Sunday, July 28, 2013

Night time Zoo and the new Koala exhibit

OK,  Life has been a little tough this summer. It's hard being a mom when your child has chronic illness. I don't care if your child is in her thirty's your still a mom and wish it was you and not them..It does not seem fair at times but I trust in the Good Lord and try to help where I can. What can I say good health is such a blessing that most people take for granted I wish I could.
  Jack and I needed a little light hearted break so what better then to go to the Zoo. The San  Diego Zoo has night time hours so we went about five and stayed a while.The animals seemed more active! It was relaxing just watching the animals.
 I still have to finish binding my quilt for the San Diego Quilt show before September. I have not been to any of my usual groups so I think I am going to take the summer off from blogging until I get back to a more normal routine.
 I will try to start catching up with every ones blogs tomorrow since they have Internet access at the infusion place.
I am making another sock which is something that is small  project that I can work on while I am there with my daughter.I started the sock last week there and now I am on the heel flap.I wonder if I am getting faster at knitting.Lol. Hugs to all ,Cheri!

Someone is eating

How can you not smile when you see these cute animals!

So sweet!

                                                                   Don't fall!!

see ya later!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our 4th of July parade in Crest California

Happy 4th of July!

I love a small parade and Crest has the best parade on the 4th of July.Jack Maulie and yours truly quickly walked up the street at 9 and sat in our two chairs and then the Crest parade started.  It was the best kind of old fashioned parade everybody can be in it if they so desire.
After the parade it was time to go to Nancy Jane park and enjoy the 4th.Who says you can't be in Southern California with millions of people and still feel like a small town.There are about 2,600 people that live up the hill in Crest. The long drive up the hill makes people feel like they're way out in the country. I sure love living here it's the best of two worlds . I can jump on a freeway and be at the beach in less then an hour same with the local mountains. You get the privacy of fewer people and yet you can be around millions when you want to.Enjoy the pictures and be sure and click the picture for a slideshow.
You can see more details of the parade, Cheri

                                                           A tractor and our American flag!

                                                            Kids were getting firemen helmets!
                                                            The helmets were in pink and red

                                                                The 4th of July parade begins 
                                                           It began with a beautiful horse

                                                                  World War 2 veteran


I am not sure what this was Lol!


Kids on horses 

This little girl was so cute and so hot!

                                                        A mom and her daughters

                                                        Picking up candy everyone throws

                                                                       Nice car

                                                                Maulie is watching the parade


                                                                     Even clowns

Dogs love a parade

  A kid on a bike

 Boys on motorcycles
Did I tell you Jimmie Johnson of Nascar fame
 is from Crest!

This was the first year we had a road closure sign on
our street for the parade. Usually we just tell anybody that drives
by the parade is starting.Get out of the way !!

                                                              We went to Nancy Jane Park
The playground

Dog day's of summer!

Our library had a booth with books for sale.
I got some great used children's books for
little Jack.Our librarian is watching me take

                                     While waiting for my turn to get a fireman helmet for
                                     little Jack I was moved by a older man thanking the fireman for
                                     his service to all of us. It was a moving moment.The young fireman
                                     was very gracious.

                                                                  patriotic dog

                                                                   The country western band

Maulie is looking at me

 Nancy Jane park

The Crest clubhouse had lots of yummy food
It was one of the many buildings rebuilt after the Cedar fire
                                                        Lots of low water plants
                                                            The band is in the tennis court

Everyone's having fun!

Those two houses in the background were also rebuilt after the Cedar fire.

                                                                    Happy 4th of July!!