Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm back

What a month!

I started knitting a sock because I needed something to do with my hands. Every Monday my daughter would have a six hour infusion.I would sit and knit for hours. This went on for a month of Mondays.
I love how this sock turned out.I am now working on the second one so I can give Megan these socks for her to enjoy.

I called the sock My infusion sock I took it every where!One of the nurses enjoyed seeing my sock progress. One thing I can say from experience that having kind nurses are a great blessing and I wish every  person could be so kind. During this time I would end up staying at my daughter's home as she recovered to help out with little Jack. I loved being with little Jack but worried as my daughter was having such a rough and sick time.I then would drive the long drive home and start all over.

San Diego Zoo hubby and Jack 

Somebody didn't want to leave. Lol!

 This weekend we all went to the Zoo.We only stayed a couple of hours because the humidity was horrible but little Jack was still able to pet goats and see the flamingo's and loved the slide that is situated outside the children's zoo. Big note to self do not take him to the slide first thing you do. Little Jack has wonderful vocal cords and healthy lungs! 
   I also worked  this month on my Sew Primitive Quilt which had to be done for the San Diego Quilt Show.Yesterday Linda and I dropped off our quilts to be taken to the Quilt Show which will be this week.Afterwards we celebrated and went to lunch at Swami's.

I could not believe how excited we were dropping off our quilts.I never thought I would ever have a quilt in a quilt show.So even though the month of August was a hard stressful month I still got some projects done. Sew Primitive quilt done Check
       One infusion sock done Check
Now on to my rug hooking cabin I am hooking  for my cousin it's so close to being finally done.
I have jury duty this week and hopefully I'll get caught up on everyone's blogs. Hugs Cheri


Julia said...

Hi Cheri, it's so nice having you back. I haven't blogged much lately either.

6 hours of infusions every Mondays is a big deal, the poor girl. I sure hope that megan is starting to feel better. As a mom, we always worry about our kids no matter their age.

Congratulations on finishing a beautiful Infusion sock.
Jack is quite the little man. It seams like it was only last year when he was a baby. How they grow so fast...

I think that your Sew Primitive quilt looks fantastic and you have plenty of projects to keep you busy for a while.
Good luck with the jury duty. I hope it will be a quick trial

Wishing you some rain. We are still having way too much. Prayers for Megan.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks so much Julia.I got good news today I don't have to report and my jury duty is over.What a relief.hugsCheri

Bee Lady said...

I always say when you work on projects during certain times, those memories of that time in our life become a part of that project. It's why I enjoy starting or working on a project on vacation. Infusion socks are perfect. Your daughter will be reminded of her Mothers love and when she is healthy again she will remember how far she has come. Blessings to you and her.

Cindy Bee

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Hi Cheri,
I'm so sorry for all you and your daughter have gone through and trust things are better for both of you!!
The sock is amazing and what a great project for you to keep you busy! Creating with our hands is such a blessing in so many ways!
Your little grandson is so cute and I hope to someday take our two sweetpeas to the zoo....they love animals and slides!
Have a great week!
Warm Hugs~~

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cindy bee and Julie, I am so thankful that I love to work with my hands and love projects it gives my mind an outlet besides worry.Having little Jack has been such a blessing it's like looking at Life with fresh innocent eyes,Thanks for all your kind thoughts,Hugs Cheri

Kim said...

Wow, you have become a sock knitting pro! Looks great and will be a lovely gesture to give them to your daughter. I'm sure your presence with her during those terrible treatments was a blessing.
Baby Jack looks like he is one busy little boy. So cute :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim,Little Jack is a hoot!Knit class starts next week I can hardly wait.I am going to the San Diego Quilt show on Saturday it will be fun
seeing my quilt displayed.Hugs Cheri