Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Magic is in the Air at Dee's

One carved and painted pumpkin to greet me
made by Dee

Fall magic is in the air as I visit  my woodworker friend Dee and saw what magic she's been up to. Walking in her fall garden and seeing all the surprises at every step is like a trip to a faraway land. The magic of Dee is her enthusiasm that is always contagious.From giving me cutting of succulents to add to my garden to showing me a tree house she made for Moses her great grandson. I loved Dee's  idea of an instant water feature. You just add a hose and glue the hose to a piece of a bark and let it drip.It gives a quick bubbling water sound to your garden and then when your done you turn it off. Instant gratification without a costly pump.
                                                             You can never have enough Pumpkins!

Creative people see what others don't they change a color in a hooking they explore a different avenue and never think of following the rules all the time.So many time we are hardest on ourselves as we try different projects. I watched an interesting show last night on PBS about Craft in America and I was amazed to see how many artist think outside the box and see what the rest of us don't see in front of us.What makes us young in life is a brain full of ideas and not time enough to do it in. May I never get bored with my projects and never see life as routine.
Yes there is the magic of fall in the air but it's more then magic it's a feeling of possibilities for that next project to get my mind wrapped around. Unfortunately there is always the next life lesson that await us.Until then I will try just a little harder to get just a little better in whatever endeavor I am doing and stay young with Life's possibilities.
Hugs to you all enjoy the pictures. I am blessed to know so many friends and bloggers that inspire me to try just a little harder.P.S. The next blog will be my bear cabin rug hooking that is finally done!

I love that face

See the hose hidden in the bark!

I went thru the gate to the magic of fall

This was two paper mache heads put together 
made the sweet doll

Moses tree house

Of course a pumpkin is in the tree house

I wonder if a three year old would be surprised to see this pumpkin!

pumpkin head made by Dee
 cabin made by Dee 
Antique wood 1800 cookie board

                                                                         Fall Magic

Dee made the sign

                                                           another artist made the pumpkin


a two dollar green little egg  

What a lucky Moses

Boo made by Dee


Dog Trot Farm said...

I agree you can never have to many pumpkins...your lovely friend Dee is very talented...Greetings...

Julia said...

Wow, what a lucky kid that Moses to have a nice tree house like that all decorated for Halloween. What fun...

Your Friend Dee is very talented and I like the idea of that hose hidden in the bark. Very cleaver and I also love that lovely pumpkin.


Saundra said...

Goodness it must be fun to visit there. Your friend is very creative and talented. Thanks much for posting those great pictures.


Weekend-Windup said...

Small house with wood looks so cute. Your friend is so talented to make the place so wonderful. It looks so great.