day.I loved spending time with my aunt and cousin it was nice family day! Such a good day. I will get caught up again with everyone's blogs this weekend.Hugs Cheri
Did I tell you we had a raccoon break a water pipe under my house?What a pain I also sprained my ankle for a couple weeks and little Jack and his mommy visited for a week. Oh yes my husband was cutting down a tree and the branch fell across the road and broke the fence. See I have been busy.
 Oh I just have to say there is a cute rug pattern in Primitive quilt project I have to hook this Christmas season!
It' a black snowman he's so cute!I am going to get it enlarged today.I also loved the cover quilt by Nancy of Tom Miner quilts and folk art.Hugs Cheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your rug! What a great gift.
I hooked that snowman but he is off white. It is a gift and I know the recipient would not appreciate a prim snow guy.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Well Cheri, I'm glad that you posted today. I know about busy and I understand believe me. I'm so sorry about your broken ankle. That alone would make things difficult for you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Your prim bear rug looks wonderful and I can appreciate how attached you must be to it but it's also a generous gesture to give it away.

What a bad raccoon to break your water pipe. We had water problems at the farm when our submergible pump quit first thing in the morning and all three large water through were totally empty. Our cattle needs about 4000 gallons of water per day so it hasn't been an easy couple of days for us. The pump was replace later that day but the water got all black and it finally cleared up today. I've been carrying hot and cold water for my calves from our house.

I hope that your weekend is a relaxing one.

Kim said...

It's never easy to part with a rug you live but when you know it's going to someone special, it makes it easy. You have been busy! Sorry about all the incidents but maybe you just got them all out of the way at once. Smooth sailing ahead :)

Saundra said...

Cheri, you know that I love your hooking technique as I've mentioned that before. Enjoyed the story of the rug and totally understand why it was so hard for you to release it. But good things come to those to are so giving.

Sorry for your broken ankle and sure it is slowing you down a lot. Good time to make use of sitting so you can start that new project of yours.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals Thanks for all the nice comments.I have already started planning to do a new rug. Oh I didn't break my ankle I sprained it and is all better so don't worry I am fit as a fiddle and ready to work on more projects, Hugs Cheri